• @LeoLadyLove

    I posted this on the 1st page of this thread...

    Please read it carefully...

    "I know it frustrates me when I am head over heels in love with a person, support them emotionally, never leave their side, look at them as if I just met the love of my life, touch them, kiss them, hold them & multi-task, so that they wouldn't have to carry the burden....just to be told

    "I'm leaving, you never told me that you loved me, and you have not given me any cue as to where we're headed."

    It's like ripping the heart right out my chest.

    It makes me feel as if they were never connected to me.

    Where were they when I was loving, kissing, &being supportive of them? Incognito!

    We give you our hearts, and ask for very little in return.

    We only ask for patience.

    Give us time to get there. Don't make threats. Back us into a corner. Make situations difficult for us. Bulls crave peace and harmony, and we hate confrontation. "

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm not trying to be overbearing or force anything on to him but i understand what your saying and will keep that in mind. I wish i could change things and /or my actions but i cant. I just hope i haven't lost him forever and that once he's complete that he will look for me. In the meantime i will just stay away and pray that he returns when he's ready.

    thanks again!

  • Hi Femmfatal,

    I think what i was asking was , i like to try and just understand this tureen so i can as i have learnt from him and understand Taurus more, as i seem to attract them .

    We met on a on-line n,s,a date site.. he said friends like that but more later if it happens.

    Before we even met we just seem to click.. when we did we just gelled together,, it was like we already new each other, no awkwardness.

    That may have been just lust then.. but i could just be me with him,, .

    They say . Taurus dont play games.. i thought one day id do a bit of a joke, so i just text from my other phone pretending be someone else .. i ask question are you married.. he said yes, the game continued of and on.. he did drop hints when we met.. i didst tally till later he knew it me, so is this a strong man, to just drop hints?

    He would constant text me.. and id leave him alone, but if i didn't replied back immediately he think i got the arse on,, when i was just busy and playing cool as he has a busy job..

    Try to tell you how to think, e,g like trust someone just like that, and use words oh you do it for me, something he wanted me to change in my body.

    Very convincing man, but hard working..

  • @scully21....

    No more mind games with your Taurus man. We hate that! Literally!

    If you continue to do so, he will reciprocate it. We may humor you on the surface, but we tend to know a lot more than you think. It's just not revealed in the beginning.

    Tauruses can be somewhat controlling in the beginning, but if we trust you enough, we will simply let you take the reigns. We're actually more laid back, peace-loving, funny, practical thinkers to be honest. People rarely see this side of us.

    Compromise with your Taurus man, and he will meet you halfway. Allow him to completely take over, and he will lose respect for you.

    Moderation is the key.

    ...And lots and lots of patience!

    Good Luck!

  • Leolady, I am a leo, and I know how u think...when we r completely head over heels for someone we can be so extreme, however others take it as though we love drama, and tend to overdramatize things and situations...that is only cause we need reassurance that these men feel the same for us and we don't waste precious time on losers who want to abuse our loving personality....I can tell u really love u'r Taurus man, and that is wonderful, however I have been married to a Taurus for 22 yrs so I have some great insight into u'r situation...Taurus' are stubborn, they don't adjust to change positively, unless they themselves came up with the idea. If u'r Taurus is truly into u, he will move mountain's to be with you...these men are very romantic, sensual beings, and can be very jealous of you having ANY men friends...Sometimes u can feel like more of a trophy to these men...Things u need to do right confident in YOU! When I met my husband, he used to bull -s.h.i.t to build himself up for me...even my parents told me that they noticed that about I told him one day that he not need feel that he needed to lie, or build himself up to be someone he is not, that I cared for the person he was. After that conversation, he never did it again...sometimes bulls need to be led, gently speaking...don't let u'r leo firey emotions get the best of u...detach...calm down, and always tell u'rself that u r a great catch, and u r someone worthy, don't ever let lose yourself to ANY man until he does first, cause then that is where we can become at it's worst suicidal, and crazy, losing all our leo logic...Don't it isn't worth it... Just learn to accept what he is willing to give, and carry on with your life, with your friends, with your job, with YOU...when he is ready, willing, and able then he will let u know, and I know as a leo, u need to play harder to get, Taurus' also like the chase, and they will go loco for u my dear, instead of you going loco...:) U will win his heart over with food aswell...they LOVE food! I have been the one to take care of our needs really, my husband is a great provider, however horrible with money, as they love the luxury life way too much, and will spend their last dime to get it...they really don't think about tomorrow, my husband tends to live for the moment. I was the one to make sure all his school, car loans, etc. were paid for, and ontime...u have to do this for them if u really want a future with them, also give them an allowance in a bank account, but include them in the financial decisions and SHOW them where their money is going so that they don't think otherwise...u must break it down within a budget for them...If you are anything like me, I really don't mind doing it, but I do want to know that our goals are the same...I think you need to find out what his goals long term are for him and see if your long term goals match up to his...and don't think u'r gonna get their husband and I are 10yrs behind the ball with things in our lives cause he was slow aswell...he admits to it now, but for some things it is too late...I never felt secure enough financially to have children with him when we were younger, however now he is in his 40's and I am almost 40 so I am not even thinking of having kids...I always believed that children should be brought into this world for all the right reasons, when 2 people who are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically ready to make that commitment to each other, as we are in these times living the results of people who were not ready, and capable to fully engage in a commitment of parenting...messed up kids who grow into adults who are messed up in our society is the result...sorry to get off topic, however my husband never wanted to think first before having kids, I never wanted to put a kid through the unstableness of his SLOW learning...and yet I also didn't want to be selfish to my own needs either...anyways, maybe u'r taurus feels that u are already situated in life with u'r house, job, etc...and maybe he knows he wants to feel like a man of the house he is in with someone...Taurus' love that respect, they really do want to be man of the house, but really hand over the reigns to u to guide him to the promise to speak....Good luck Leolady...:)

  • Femmefatal,

    Thankyou, i will keep that in mind.. i see now why he played along now..

    When i said just friends that all start change , he was ill then played me against another woman , and couldn't make coffee.then when he said all i could offer you is that,, i went along, when i would do something to be a subordinative..Always like to be the dominate.. i said once this is the lounge that's the bedroom.. when he said that not how you talk to your dom. he text tell me he dying.. is that the normal.. to me its not its attention seeker.

    Thanks.. next time i meet a tureen i will be more wiser.

    Good luck

  • First, i want to thank you for your advice and guidance it gave me the oppturnity to think clearly and things did work themselves out. He finally reached out to me on Friday it was ackward at first, i asked him why he was doing this and he said he didnt know. We talked for a bit. He said a few things that lead me to believe that he does care about me. and i could see it in his eyes.... i think he's in love with me but very guarded. I asked him if he just wanted me for **** and he said no but that right know he couldnt give me anything else because of his situation. he began to tell me how i could do so much better than him and that he didnt deserve me. that i was beautiful and kind and sweet and had it going on for myself and he didn't know why he acts like that with me. That he was stupid for not knowing what he wanted. i assured him he was stupid but that i understood he needed to get his stuff together. I told him i couldn't be his sex buddy as i was already emotionally involved in us and i did not want to get hurt. He understood. I told him that we could be friends without benefits and that i just want him to be happy and that i will always be there for him. that i just want to love him only if he would let me and that i would wait until he was ready. I told him that if he continued to reject me and push me away that eventually it will happen and if he didn't want to be with me to just let me go. Although he didn't say it to me his actions proved he didn't want to lose me. He also said that every moment we spend together he's always had a great time and that we have great memories. I asked him if he would be willing to compromise and he asked what was i thinking. i told him that i wanted to spend more time with him that once a month was not enough for me, i told him i understand we both have lives outside of our relationship but that i needed more time with him and what would he say about seeing each other every other week, to my surprise.. he said yes that he could do that.. that even though things come up unexpectedly he would make the time for me. then he asked me if there were any rules.. and i said no... i dont like rules! haha! then i asked him if he had anything or any rules or things he wanted me to stop doing or start doing and he said no all he wanted was me!! and i told him he already had me.... So... We spent the night together and it was absolutely amazing as always! So only time will tell.. I think we've taken a small step in the right direction and i will take your advice and just except what he can give and continue to be confident in myself. The hard to get part is probably where i need most work on!! but im going to try really hard...

    am i ahead of myself thinking this guy may really be in love with me and he's just too afraid and not ready because of his situation? your thoughts and advise always appreciated!

    thank you so much!

  • @Ladyleolove

    I posted this on the 1st page of this thread....

    "We give you our hearts, and ask for very little in return.

    We only ask for patience.

    Give us time to get there. Don't make threats. Back us into a corner. Make situations difficult for us. Bulls crave peace and harmony, and we hate confrontation. "

    Bulls are real slow, slow, slow to initiate!

    Attempt to rush us, and we will run, run, run!

    He may not be in love with you yet, but he is very smitten with you.

    He may not see longevity with you, yet, but he wants to take it there, gradually.

    He wants to be 100% certain.

    Give him time to 'key' you in his schedule.

    In time, he will make it happen.

    Then, he will be the one initiating dates, when he's more financially confident, and secure with keeping his schedule open.

  • I kinda find that funny really,, because bulls like to charge and be in charge, but i think a lot that is their outside exterior.

    If you communicate with them in a non challenging way as your have a gotat then, they dont get defensive they'll listen give them time.

  • thanks again TaurusFemmeFatale!! thanks for the insight and we will see where this goes..

    have a wonderful day! i will keep you posted.

  • Messanger,

    Thanks for your sharing your insights. You seem to know the the Taurus man very well!! i will be more confident in myself and focus on my life and hope that when he's ready he will come to me. The playing hard to get is the part i will need most help with so any suggestions are appreciated!! :

    thanks again and will keep you posted.

  • Femmenfatal.

    Thanks for our replies.

    What i really want to get is it the normal for a tureen..,

    Give you more tactile affection.. if nsa or is it out of guilt, help you with things in you life and as how its going.. more to the point is it OK to make out your sick to as i see to get what you want?

    The whole time you are really married.

  • @scully21

    We're naturally affectionate people. We can't help it, it's in our nature. It's never apologetic, I can tell you this! Always sincere. Our motives and intentions may vary, but our physical form of expression is always in the right place. My PDA is over-the-top! Seriously!

    As for the deceptive Tauruses who are married and want some 'action' on the side, Personally, I don't agree with it. But if he is, he's probably starving for affection. His wife may be guilty of holding out. Not to put our business out there, (lol) but Bulls are pretty much all-nighters, not very experimental, but crave sex the way a kid craves a bag of goodies. One time isn't enough. The 'sexual act' itself has to be continuous (even in one night), and each encounter, very sensual.

    Let me give you an example...

    Lets say you had a bag of chocolate chip cookies. You planned to finish each cookie in each bag. But you still wanted to take time to savour the taste in each cookie. Tauruses take the same approach to food as we do to sex. LOL. if that makes any sense.

    Tauruses DO require support. But it has to be genuine and sincere. We can spot a phony a mile way! We don't like to ask for assistance, because we're proud people. But if you offer, he will be greatly pleased. He may reject your offer, but nonetheless, still be pleased.

    As for getting what we want. Not to appear cocky, but we almost always do. It's not intentional, because we can be quite humble, shy and somewhat insecure people. We're extremely nurturing, calm, and have a subtle way of seducing you and drawing you in. Then when the individuals fall headfast, we're like "Uhm, pump the breaks, I need time to figure out where I want to take this." This confuses alot of people. Don't let anyone else in our secret. The best thing to do, is to be patient, until you're completely drawn in.

  • We're also practical and very realistic people, so please avoid selling us dreams, ideas or anything superficial. everything has to be logical....and gradual.

  • @!TaurusFemmeFatale or @Massenger

    Need your advice... so.. i'm going away this weekend to NYC. The last time i was with my Taurus man (September) i had asked my Taurus Man if he wanted to go to NYC for the Halloween weekend with me and he said that he couldn't go because he had family that was coming from out of town. I said okay and made arrangements accordingly. Anyway, since a month past without communication i never had the chance to tell him i was going to NYC. And when he finally reached out i forgot to mention it. Anyway, my daughter was at his house and was talking about my trip this weekend so he knows now... Since we've been seeing eachother, when i travel I've asked him if he can take me and pick me up at the airport so that i dont have to spend all that money on parking and he can watch my car for me. Anyway, i texted him this morning knowing it was a last minute request and he said he couldn't do it but he wished me luck on my trip and asked were is this place thats lucky 2 have me... i thought that was so sweet however, i know for a fact he knew where i was going. I suggested leaving my car parked at work and if he could pick it up from there and he said yes that he could do that.

    do you think he was upset that i didn't mention my travels earlier? i wonder did he ask me where i was going because he wanted to see if i would tell him?

  • @femmefatal

    I think i do totally get a lot of that..

    So if you dont do the sexual stuff you want , they play im dying card..

  • @Scully21

    You can be experimental. But there has to be a sensual connection during each act. If your approach is to be experimental while appearing emotionally detached, or physically detached, then your Taurus man may feel a bit hesitant.

    With Tauruses. Ss-ee-xx IS all about the physical contact, and physical connection. Because we live and breathe to touch you. This is applicable out of the bedroom as well. So appearing to the five senses is just as important. Examples would be smelling your scent, licking your lips, rubbing his back, sneaking a kiss on the back of his neck, & hearing your laugh. This will arouse his interest. I know for me, a man's cologne is intoxicating and deliciously addictive!

    As a Taurus woman, I light scented candles, play love songs by Bob Marley, decorate the room with artistic pieces and interesting photos (photography). I wear nice perfume. Even if I'm not expecting company. Just some downtime. Time to relax, refocus, think, and relish in the physical pleasures and visuals. I may paint, write, or just listen to soft music.

    I strongly think this is how we're able to draw the opposite sex in...w/out trying! But this our secret 🙂

  • @LeoLadyLove

    He wasn't upset. It's an indirect way of flirting...and saying....

    "I will miss you when you're gone. Wish I was going."

    He doesn't want you to know he was was inquiring about you. We're naturally inquisitive people, but hate people to know this!

    LOL. 🙂

  • @femmanfatal.

    It.s OK to make up your , dying to get your way? Attention seeker

  • We're stubborn, but we can also be practical.

    We're never attention seekers.

    Not even chasers.

    Most Tauruses rather be pursued. Very few of them chase.

    Dying to get our way?

    It's not that dramatic!.

    It's more subtle.

    As for being sensual, this is just who we are. In your presence, or in the absence of your company.

    It just yields unexpected results. Better than what we expected, but something we're not always prepared for.

    This is what I stated earlier:

    "We're extremely nurturing, calm, and have a subtle way of seducing you and drawing you in. Then when the individuals fall headfast, we're like "Uhm, pump the breaks, I need time to figure out where I want to take this." This confuses alot of people."

    Despite our cool facade, we're extremely bashful, guarded, & trying to understand your motives.

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