The Captain, please a reading for me

  • I have been single for a very long time now, meeting guys who want only short physical "relationships" with me. I am feeling ready to be in a real relationship now.

    So please could you do a love reading for me? Will I be meeting someone for a relationship any time soon ?

    Also if you could do another reading for me, this "issue" has been bothering me a bit.

    There is this younger gemini man I met, he seemed very into me and then sort of switched his acting toward me, why is this?

    Does he like me at all or was it pure using for him?

    Is there any chance of us two being in a relationship?

    I am a pisces

    Thank you so much on your insight i apreceate it a lot! 🙂

  • Was this the person I did the compatibility analysis for recently?

  • Yes, that is him

  • FishyOne, nothing happens randomly - the type of guy you have been meeting reflects what you feel deep inside and some part of you only seems to desire a short physical relationship. Fear is usually the reason. Do you perhaps fear you will be cheated on or lied to, even in a so-called committed relationship so you avoid it like the plague, becoming faithless yourself because of your deep-seated fear of someone being faithless to you? There may also be a subconscious fear of being sexually controlled or psychologically dominated that is preventing you from giving yourself to anyone. Once you find out what is holding you back and you make sure that you look for partners who have the same energy and values as you, then longterm happiness will certainly be yours. Just make sure you do not seek self-worth or validation through others. You will only find it in yourself - it will never be the by-product of a relationship, even with a soulmate. Living according to standards you know are right for you, regardless of what others think, will help you develop a strong sense of self-worth.

  • The moment I open to check for reply, there it is, thank you!

    I think you hit the sport very good about me, too many times I was just left there hurt, trying to pick up and be stronger.

    I do have trust issues, huge ones. I just dont know where to start with this issue.

    Is it possible to get insight about this guy? the one you did compatibility for?

    I would apreceate it a lot!

  • First bear in mind that females mature a lot earlier than males so even a small age difference can be a large gap in emotional or mental maturity. You may be asking for more than this guy is capable of giving you at the moment.

    According to his astrological profile, this guy likes to be popular (and he is) and also wants to experience full freedom using his natural sense of fun, excitement and adventure (which means he bores very easily). He is a bit of a chameleon and a charmer, and is a different 'person' for everyone he meets, changing himself to suit what he thinks they want him to be. This may make him rather superficial and shallow until he learns to live an authentic life by being true to himself. His need to be popular and to control others can lead him into many unproductive relationships but it is not actually human contact that interests him so much as scientific, technological, artistic or economic study. So it may be difficult for him to maintain a steady relationship with anyone. He has a pattern of getting close quickly to someone, then the whole thing heats up fast, and goes cold just as quickly. He can take things so personally that when he is hurt by someone, he stops talking to them completely. His life will seldom follow a straight line and in fact it may be many years before he is able to settle down long enough to devote himself to one career or one person. Sudden, sharp and somewhat painful breaks seem to be the norm for him as he chafes at any form of restraint. He even finds contentment boring after a while.

  • Thank you Captain.

    I think you are very right especially about the part of being interested in science and economy!!

    and yes he seems to be very pupular and I did think he is still in the free spirit phase, especially since he is so young still.

    Well I guess its time to move on, hoping for better things to come I guess

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