AstraAngel - Advice Needed Please

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    You read for me regarding my son yesterday, very on the nail with that. Could I ask another favour I wonder?

    I have just had really devasting news - I had been trying to sell my house for nearly two years, managed to get a first time buyer in June/July of this year and found a house to move into which was empty so should of been straight forward. However there were legal implications with the house I was buying which I was not orginally aware at the start and because of the length of time its been taking to sort out and his solicitors being so slow my buyer has now decided to pull out even though we were so close to completing.

    Can you see the best way forward from this point, as I see me being stuck now in this house that I have come to hate with neighbours who are arrogant and ignorant - should I put it back on the market?

    My d.o.b. is 03/11/1971

    Many thanks

  • Hi Scorpiosuz

    I took a look at this and this is what I got

    The Judgment card, Six of cups, Six of Swords, and the Knight of Wands

    The Judgment card seems to be saying YES relist.

    The angel in the heavens blowing the horn is the listing going out over the MLS system - HOME FOR SALE yippee! And there are a lot of people popping out of their home situations (boxes) to take a look at your home. Hopefully when they show up they won't be naked like these ones are.

    The Six of Cups also signified a move, (Waite says a "new environment... children in a newly disported precinct) - something else very strong here is in the flowers and love shown in this card. You should look at any new ways to increase curb appeal, and also in your home, make sure you keep fresh flowers around when buyers come to look.

    Then the Six Swords and the Knight Wands are two cards both significant of a journey which says that you will be moving. Waite hits the keyterm "journey" in both cards. One by horse and one by water. So you could be looking at a move to an area, where there are some open land/pasture/livestock and it will be crossing a river perhaps somewhere in the area. That is what I am hearing. Are you interested in relocating to a more rural setting, something a little more peaceful? With neighbor like that, you are probably sue for something a little more idyllic.

    Also, speaking of the neighbors, I saw something else for you to consider. Your feelings toward them could be a part of the issue here... as in "I can't wait to move away from these bozos!" - those kinds of energies could create an atmosphere in spirit that signals to the buyer "she is trying to unload this thing on someone else" - which is not exactly the best attitude. Can I make a suggestion? Relist, beautify and also work on your view of your neighbors. You need to find ways to reach out to them, even though they are jerks. Bake some chocolate chip cookies and take them over to them, and smile really sweet and...

    Ding-dong... door opens...

    An older guy with a beer belly and a three day old beard smoking a cigarette answers the door...

    HIm: Yeah? What the H--- do you want?

    You: Oh hi Mr. Jimbo... I just got through baking some cookies for my girlfriends, and had some extra left over and wondered, would you like them?

    Him: What the... huh? Uh, sure, I guess... um... thanks...

    (he takes another big drag on his cigarette and smoke is everywhere, and with cigarette in his mouth, reaches out for the cookies. (Oh, make sure you go to goodwill and find a plate with something pretty on it for the cookies, like roses and little birds singing or something...)

    You: Oh Mr. Jimbo, I also wanted to apologize for having a bit of a bad attitude toward you being my neighbor, I am going through a difficult time in my life and tend to take it out on others, I am sorry.

    Him: .. what? uh.. whatever...

    You: Oh, and you can keep the plate too also, I don't need it. You have a wonderful day, and I hope you enjoy your game (he will have something going on in the background like a football game on his 56" TV set)

    Him: ...uh... okay... thanks, I guess... (another drag on the cigarette and he shuts the door in your face)

    You now walk away with a BIG smile on your face because you have done something to defuse the energies of "arrogant, ignorant" and replaced it with "i will look for ways to be nice and reach out to them!" ad you have also apologized for your attitude toward him. This will engender good will in the neighborhood, and your heart will be singing when you show the home.

    Repeat this for all the other jerk neighbors around you. They might think you have gone insane however it won't matter, you are clearing the air of negative energy. That is part of the issue here.

    Does that make sense? I'll bet you will have the home sold in no time.

    Blessings! And a blessing on a quick sale too!

  • "With neighbor like that, you are probably sue for something a little more idyllic."

    due.. not sue

    angels having some fun with the words... lol

  • Thank you AstraAngel,

    My sale may be back on but at a cost to me and the person I'm buying from so we will wait and see, my agent has already re-listed the house.

    I am always very nice to my neighbours and do not actively fall out with them, I keep my feelings towards them to myself.

  • That sounds great suz, I know it will all work out for you. I will keep this in my thoughts and prayers for a wonderful outcome for you!

    Love and success in this matter...


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