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  • Hi

    My birthday is November 1, 1964. 9:45pm Long Island , NY.

    As a recent widow, I am rebuilding my life after my husband's sudden death in 2010. A cancer man (July 14, 1965) keeps swimming in and out of my life. Not sure if he is for me, but I feel better when he is around.

    Will I find love again or should I just focus on my new job and four children?

    Any insight would be wonderful.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Kat, you don't 'find' love - you make yourself ready for it by removing any issues towards relationships you might have - and bingo! it will come to you. You may still be grieving the loss of your husband or feel guilty at looking for his replacement. Issues of money, depression, self-pity, suspicion, and image may also be involved, and also that of personal freedom. Don't have a set agenda for love - be open to different types of people and situations.

    You and your Cancer friend: astrology predicts that this relationship can work for marriage. Yet something about it will feel quite enigmatic to both of you, who are deeply perceptive individuals, bound to be frustrated by the fact that you can't quite seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It is as if the relationship was a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Even when you two work or live together or are close friends, a great deal between you is usually left unsaid, or even actively concealed. There seems to be an inevitability in operation here, a fatal or karmic impulse that brings you two together willy-nilly, regardless of differences in background, training, race, religion or career interests, but that at the same time prevents a deeper union.

    A romantic relationship here will have a strong sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, this pairing tends to produce the kind of provocative behaviour that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement. Both of you have a need to keep things hushed up, and you will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third person be involved as the lover or spouse of one of you, a breakup between two or all three members of the triangle is often inevitable.

    Marriage here has the potential to be more successful than a love affair. The two of you may still be unable to be honest with each other, however, resorting to manipulative ploys to get your way rather than expressing yourselves directly. Kat, you may come to think that your spouse uses unethical tactics and he may view you as selfish and controlling. Even so, your marriage can be enduring and productive if you strive for honesty and openness and deal with any issues. Let your guards down more often. Keep the lines of communication open and observe a certain amount of diplomacy and compromise. If you both really want this, it can work out well.

  • Thank you for your help and insight.

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