URGENT!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! (I'm always ignored and I really need help)

  • I am sorry if the title of this post sounded a bit rude, but I don't know if there are cliques on this forum or not, because it only seems that some people get answers to their posts, and others get ignored completely.

    During the beginning of the summer, I lost my house and most of my belongings to a major flood. This flood left thousands homeless, and caused billions of dollars in damages to my city. For a few weeks, the town didn't have any drinking water or a working sewer system. Below is a link to a picture of my neighborhood during the height of the flood. My house is the blue one.


    Fortunately, my house is able to be repaired, but it is going to take thousands of dollars, and many months to complete. We had four feet of water on our main floor. We had to gut our whole house due to black mold, replace all of our floors, electrical wiring, furnace, and many other things. So we had no other options but to take out a second mortgage on our house in order to pay for the damages which hit close to $70,000. Our plan right now is to stay in one of the Fema trailer group sites until our house is liveable again. Unfortunately, those group sites are not yet complete, and winter is approaching. They were supposed to be complete by the end of August-beginning of September at the latest, but due to delays they are not complete yet. They have started moving people into the first group site that are currently staying in homeless shelters. The first group site is supposed to be completely done by the end of this month, and the second site shortly after. But in the meantime, my mom was nice enough to let my family and I stay with her until we are able to move into the Fema group site. I am very grateful to her for taking us in when we had no where else to go, however we have been here since June, and tensions are running high and it is crowded. I really miss having a place of my own. According to Fema, everyone will have a trailer by the end of this month. But with their current track record, I will believe it when I see it. The pictures below are of the group site locations. Please keep in mind that these are old pictures before they broke ground, and do not show any of the construction that has taken place.

    This first picture is the location of the first Fema group site. It is located on 55th St. SE. It will be the first group site to be completely done.


    Below is the second Fema group site location. This is not a picture of the exact area of the site, but it is a short ways down the gravel road that this picture is looking towards. It is located on 42nd St. NE


    My questions are very simple ones, but ones that are very meaningful to me especially being that at this point I have no home to call my own, and I have three children to take care of. I would like to know if I will be moving into the location at 55th St. or the location at 46th St. I would also like to know approximately how long I will be waiting until I am able to get a Fema trailer, and if I will be happy there.

    Here is a picture of me.


  • You are not ignored---just scary! Sorry but there is a darkness around you that is no little nothing. You are talking about worry for family on this thread and yet on another thread talk openly about possibly having another child with your lover. You have also openly shared that you have a slave master relationship with your lover. You said psychics have warned you of being harmed even killed by this man. This is why the most psychic here have not connected. TOO MUCH! Please anyone reading this say a prayer for this woman and her loved ones. I specially hope Saint Michael fills her with his strength and protects her. Raises his mighty sword and destroys this dark energy that has attached itself to her blind spot. AMEN.

  • Lol, are you serious? How would I have a darkness around me, and where would it even come from? I'm pretty sure that I am not the only person in the world that has children and wants another one. I am also pretty sure that I am not the only person in the world that has a dysfunctional relationship. That does NOT fill a person with darkness. They weren't psychics, they were astrologers... I've always had good readings from psychics. If you had a normal loving relationship with someone, would you break things off with them just because someone told you that your relationship was going to grow into something violent even though in all of the years of you knowing that person, they never exhibited any signs of the sort whatsoever? Just because you don't approve of someone's chosen lifestyle gives you no right at all to judge them and insinuate that they don't care about their family. As far as St. Michael goes, don't bring him into this because St. Michael is ALWAYS by my side.

  • Blmoon is right - and you have not been ignored. Most of your past threads have had responses. You just haven't like the responses and you have a petulant child energy about you. You do not have a normal loving relationship with this other man - you are in denial. Just for the fact that it is not normal and loving to be involved with someone and hoping to get pregnant by him when you are married to someone else - have 3 other children - and do not currently have a roof of your own to put over their heads. You need to grow up.

  • Actually, most of my threads have NOT had responses, like many other threads I've noticed around here. I do have a very loving relationship with this other man, but I don't expect you to understand that because you know nothing of our relationship at all, or my life in general. Of course I don't have a roof of my own to put over their heads, IT GOT FLOODED!!!! Like thousands of others in my town. But that roof will be back over their heads by February at the latest. No need to respond, because from this thread I've learned in my opinion, that most psychics are quacks. Because if either of you were true psychics you would be able to see what kind of life I've lived, and what I've been through, and then maybe you would have a tiny ounce of understanding of why I've made the life choices I have, and my situation. I think I will stick to my Tarot Cards.

    ~Peace Out

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