AstraAngel, a reading please!

  • Thank you AstraAngel,

    Will I ever get my things back from guy#1. Does he still have feelings for me or think of me and is it really over/



  • Hey Aries Lost...

    I drew the Eight of Wands which in the little book says "the resolution of a problem" so this seems to say Yes, you will get your things back.

    As for his feelings for you, I saw the Page of Wands and the Hierophant so this seems to say to me that he still has a lot of thoughts about you, although they seem to be of the "pent up" variety.

    Can't you contact him and simply go get your things, that might be a good chance to clear the air with him somehow, and strike whatever resolution, forgiveness, moving on things need to happen there. The fact that your material things are still with him is keeping you two connected and you need to be clear of that to cleanse your heart and move on.

    It is really weird that he is unresponsive. I have prayed for you to get your things back so I would expect a breakthrough there soon.

    love and light


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I don't understand what you meant by "he still has a lot of thoughts about you, although they seem to be of the "pent up" variety.

    Also can you tell me about what is going on with guy#2. He is acting weird around me.

  • "Pent up" variety means, he still thinks about you however he is not in a position to act on it, call you, msg you and so forth.

    I don't understand what you mean by Guy#2 "acting weird around you".

    In what way?

  • hot and cold, pouting. He was upset with me because I didn't call him all week until Friday. He also told me that I didn't respect him, I was painting the baseboards, left the door unlocked and when he arrived I told him to come in. He wanted me to greet him at the door. I'm not in a relationship with him and we had our first couples argument. I find it weird.

  • Hey, that does sound a little weird! Like you two are already married!

    Eight of Swords and Six of Coins... this is one of those situations where you need to simply follow your intuitions. I don't want to tell you to ask him out to see a movie or anything.

    Should that happen though, go see Real Steel, that movie is great, I saw that yesterday and loved it!

    So yeah, follow your own instincts here, I don't want to give you any ideas.

    Like, asking him to go have tea. Or go shop for paint colors together. I can't do that.

    You follow your own instincts arieslost...

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I haven't heard anything from guy #1, he is still on the dating sites, and I can't figure out guy#2. He told me not to compare him to my exes and I haven't done that. I don't understand him or what he wants but he told me flat out that he does not want an exchange for the painting he's doing.(I was supposed to help him clean his place up but he told me everything is done). Any input will help.

    Thank you,


  • So, you do have some sort of relationship with guy #2?

    That is interesting. So apparently matters have progressed with him, at least on some level.

    Here is some input:

    1. What is the current situation in the relationship?

    Knight of Pentacles - the relationship is still very matter of fact, materially oriented. We are still in the I am doing this for you and you are doing something else. The fact that he has said he doesn't want an exchange is interesting. LIke perhaps he is trying to translate this pentacle energy presently between you into something more cup like.

    The magician. Yeah. That's where it is. He is trying to convert pentacles into cups between you.

    So you are tangling with an interesting guy.

    Queen of Cups. This is the goal apparently. A queen, emotional, love. This is how he wants to see you.

    Eight of cups - he has moved away from some situation in the recent past. I think he has a hole in his life he is trying to fill and you are in line for that.

    Ace of Swords. Yes, that is where its at in a nutshell.

    Advice for you: I mean, it really comes down to you at this point arieslost. Are you interested in him romantically, at all? It sounds like you are watching him, trying to figure him out. What about you? Maybe we should also be looking in your heart?

    Where your heart is toward him right now: Two of Cups. Well that pretty much says it all. You would love to see something nice develop with him.

    I think the block here is this whole painting, exchange, trade work for this and that which is blocking the progression of love. The Pentacle energy is very strong and hard to overcome.

    Had you two met under different circumstances, like at a coffeehouse or bumped into each other at Wal mart, it would be a lot easier to transition to a something nice and fun with him.

    You need to finish up the paint/cleaning thing asap. That work for trade or whatever it is needs to GO AWAY. Seven of Wands. That is generating a lot of "how do i handles this situation with her/with him... I want to ask her out/I want to go out with him... it is like you both are too shy to just come right out and break the ice emotionally and are hiding behind all this work stuff.

    Six of Cups - this seems to be offering a clue as to how to see something change. You are locked in a cycle now that you can't break and it is very frustrating for the two of you.Something decisive needs to occur and I think it needs to be initiated by YOU.Yes, YOU have to take the initiative in this situation. That message is coming through very strong.

    We have to figure out a way to get you two away from these house situations, and into a neutral, lovely, nice setting.

    Ace of Wands - Yeah, the decision rest squarely with you. I know, you were hoping he would make the first move. However the Pentacle, material thing that came in and swallowed up the relationship with house chores for trade has become an energy too strong for him to overcome and ask you out. So, since YOU are the one in the know (by virtue of the Tarot!) you now have the wand to actualize the potential here. However you need to DO something to meet him halfway.

    He has signaled you that he is interested since as he is trying to neutralize the pentacles. However he has done all he can and is now waiting on you to make the next move.

    How much are you wanting something to happen? Romantically?

    Here is an idea to throw at you - send him some flowers with a thank you note for his work and make it nice, and then END the work thing clearly

    say something like:


    Thanks for all the work you've done. You're right, let's end the work arrangement.

    How about drinks sometime?


    Do you see? Something SIMPLE has to happen to END the work arrangement. I would use something much like this note, and flowers:

    That is simple and sweet and nice fall colors, it is friendly!

    Order that for Jerry. Send a note like the above.

    Then wait for his call.

    Guaranteed to work.

    love, astra

    PS - Follow your heart though. Don't let me tell you what to do. This is only input. You will make the choice and then you will bear the responsibility for what happens. Or how nice it is. Or how many fun things you end up doing together. Or how little sleep you two start having. Together.

  • AriesLost

    I am getting a rather strong message that you need to send him a bear.

    I tracked this little thank you bear down for you, this is perfect. Send this and the note and end the work thing with him and that will release all of that pentacle "pent up" energy to flow instead into something more cup related!

    go to:

    So order this today 2nd day, and he'll have it Thursday and you will probably be going out before you know it. Maybe by Saturday? At the very least it will clear the air of the work matter and open up channels for a relationship to really develop.


  • What about guy#1

  • Page of wands - I am getting you will be in touch with him again soon

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Things are not going well with guy#2. He's upset that I am not giving in to his advances and he has stopped painting my house. The house is a mess now. He told me that I'm still stuck on guy#1. I didn't get closure or my things back from guy#1 and guy#2 is moving too fast. Can you help me, I'm really lost and overwhelmed by this whole situation.

    Thank you and bless you,


  • Hey AreiesLost

    Okay... here is what I see, and it makes perfect sense

    King of Pentacles, The Hanged Man, The Knight of Swords and the Page of Cups

    Here is what I see based on this.

    The king of Pentacles is Guy #1, he has your material (represented by the Pentacles), and he has left you Hanging because of his refusal to get your things back (Hanged Man).

    The Knight of Swords is Guy #2, and he wanting you to get closure on the guy1 thing which you need to do.

    Enlist Guy#2's help (Page of Cups) in this by asking him to be your friend and help you get your things back, and then that old situation can close out and you can begin to respond to Guy#2 with something more like an open heart.

    You are still in an emotional gray fog because of this guy from your past connection... that needs to end, and Guy#2 should help you in that as long as he really wants to be your friend.

    Approach him on this, and see what he says. If he says NO he doesn't want to get involved then he is not really interested in being friends, and is only after what he can get from you for his own pleasure. I would have a heart to heart with him and ask him to help you. Then, you would see some calming in your life emotionally and move out of this overwhelmed feeling.

    Three of Coins - then you can get back on track with your own life, making wise material decisions and should see your house setting begin to improve... how does that sound?

  • In any case, you need to find someone to act as a nuetral third party to get your stuff back, either that or write Guy#1 and tell him he can HAVE your stuff. One way or the other you MUST get free of your continual thoughts about your things with the first gentleman so you can relax and let other opportunities develop.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Guy #2's birthday is on N ovember 28 and I have not heard from him .Painting has been brought to a halt. Please tell me what is going on.

    Thank you and blessings,


  • Arieslost

    Hmm... Ten of Coins. Material has filled the view. In other words, he is worn out with the work angel with you. He is moving on. Unless you nix the work part of it this guy is history.

    Buy some paint and finish it yourself. Send him a nice birthday card...

    The Lovers.. something nice... a little provocative... not too much... we don't want to give him any ideas.

    Mention in it, "there wasn't much left with the painting so I finished it.... how about dinner and a movie this weekend?"

    King of Coins - and call or email guy 1 and tell him "you can HAVE my stuff, have a nice life."

    How does that sound?

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    It's me again. I was wondering if you can do the same for me as you are doing for Brokenheart2011. My heart is broken too, and Guy#1 is the one I really want. Guy#2 is scary and weird. Guy#1 d.o.b. is September 2, 1963. My March 25, 1954. I do love him despite what he has put me through and there is unfinished business there after 4 years. I really need insight into this, guy#2 just wants booty.

    Please help me with your insights, am I going down the wrong path?

    Thank you and bless you!


  • Hello AstraAngel,

    It's me again. I was wondering if you can do the same for me as you are doing for Brokenheart2011. My heart is broken too, and Guy#1 is the one I really want. Guy#2 is scary and weird. Guy#1 d.o.b. is September 2, 1963. My March 25, 1954. I do love him despite what he has put me through and there is unfinished business there after 4 years. I really need insight into this, guy#2 just wants booty.

    Please help me with your insights, am I going down the wrong path? I also need a talisman. What do your guides tell you for guy#1?

    Thank you and bless you!


  • Hello AstraAngel,

    I've sent you a few messages and I am patiently awaiting your insights. I contacted guy#1 on Sunday and we spoke about 1 hour. There was no mention of my items just smalltalk on how he's doing. He asked me if I had someone in my life and I replied no and neither does he. He was very happy to hear from me and said we would keep in touch. He called me on Tuesday 5 times, I wasn't home. I just spoke to him this morning and he wanted to ask me some questions concerning income tax, since I used to file his returns and that maybe he would start up a company. Then we talked about maybe him coming to get me and going over to his place and see the dogs and the horses. He lives an hour away and he asked me if I would go. I said yes and he said he will recontact me. I really need your insight on this. I'm so lost and I don't know if I'm on the right path or not or if he is trying to manipulate me or if he wants to get back together. Please reply and I never heard back from the painter.

    Thank you,

    Blessings Arieslost

  • Hi Arieslost

    Thanks for being patient... I think I tried to respond the other day and for some reason lost the post or something happened.

    Anyway, the thought before was THANK GOODNESS it sounds like you are starting to affirm who you really feel a connection with (guy 1) and know in your heart that something physical (the 'booty' call) is not going to be the answer. So you are on the right path for sure...

    Five of Cups shows something turning around for you, you are in some 'change' energies in love and that is working something wonderful for you.

    King of Pentacles is him.

    Chariot - Something is about with him (guy 1) that is sweeping the two of you off, I believe restoring the two of you into something sweet and very intimate.

    Ace of Swords. YES. Very exciting things happening for you now, new beginnings and things very truthful with him, super exciting!

    love and light


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