AstraAngel, a reading please!

  • If your offer is still available, I would love for you to do a reading for me. I read some of the ones you did and they were amazing!!! I hope you are doing well and I understand if you are busy. I am 3 25 54 and would like to know where I am at right now. Blessings to you!

  • Hey arieslost

    let's see about getting you found. 🙂

    We'll do a Celtic Cross and our angels will help you out!

    1. YOU - The Hierophant - You are at a pause in your life, taking some serious time to do some serious soul searching. Perhaps recent matters have made this a more urgent desire for you, study and seeking heaven's will for your life is your heart right now.

    2. Your SITUATION - Page of Wands - Your situation is delicate and tender. You are very sensitive right now to the winds of change for your life. You are praying, pausing and looking ahead to something that is is coming, something you have been planning. This is a card of choices and vision, you are envisioning the landscape of your life, in terms of another land you left behind. You are wanting to see movement. No, you are not wanting movement. You are demanding it! 🙂

    3. CROSSING YOU - The Hanged Man - the only force strong enough to stop you now is you. The Hanged man is aware of where he was, and is more than aware of what he desires. You are at a place where a change of perspective is your answer. There are more answers than you realize right at your feet. Now, as long as that branch you're hanging from doesn't snap, you should be okay.

    4. Your fondest HOPES and DREAMS - The Five of Swords. WHAT? I wanted to shove this card back in the deck and reshuffle. Is that what is going on in your heart right now? You want a re-deal of your life? This card tells me that your fondest wish right now is to be looking to Heaven, you have a very tender and sincere heart toward the ways above, and you would give anything to be so in tune, so at peace, so YOU. Well I have some great news, that is exactly what is happening, even at this very moment. You are a LOT closer to heaven than you realize, and you are a lot closer to every dream you've ever had coming to pass.

    5. Some PAST DIFFICULTIES that have led up to your present situation - The KNIGHT of Swords - I see a tall, dark, handsome man LEAVING... and don't let the door hit you on the way out! Actually this card tells me that you are quite the student. To the point where the chasing of knowledge at times wears you out. This Knight is charging ahead and you are saying, "Hey, can we stop for tea or something?" AH, so maybe there was a tall dark stranger after all... hmm...

    6. What you are LEAVING recently - The TEN of Swords - uh oh! Okay, now I am going to reshuffle and start over! No, I guess this is the reality. To say you have been going through some tough moments is an understatement of the year. No make that the century. OUCH is all I am hearing. Your mind working overtime, trying to sort out whatever that Knight did (or didn't do! "He promised, what happened!" i hear you crying out... where is my cards, my books, I am going to get to the bottom of this! Well, you will... after you've had a nice sleep and rest for a while. No, make that a LONG while. You deserve a break, heaven heard you and PEACE cometh Quicklieth.

    7. Coming up SOON - The NINE OF CUPS! WOW WOW WOW! Talk about an abrupt change of pace! You go from your mind in hyper drive to love in the FAST LANE! This shows me something really sweet and beautiful coming in for you as we speak! How long has this been going on? Have you actually told him how you feel? You should. After the ring of course. 🙂

    8. Your FUTURE environment - The EMPRESS - Nice! Really nice and sweeeeeeeet. Like you are so comfortable here and loving your life. At peace at last. You finally wised up and did the smart thing and burned all the Swords in your Tarot deck and took about 99% of your books to the used bookstore and traded them in for some of those little Cupid Stencils and fairy tale storybooks, where you make up the story as you go along. Here is a tip: When you get to the last page, write "And they lived happily ever after." I love happy endings, and boy are you going to love yours!

    9. Outside INFLUENCES - this card represents what others are telling you, or doing to you - THE MOON - What they show up to cry with you? Tell the you have a new lease on life and go to watch Must LOve Dogs again, You are done with the Naysayers. They said it couldn't be dined? You proved them all wrong, you found the nicest restaurant in town, and sent out invitations to everyone in Heaven. Even some of your friends show up, asking for a seat at your table. You smile, and start to show them the door... and change your mind.. and give them the seats at the head of the table. Ah, everyone looks so happy. And who cares about the tab... Heaven's buying.

    10. Your Hopes and Fears - THE STAR - Need we say more - deep down, from places they don't even talk about any more, you have longed for a wonderful life, you have hoped and hoped and hoped and now you see your STAR rising in the East and it has your name on it. Is it possible? Could it be... YES! IT IS YOU! You are the Star of that fairy tale you have been working on since you were a little one. Hey looks like the pouting worked after all! 🙂

    11. OUTCOME - JUDGMENT! A most amazing angel is blowing his (or her) horn and you are right in his crosshairs of blessing. You paid some kind of price let me tell you... more tears than you care to remember and late nite prayers when no one was watching. You, so tender hearted and so broken. And now YOU so happy and so in love with the most beautiful person on the fave of the Earth, YOU my darling. My, you always looked so beautiful when you smile. And now, the only question is, will the smile ever leave your face. From the looks of things, I say it is plastered there permanently.

    What a gorgeous Star of Heaven you are.

    AriesLost I hope you enjoyed this reading, it was my honor, and Heaven is the architect of your life, So much beauty coming for you after so much pain, I am sending you mucho positive energy and can do spirit, because you can and you WILL do - just fine.

    Love, astra

    P.S. I want to circle back and look at your chart too! Good night and sweet dreams...

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for this reading I am trying to understand it. You are right I was hurt by a tall dark handsome man and I am trying to get over it. There is someone else who seems to be interested in me, can you tell me about him and if he is the one you're refering to because right now I'm not feeling it and I only met him twice,

  • Hello again AstraAngel,

    Would you also be able to give me insight to the dark handsome man that hurt me, because I still haven't got my closure or personal belongings back. He told me he would return them 2 weeks ago and no word. Complete silence.

  • Hi AriesLost

    Okay a couple of questions from you...

    "There is someone else who seems to be interested in me, can you tell me about him and if he is the one you're refering to because right now I'm not feeling it and I only met him twice"

    Justice and Five of Swords - Hmm.. this stopped me. Why? Because this card showed up in your "hopes and dreams" position in the reading. I am not getting anything strong about a possible connection with this new man. Justice seems to be saying the jury is still out on the matter, and your best approach right not is to look to Heaven in some way, be patient and seek Spirit and truth from above. Hermit... nah, this guy is not the Nine of Cups coming up for you.

    And then you asked about the tall dark handsome guy and getting your stuff back...

    Star and the Five of Pentacles - I am seeing that he is sitting on your things (five of pentacles) and the Star says hope. He is hoping to use this to leverage some kind of meet up or something. I would stay quiet for a while longer. He is trying to decide something or there is a decision around the things, for some reason. Knight of Pentacles. Yes he is trying to use the material you left behind to force you to re-engage him. Is it a lot of valuable things that you can't replace? Otherwise I would write it off and steer clear of him. If they are valuable, then see if you can find a guy to go over there with a letter from you that states 'so and so is there to pick up my things.' Have any cop friends? that would work too.

    Let me know about any other questions you may have, I may be over reacting about this guy, however I am getting kinda strong to leave him alone. What is it with people anyway, why can't we all simple calm down and be sweet and nice to each other, not matter that relationships go south. We should be able to remain very respectful and nice... I don't get it. What is the name of this planet again?

  • Do you think dark and handsome will try to reconnect with me and why is he so mad. He wanted to end this relationship in July, reconsidered his decision in August by telling me he made the wrong decision and then just kept away from me. I haven't seen him since April. I sent him a voicemail wishing him Happy Birthday in September, he never acknowledge it. He's on a dating site wanting to flirt with women I found out. He would not tell me it is definitely over, so I told him I didn't like hanging on a thread and ended it 2 weeks ago. That is when he said I would get my belongings back He doesn't know that I saw him on a dating site. I guess the new guy is not the one according to the reading, I met him about 2 weeks ago.

  • AstraAngel,

    Please explain this: 7. Coming up SOON - The NINE OF CUPS! WOW WOW WOW! Talk about an abrupt change of pace! You go from your mind in hyper drive to love in the FAST LANE! This shows me something really sweet and beautiful coming in for you as we speak! How long has this been going on? Have you actually told him how you feel? You should. After the ring of course. 🙂

  • I can't explain that... those words came to me as I was reading. I simply write down what I hear. It could be something that you need to pray about. The NINE of Cups is a really nice card of love, so my first thought was something nice ion the love dept. The ring? I dunno. Maybe some guy is going to fall for you and propose before you know it. Maybe a reference to a circle of friends that come together to help you with a relationship issue.

    Six of Pentacles. It seems to have a material foundation, like sharing something with someone else. The Magician crosses that. So the sense I have is that there is something developing soon that has to do with love and home and it requires some magic to make it work, a reaching up to heaven and then the energies bring about this Nine cups bliss.

    It is a strong card to all of a sudden show up there.

    The Empress.. is a card of nurturing and care. So she is taking care of this magician, and helping establish something in a home situation.

    Six of Swords seems connected with a possible move too.

    Are you contemplating a move any time soon, or talking that over with someone? I am trying to see what this is all about too...

    When the reading is locked to your understanding it may be a while before it clicks, you can let it rest and come back to it and you may have some new insights.

    We see two major arcana cards showing here so this Nine of Cups has some major life phase energy associated with it. I would sleep on it and see what your intuition tells you tomorrow.

    Blessings, astra

  • Thank you AstraAngel,

    The new person is interested in me and I was looking for a painter to paint my house at a good price. He offered to paint for free in exchange for me to go to his house and help him do his spring cleaning. Help him with his kitchen etc. because he did not have time to do it. I would only have to pay for the paint, brushes etc. My ex boyfriend has my belongings and hasn't contacted me yet. Do you think dark and handsome will try to reconnect with me and why is he so mad. He wanted to end this relationship in July, reconsidered his decision in August by telling me he made the wrong decision and then just kept away from me. I haven't seen him since April. I sent him a voicemail wishing him Happy Birthday in September, he never acknowledge it. He's on a dating site wanting to flirt with women I found out. He would not tell me it is definitely over, so I told him I didn't like hanging on a thread and ended it 2 weeks ago. That is when he said I would get my belongings back He doesn't know that I saw him on a dating site. I guess the new guy is not the one according to the reading, I met him about 2 weeks ago.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Just wondering if you get anything else for me in my situation and waiting for your reply on questions asked October 16.


  • Hi arieslost

    Thanks for the reminder on your questions, let's take a look at him first...

    "Do you think dark and handsome will try to reconnect with me and why is he so mad.?

    Six of Cups - This is a really sweet card, every time I see this card it makes me emotional. Why? I believe the Six of Cups shows a love that has weathered some kind of storm, and you see a reunion of sorts, the past and present meeting in a very sweet way. There can be memories involved, and right before this reading I received a "memory" sign, so that was for you.

    I am going to say that this man, like many men today, are deathly afraid of becoming tied down, committed and with every day that passes in a relationship, that possibility becomes stronger. So some guys aren't able to process their feelings and fears, and finally will cut and run. I am guessing that this is part of the situation with him. Deep down he wants the relationship, however the depth of feelings can be frightening at times. He is haunted by memories too. The fact that he tried to reconnect, only to then remain in hiding, tells me that he was still feeling the pull toward you, and yet he also has some fears there. Like a little lost puppy dog he ends up in a place where trust is hard to find, and he is afraid.

    King of Pentacles - So he hides in a world of material, career, money, the "busy-ness" of life and holes up there. Sad. I have the feeling that his career path must be very important and so that is a "safe" place to hide from his emotions. This is the case with a lot of people today, females included. Scared of their feelings, scared of love, and a career and the money and the noise of life becomes a place to hide. Unfortunately, out destiny is to be willing to fall in love and enter into a "oneness" relationship with someone made especially for us. Do you have deep feelings still for him? He may feel that and is hiding is what I am getting.

    Page of Wands - He is hanging on to your things as that maintains some connection and he is in a place of wanting to get back in touch with you. I am sensing a message from him soon, something written. I would wait and give him time to figure out his heart with you. The fact that he is on dating sites is a sign that he is aware that he has these longings for love (for guys it is really about love and not the physical), so he is running, running... hoping to find someone else to replace what he was feeling before. The Universe will block that venue until he comes to terms with his true feelings for you and makes a quality decision to end or not. He is running from that decision.

    King of Cups - This is you in the matter. You are strong and have reached out to him in a very clear and honest ways. You have done what you can, and you are in a good place. At least you have fulfilled your part and are at peace in the relationship. It is his move and he has to decide to make that move. I would wait and let him act, unless you really, really need to get your things back right away. I am still hearing "wait."

    The Nine of cups coming up for you soon is still a strong energy looming out there... let's open that out a little and see what is going on there...

    The Hierophant and the Lovers - Hmm...

    I am using the Shadowscapes deck at the moment and it is perfect for you. The Hierophant is a very spiritual person, very deep... here is some of verbiage from the book...

    "The Hierophant's roots reach deep, entwined around secrets and traditions and the ages. He believes in pursuing knowledge and deeper meaning and in the rigidity of a belief system... he is calm and in possession of himself, and he is the teacher who helps unravel mysteries."

    And the Lovers...

    This card comes immediately after the Hierophant in the Tarot, and so there is a sign here of connection. The book says "Union, balance, energy, flow, love desire, passion... medling of heart and mind, forming a union or marriage.."

    There are lilies and and beautiful roses here... the complexity of the lily contrasting with the simplicity of the rose. And while I was looking at this card, the Ten of Swords showed up.

    So, the reading I am getting about these three cards, the Hierophant, Lover and the Ten S. seems to indicate the appearance of an individual out of very dark time of the mind. He has weighed many options in his life, and is a searcher of truth and love. However he has been a prisoner of his own mind and intellect. So the Lovers is his calling (with you) and once that door opens with him, I believe you could find yourself in the arms of - and holding someone - who is very deep and pure in his heart and has exhausted himself in his life trying to sort and sift. His nerves are shot and he is ready to settle down.

    I am not sure who this is, let's see about some identity here... who is this?

    Five of Cups - someone who is leaving behind a broken love life.

    Five of Pentacles - (he) is also going through a time of material unsettledness as well. Two five energies like that, emotions and material, describes someone is some real unsettled conditions in (his) life. Do you know anyone like that? that is all I am getting on that....

    Still hearing to address you some how...

    Two of Cups - yes, something definitely coming for you in a sweet relationship arieslost, this cup ties us back to that nine cups so be on the lookout for Cupid buzzing around you home, and your job, and the supermarket, and every where you go. VERY strong love relationship energies here.

    And the Four of Pentacles seems to indicate foundations connected with this affair. Could be a home, security a marriage, a family even! This is a very strong development on top of the cups and lovers energies swirling around you right now.

    You are getting plugged in by heaven into something powerful that will sweep you off your feet.

    Whew! That is a lot to consider! I really want to stay on top of this with you, let me know should you have followup questions. I want to hear how your love life unfolds! 🙂

    And, here is sweet bible verse for you...

    "I belong to my lover,

    and his desire is for me." -Song of Solomon 7:10

    Blessings and love,


    (image of hearts courtesy of morguefile)

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you very much for the reading but I would like to know if the new guy that wants to paint my house in exchange for some help at his place, is the one. I met him 2 weeks ago through a friend. Can you tell me about him. Also in the reading on page one you told me that you were getting for me to stay away from tall dark and handsome. I'm a little confused. I have not contacted him nor will I.

  • OK I am going to lay down two trails:

    1. Tall, dark and handsome -

    The Sun, The Queen of Cups and Eight of Wands


    2. The New Paint Guy

    Ten of Swords, The Devil, and Ace of Swords

    1. Tall, dark and handsome - I am going to say straight out that this looks very good. I don't know what all you have had in your dealings with him (you know) however these are very positive cards related to him. The Sun energy is only positive and portends like a dawn breaking and babies and everything. The Queen of Cups tells me how he sees you. And that Eight of Wands is like, matters taking flight and fast. At this point TD&H has a lot of positive energy associated with him fort some reason. Has anything changed recently with him?

    I asked "what is her best course of action" and received the High Priestess which is RELY ON YOUR INTUITION. What is your heart telling you about him? Are you feeling pulled to him? Something is changing with him, not sure what yet. Let me know what you are feeling.


    2. The Paint Guy - This guy looks like hot august nights to me. Red hot. Ten of Swords tells me that he has some intense air-intellect issues he has faced recently, and is leaving his life. He was rather down about something. It could be some internal battle, like he is trying to figure his life out or something? "Maybe a fresh coat of paint will help brighten things up."

    Then, the Devil tells me that he has other things on his mind now, and I think you know what I mean. You want "other things?" he is your guy. You want something less intense and not so "red hot" then guy #1 is the door. The Ace of Swords is very intense, strong masculine energy coming after the Ten-Devil - I have the feeling that he recently closed out a relationship that was also of the "center of the sun" heat level, and is now looking to strike a match for the next blaze.

    I asked your course with him and drew the Fool card which tells me you would "like" to let something to happen there. And would be willing to let him strike the match on you. Am I right? Nine of wands says that he is wounded on some level too, and could be using some off this "heat" to gain some relief in his spiritual life. Could be pretty wild. Be careful.

    Back to guy #1 - THE MOON - this would be more of an emotional situation, touchy-feely is what I am getting. As long as you are okay with all of that inner heart closeness I have the sense that guy#1 would take you there. You like roses? You could get that with TD&H. Guy #2 would be more likely to shop at Victoria's Secret for you. Based on these cards.

    Could be one reason the energies were saying stay away from Guy#1 before was to give him time to process something out in his emotional life... that could be lifting. Guy #2 has no issues at this time, other than the Devil wanting to come out and play.

    Guy #1 will test how will you can communicate deep heart issues late at night over tea.

    Guy #2 will test how will the Central AC is working in his house.

    Guy #1 - There is the promise of something longer term ...and babies (The Sun).

    Guy #2 - There is less 'work' and more fun ...and you'll get to try on some fun outfits.

    That is what I am seeing. I cannot explain the change as regards Guy #1. I try not to ever think I can figutre relationships out. I lay down cards and tell you what I am feeling and then you have to process it out. Good luck with your choice.

    Bottom line, follow your heart and your intuition. And should you choose to flip the switch on Guy#2, first see what kind of deals Walmart has on fire extinguishers... just in case.


    blessings, and love


  • Hi AstraAngel and thank you.

    Guy #1 is a Virgo September 2 1963. Guy #2 is a Scorpio, I don't know his biirth date.

    Guy #1 has not seen me since April, but we talked on the phone. He lives an hour away. In July he disappeared for 2 weeks without telling me and I was really worried. He called me to tell me he made a decision that we should end it because he had to find a job and we would not be able to see each other often and it wouldn't be fair to me. He also told me his liver cancer was back, and he didn't want me to be there out of pity. I said fine if that's what he wanted ad that I would like my things back. 2 weeks later he called me to tell me that he made the wrong decision. 2weeks after that he called me he was still mixed up about the situation and I told him that I felt like I was hanging on a thread and I didn't like that feeling and if he wants to break up it's fine, Ijust want my things back and move on.

    I called him for his birthday and left a voicemail. He never acknowledged it. All this time he has been on a dating site , "He wants to flirt with women 40-60" I called him on October 2nd to ask how he was doing and also to make arrangements to get my things back. He told me he still has cancer and is taking pills for it and that I would get my things back. I never heard from him. Maybe this information will help you to go more in depth as to what is happening.

    Blessings and love,


  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I just found out guy#2 is a sagittarius November 24, 1953.

  • Hey arieslost

    I am trying to get to the bottom of this situation with these two guys.

    Here is where I am at. Did a little research and found a three person (love triangle) spread which seems to hit all the important points.

    I also looked at you charts and here is the summary on that.

    Aries Lost

    Sun and Venus in Aries

    Moon and Mars in Sag

    Jupiter in Pisces

    Chiron and NN in Cap

    Guy #1

    Sun and Venus in Virgo

    Moon and Saturn in Aquarius

    Jupiter in Aries

    Mars and Mercury in Libra

    Guy #2

    Sun in Sag

    Moon in Cancer

    Jupiter in Pisces

    Venus, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio

    The important points are

    1. Guy #1 has Jupiter in Aries so his energy there expands your sense of yourself. This also makes him rather intense in his decisions and the way he conducts his affairs. As a Virgo they are already a little stubborn in having life compartmentalized, , so this compounds his behavior, As this Jupiter is in your Sun sign that could spell some trouble when you two are trying to make decisions together. He could steam roll you.

    His Venus is in his Virgo so this means he should be very confident in love, He will not hesitate to pursue love with you when he feels it is in his best interest.

    His Mercury in Libra is opposition your Sun in Aries, so this could be a good relationship when YOU are the one asking for advice from him. Mars is also there adding energy. When YOU are driving the discussion and need his input, it should flow pretty nice, very baanced. When HE is controlling the discussion though he may run away with it. Because of the Jupiter in Aries thing. That can create conflicts between you two.

    His Moon and Saturn are in Aquarius so this means he can be very emotional for all the weird reasons. I can see you asking him "why are you crying, what's wrong?" and he can't tell you, because Saturn is working him over there. Remember what I said about him being more work? this is why

    2. Guy #2 is a Sag, so already I am thinking "look out". Sags can be intense has been my experience. His moon is in cancer though which spells nice things emotionally. Very comfortavle at home, fireplaces and hot buttered rum and then all the other that comes after wards. This guy is a romantic when he wants to be. He can turn it on.

    His Mars is also in Libra like guy #1 and it is close to opposite so he can give you good advice and help to balance out anything driving you crazy in your life. His Venus/Mars/Saturn is in Scorpio which explains why he can be hot to trot when he wants to be. Sag plus this combo tells me he is very intense s3xually and so you as long as you are okay with that, he will be fun.

    He has his Chiron in Capricorn the same as you, so there is a sense of some "shared pain" there in between you. This could result in some instant karmic bonding between the two of you.

    Also, you have your MOON and MARS in his sun sign Sag, so that means you feel emotionally drawn to him right off the bat. Your Jupiter is in Pisces so you can be very emotional and senstive feelings at times. Your Venus in your Sun sign bonds you with Guy#1 as you both identify with the LOVE energy tied closely with your personal identity. Love is very important for both you and Guy#1. Physical aspects of love are important to Guy#2.

    Okay, that is the Zodiac for the three of you.

    Now on to this reading. This uses Ten cards, and is like a triangle:


    Three cards for your rel with Guy1, Body heart and mind

    Three cards for your rel with Guy2, Body heart and mind

    Guy#1 A Lesson Card Guy #2

    So the whole thing looks like a triangle with another triangle between you and Guy1, and a triangle between you and guy2


    1. this is YOU in the matter - The EIGHT of WANDS - You are wanting to get the show on the road with someone. You are itching for a relationship and want SOMETHING to happen! Whoever shows up with flowers first will be your guy.

    2. this is GUY #1 - Eight of Swords - He has closed himself off intellectually. He is withdrawn and is minding his own affairs and does not look to be in a "love" mode right now.

    3. Guy #2 - Nine of Cups - Not so with Guy2. The next time you show up at his house, and you linger longer that three seconds looking into his eyes I bet he hits on you. This guy is raring for something and I have the sense that there is a connection and he feels it. Something is in the offing I think.

    Now, lets look at the dynamics between you and Guy #1 -

    A. BODY - Three of Swords - some pain from the past, I am seeing it is connected to physical love, intimacy on the physical level. Some memories there that you both are trying to deal with and he is not able to process it so well, so he is withdrawn.

    B. HEART - Wheel of Fortune - He still would love to see something happen between the Two of You, and he would give love another spin under the right circumstances. His heart is still open to you.

    C. MIND - Four of Wands - very nice! This tells me that intellectually and in your ability to talk to each other that you knew some good times communicating. That Three Swords over the physical has blocked this for now, however you both show an amazing ability to get ideas across and connect with your thoughts and mind.

    Okay, now let's look at the dynamics with Guy #2

    A. BODY - Six of Swords - Its a long story, however anytime I see the Six Swords I think physical intimacy in love. A crossing of one heart to the other's shore, and there is a little boat which you are huddled in together. Something about taking a journey together. He may be about to ask you out on a date.

    B. HEART - Judgement - This indicates that his heart is more guarded and waits for all the right signs. I would not expect to hear much professions of love from him, unless you venture it first. This also a card that shows people coming out of the graves so once you thaw him out he could be very open and transparent - could take a little while.

    C. MIND - Ten of Wands - I would not expect too many long winded conversations with him. His intellectual plate is rather full, he has a lot going on his life (carer maybe) which has him weighed down with his thought life. WIth him I would rely more on touch and less on words. Sags are more physical and not so great in conversation has been my experience.

    And, the LESSON card in this matter - what Heaven is wanting you to learn - PAGE OF SWORDS - Communication is what I am hearing. And I think it is YOU that needs to make the first move toward them. I would not normally say that to a female however it seems an area where you need to spread your wings a little. Maybe YOU should hit on Guy #2 and have some fun. Or offer to come over to Guy#1's home to open out matters and also get your things back!

    I hope that gives you some insight... whew! You have yourself in a little situation don't you!

    Good luck... I send you positive wisdom and peace

    Love, astra

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Would you be able to see if guy #1 is really sick, and anything new with guy#2. He's starting to paint my home tomorrow.

    Thank you and blessings,


  • Hey arieslost

    Guy #1 - Nine of Wands - yes, he will be okay though. This card shows healing and victory over whatever he is facing healthwise.

    Guy #2 - Nine of Pentacles - Material interest here. This is his view of you. The little book with this deck says "people... seek the pleasure of your company... "

    Seven of Swords - Be on your guard. He could be after more than a new coat of paint.

    Death - something is ending in your life, it could be a period of estrangement from fun and love. I am starting to get the impression this is coming to you on a silver platter.

    Justice - Something you have been dealing with and feeling like was unjust in love will be dealt with an you will receive the reward you deserve. A sense of waiting for something "right" to happen instead of the string of wrongs.

    Eight of Wands - whatever it is, comes quickly. He is painting your house? Is he painting your bedroom?

    Knight of Wands - "as someone you may know, he is a charismatic action man".. that's what the little book say. Sounds like you are about to have your hands full with more than a paint stirrer.


    The Lovers card

    uh oh arieslost....

    have fun. Make him repaint your bedroom... over and over...


  • Hi AstraAngel

    I haven't heard anything from Guy#1 and I don't know what is going on with Guy#2. He started painting last week, asked me some questions about life, sort of brushed against me and I havenn't heard from him since the weekend. Can you see what is going on?



  • The Lovers card.

    That is what is going on. He "brushed" up against you? Hmm....

    Knight of Swords, he would love to start something up with you. We saw this before in the reading you recall... he is very interested in you... like intense...

    Death and the Knight of Cups. It is over with Guy #1 and something else is starting in love. Guy#2 is now coming into the forefront. Two Knights in this already tell me someone is chasing you is the Glidden man.

    What do you WANT to happen? You like the paint guy? You would like something to start up with him? I can give you some ideas to make this happen, however you will have to follow my instructions. Can you follow instructions, Arieslost?

    Tell you what.... are you an artist? Ever painted? Doesn't matter. Go to WalMart and buy an $8 set of acrylics and a couple of canvas panels, and one of their little $15 easels. Go pick up some some roses and set that up in your kitchen and do a painting of it. Don't worry how it turns out, doesn't matter.

    Then, call the Paint guy and ask him, since her is a painter, would he be interested in critiquing your work? Invite him overt for tea. When he rings the doorbell, lay a heavy wet stroke of red paint on the panel. You want some of the paint to still be wet when he comes in. Take him by the hand and lead him into the kitchen. Hey, you're an artist now. You can touch him and not feel bashful!

    You: "So, Richard, what do you think of my painting? Be honest!"

    Him: (he won't have a clue) "Well, it looks nice to me, I guess, I am just a hose painter... ?"

    (This is all small talk chit chat, we are not exactly in art class here)

    You: "Richard, I could tell the way you were laying the paint down, that you have real feeling in that brush of yours... it's true! You can be honest!"

    Him: "Well, I do sort of fancy myself a little bit of an artist, now that you mention it..."

    You: "What do you think of my composition? Did I do a good job getting the roses centered in the picture?"

    Him: "Well... I think you did a really nice job ...have you been painting long?"

    (now, right here you want to edge a little closer to him... )

    You: "No, not exactly, I just bought these materials yesterday... so, you really think I have potential?"

    Him: "Well, I think you have made a good start...."

    (Now, right about here the little light bulb in Richard's brain is going to click on, and he is going to put two and two together, and see that you are more interested in something else, than paintings of roses...)

    (Now you go in for the kill)

    You: "You know Richard, I am going to be honest with you... (reach your right hand out and touch his hand, tenderly)... when I saw you painting my walls, I felt you had a very tender heart... with the paint you know... and I told myself that I would love to get to know you better. You know, to maybe help me with my art career.. and maybe we would be good for each other?"

    (Take your hand away from his hand, and pick up the painting with your left hand, and run your right index finger through some of the paint on the painting of the roses, make sure it is a little wet... squeeze some more red paint out if you need to first...."

    Him: (he will be watching this and his eyes should be getting a lot bigger by now) "... uh, well... I like you too... and I would be happy to give you my advice..."

    (Now, right about here he will make some little move toward you. He will reach out and touch the painting and say something like...)

    "I think your touch... with the brush... is very nice... "

    (Now, you two will look at each other in the eyes right about here... DROP the painting on the table and lean over and hug him... )

    "Oh God, Richard... you are so sweet... thank you so much..."

    (By now that little lightbulb in his head will be more like an acetylene torch...

    he will hug you back and that will be the start of your romance! If he is still clueless by now, give him a big kiss and tell him "hey, why don't we go relax on my sofa, you deserve a break after helping me with my painting"... don't worry, at some point mother nature and the rest will be history....)

    His "brush against you" was his way of saying, "Look, you figure out a way to invite me back over, and I will take it from there"... He is waiting...

    Arieslost, I promise you - follow the instructions above and I GUARANTEE that you will be in the arms of Paint Guy by Sunday. Go to Walmart today and get this stuff and get started on your new romance - I mean art - career!



    P.S. I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of this, marriage, babies, etc.

    Also, this photo is courtesy of ppdigital and morgue file on the world wide web)

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