Job insight please

  • I was just wondering if anyone can give me a reading into some insight when I will have a job anytime soon, Also if I will be driving next year.

  • Angelgirll,

    Here is what I got...

    The Judgement card, Ace of Swords, The Moon, and the Four of Pentacles.

    So yes you are getting a job and yes you will be driving next year (the last card looked like bicycle wheels under the lady, so definite yes in the wheels or driving (unless you can bike to work!) and the four pentacles is the job card so that is another yes for the job. The only question is when? on getting the job.

    Let's see about deducing that.

    Judgment is a decision and the angel is blowing a horn or trumpet. The card number is XX or 20.

    The Ace of Swords is a quick energy, in timing issues swords indicate hours to days. There is a red crown at the top of a large sword buried in a rock. Card number 1.

    The Moon is a large full moon looming in the sky, over a wolf, and a crab is crawling out of the water onto some steps.

    And then the four of pentacles, (pentacles are material issues and jobs, and fours are foundations, something solid is manifested and established). And a large pentacle behind the lady's head like a circle, or steering wheel! Card is number 4.

    So you will be deciding on accepting a job offer, it will come suddenly, and the job is connected with something associated with crowns or the color red. And you will receive this offer within the time frame of 20+1=21 days to18+4 = 22 days, and up to a full moon = 28 days from now. So 21- 28 days from now you will receive a call out of the blue (moon) and it will be a job offer (red, crown company), is what I am getting.

    I hope that helps! Good luck, I am wishing you success there with your new job that you are soon to have! And the driving next year.

    Attached is a snap of the spread.

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