Worried about my mom

  • hello, I'm looking for some advice. This past week i've had the same dream twice about my mom. I dreamed that we were talking in our kitchen (i don't remember what about) and all of a sudden her face would turn red,and she passed out. I'm wondering if something or someone is trying to tell me something, i know she has health problems, but nothing too serious. Me and my mom work together at the same job, and i'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. Should i say something to her about it? Thank you

  • saf86

    Nice of you to be so concerned about your Mom. You know I am not a medical intutitive. I feel clairvoyantlly that the red face can mean anger or high blood pressure as some people that get really angery can also raise their BP. The combination of both red face and passing out says that your Mom is holding on to things emotionally and not expressing herself or not knowing how to express her fears and anger. She I hope is under a doctor care and if she has emotional needs not being fullfilled than she needs a good support group or even a best friend to talk with, I hope she goes to church to help her have faith that life will get better and she needs to pray and ask for spiritual help in dealing with her lifes concerned at this time.

    Your working with your Mother means you are more intune with her now and the dream has confirmed this. You may want to talk to your Mother and I hope that the two of you are on good terms, about how she is feeling and if she needs anything that you are there for her, reassure her of your love for her.


  • I think that you're absolutley right, and i'm gona talk to her this weekend. Thank you so much 🙂

  • I got the same thing---holding in anger---high blood pressure. Could be she is not sharing with anyone something really upsetting her---you as her child can't help but pick up something . You may try a conversation asking her point blank--are you feeling ok--is everything alright? If she says why? Just say the truth--I'm not sure but had some strange dreams. Often, when we can't explain the images in the dream we should pay attention to the "feelings". How did you feel in the dream? And also consider any recent times you felt that same feeling. It could be a unspoken fear in you---that eventual day when children suddenly truelly notice that a parent is aging. BUT my very first impression was Anger held in---blood pressure and hear spirit saying----blood boiling mad---that old expression about being angry--you know how older folks say that---something made their blood boil. Share your dream----if she dismisses it next time you get her in a store with a public BP machine get her to check. Another possability is a prediction of embarrassesment--being red faced---the kitchen is often heart of the home as well so consider that symbol----is there ever a fear in you that you cannot be totaly honest with her for fear it will hurt her and she will disapear in a conditional way. I would trust your gut and go with the answers here that feel the most righ tBLESSINGS!

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