THECAPTAIN--Stolen computer

  • Hi there again, my friend was robbed last sunday night can u help me in order to find his laptop?Its very important. Tks.

  • A 'friend' of your friend has taken/borrowed it. He may return it when he has finished with it but it's doubtful.

  • all his things were stolen his starting to think it was some kind of revenge, cuse what belongs to the house like the microwave are there (weird)they even took his monters saying they cuse he had a lot of stuff even a big tv, even the 11 pairs of sneakers he had they took. talked with him today and he told me he doesnt trust anyone even i felt included, it hurt. i think theres a woman involved in this can u try to see if its a close friend or jusst someone he met. i really want to help him.tks

  • This is someone he thinks is a good but not close friend - but obviously is not. There was some revenge to it, like 'Why do you have this stuff and I don't?" type of attitude. Does he have any friend with (former or present) gang or criminal associations - because I feel like this person is connected there in some way?

  • I really dont know his friendships, Ed is a guy that doesnt tell much of his life to no one, his very reserved he only trusts one guy Hernandez that i know bout it, he told me on the ist day that this happend that he suspect about the cleaning lady or a couple that steels a lot that are neigbours of him, but i cant tell no more i dont know much bout his social life.

  • just remember this can u see the house were the things could be our a street?

  • Was there a lot of damage done to his home because I feel like with the people involved (2), there was one who had a lot of anger towards your friend. I do feel your friend knows who has done this but doesn't want to suspect this person whom he trusts like a brother.

  • And there is not much anyone can do if your friend doesn't want to talk about the incident with you. How good a friend is he if he doesn't even trust you?

  • They didnt did anything to the house, he is a firefighter, hes leaving for good pretty soon in Nov.he had change his schedulles for example that night he was not suposed to leave but he did. I dont think he really knows or even suspects that could be someone he hang with. the only guy im thinking that he relates to as a brother its this guy Hernandez his always in his house with his family, they always go together to several places at night and day.

    But Ed doesnt tell anyone about his life he his very private about it. He talked but he doesnt have to much to say -

    He told me: that they breaked the kitchen door glasse window to get to the door latch, got in stole everything that belonged to him, except his clothes they left all that belongs to the housee and thats strange cuse a microwave its portable so it should be someone that knew that when portuguese houses are rent to americans they already come with appliances (so probably its an american person that did this). theres no much more to tell about the robbery. except that once someone tried to steal his gas botles and they are big. oh and they also stoled the things he had storage in the garage, even his food, liquor,sodas they took.

    if it helps he leaves by the ocean in a 2 storie house, the house have red wooden windows and screens, he always leaves his car outside, and near by his house on the top of the road theres a bar were all the fisherman hang out ,the small pier that they go there to fish is on the bottom of the road if u are standing on his porch we face the ocean, the pier and thw walking road its so beautiful.

  • Well, who would know that his schedule changed and that he was away instead of being there?

  • Also I am feeling that the thieves tried to sell his stuff nearby - he should ask around, maybe at the fisherman's bar?

  • you know something yesterday i had this strong feeling that someone that works with him had something to do with is. probably this person wanted something specific, i dont know probably was just a regular robbery to make money at the expenses of other.

  • This person is very jealous of your friend and wants what he has.

  • Poor guy he doesnt have to much, his just really upset about his computer cuse he had pics and documents saved that he like it a lot, and know about having an empty house that doesnt feel going back to it, his even sleeping in another places.

  • It's more like the thief envies your friend's life and wants to have it, to be like him, but the closest thing he can get to stealing his life is to steal his stuff. I'm afraid this incident will leave your friend with a bad memory of his time there.

  • Oh yeah, this and a lot more...

    i asked the insight of more people cuse i really could use more help and Dalolite and Livingonprayer are saying that who ever did this feels like students and local nationals.

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