BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Watergirl,

    Well, I was hoping so, but, thought maybe a reading might give me info as to when & with whom! Any ideas? lol 🙂

  • Watergirl~ thank you so much for my reading.....amazingly accurate and I appreciate you taking the time. There have been a few amazing men that have been brought into my life in the last year and things get very fuzzy with me around physical attraction. I may love someone and share a soul connection but I am NOT attracted to them physically...I have also had the reverse scenario where I was extremely attracted to someone a long time ago, but the deep emotional bond was not there. It would be very nice to experience both in a partner 🙂

    with love and light,


  • Watergirl will my economic situation improve soon? thanks for your help

  • CapricornCat,

    Maybe you should re-phrase what you are asking for. Your words to me were "an intimate, loving companion" and that is what the Universe keeps sending to you! Just tweak it a bit....maybe "an intimate, loving companion - who physically arouses me - or who ignites my passion" 🙂

  • Watergirl~ excellent!!! yes, I will rephrase, become that which I am asking for and send out my new intentions~ this was the clarity that I needed to hear...thank you so much for this!!!!

    with gratitude,


  • TwinWit,

    What I am getting is that what you want - a new romance and love - is exactly what you are afraid of or resisting. Where it gets fuzzy is why. First of all, I am getting that the main issue here for you is BALANCE when it comes to relationships in general. You must both GIVE as well as receive. Sorry, but what is coming through is that you may be a little too rigid with people and do not come across as a loving, nurturing participant in relationship - possibly even aloof and overly controlling. Do you have a tendency to try and manipulate people into being or doing what serves your needs? The message is to focus less on the physical or material aspects of life and open yourself up more to the spiritual aspect of relationship. Open yourself up - be more vulnerable and open with people as well as more open to the other person's needs.



  • Hello Suramya,

    The question I asked for you was, "What will assist Suramya in progressing at her work?"

    Your cards were:

    The Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy (healing from heartache)

    The Three Witchy Sisters (the power of three)

    What I get from these cards is that what is happening for you at your work is a life lesson - and one which may be repeating itself. You appear to be a little too "nice" which invites people to take advantage of you or treat you harshly and even take credit for your work. You are being given the opportunity to use your powers of intuition and discernment to determine who around you can be trusted and who cannot! You must also release the fear to stand in your power - to be seen, heard and RESPECTED.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello Brightmoonshine,

    "What does Brightmoonshine need to know about her economic situation?"

    The Cany Cane Angel (It's time for a treat)

    The Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy (healing from heartache)

    Carousel Fairy (What comes around...)

    I see an opportunity coming your way before the end of the year, but I also have a huge caution sign going up about it. Not about the job itself, but about you possibly energetically pushing the opportunity away before it arrives. I know it is tough - believe me I know - the economy is in the crapper right now and there is not a lot out there. BUT, you have to remember that you are a CO-creator with Spirit in what you manifest in your life. Right now you are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking - feelings and thoughts of lack - which MUST be cleared. Stop thinking about the lack and focus on being happy and grateful in the moment - the little things we all have a tendency to disregard or overlook - regardless of whether or not you have a job. Get outside of yourself - volunteer time at a charity or just engage in small, simple gestures of kindness to others. Even if it is just a warm smile to the clerk at the grocery store. Take time each and every day - several times a day if necessary - to sit and clear your mind of all anxiety or worry. Once you have cleared all of this out of your mind (I sometimes like to imagine myself blowing each negative thought away - like blowing a kiss to the Universe) then FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST AND ASK FOR DIVINE ASSISTANCE. Do not say things like I want or I need as this is driven by lack. Say something like "please assist me in creating the job I deserve that will bring abundance to my life on all levels." The very last thing - and this is actually the hardest part - is you must connect with the feeling of already having it. We can recite affirmations all day long, but if we do not actually connect with what we are saying by actually feeling it, it doesn't do any good. Focus on the warmth, joy, etc. that having this job will bring to you and then FEEL IT AS IF IT IS ALREADY HAPPENED. This is key.

    Here's to you getting your "Treat" in the very near future,


  • Oh Watergirl thats sooo true 🙂

    Thank you so very much.this has really helped by validating something I fel.

    God bless and let m know if I can do a reading for you!

    Much Love and Light

  • Thank you! Love to you.

  • Hello Kaymrial,

    Your cards were:

    The Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy

    Out Trick-or-Treating

    This is coming through in two waves for me. The first - the surface - is that your fear of trusting others is leading to isolation. The message is that we don't always know what's going to happen - whether or not we will end up getting hurt by someone, but even when we do get hurt there is a lesson in it for us so it is not all bad. Don't be so afraid of what is going to happen and live in the moment. Stop withholding yourself from others. Just don't over-correct to the opposite extreme of giving too much to others. Balance in giving and receiving - this is a lesson all women are blessed with 🙂 In short, live and learn and don't take it all so seriously.

    The second wave that came through is that your shyness is really about how you feel about yourself. The two cards I drew for you show a very sensitive and fearful girl, but what is really haunting her are her own thoughts about herself. Do you have an internal dialogue that is on a loop that centers around thoughts of self-criticism, self-loathing even? Basically, your self-worth is the foundation of this issue. This is what is causing you to fear opening up to others - that you are not good enough for them and so they will reject you. This fear cripples you, which feeds the despondency, which causes you to isolate yourself even more. Ease up on yourself - have more compassion for yourself. You are a beautiful and loved child of the Universe and there is nothing to fix or change. Accept this about yourself and open your heart - expect good things to come instead of focusing on what may go wrong.



  • Hello Vaniav,

    It does not appear so. Your cards were:

    Past: Pink Lotus Fairy (a time for spirit)

    Present: Carousel Fairy (what comes around...)

    Future: Shallow Grave (you miss someone)

    What I am getting is that you felt a spiritual connection to this man, but this connection was more of a spiritual teaching for you (however you may still be resisting this idea). What I am getting is this relationship appeared to show you how to bring yourself more into balance - to incoporate the shadow with the light. The present shows him leaving - going on his way without you and the future shows you missing him, not the two of you together. It is time to reflect on what this man taught you about yourself and your life rather than idealizing him and refusing to emotionally let go. I am getting that this was really about you feeling restless, empty or just plain bored with your life and you perceived him as the antidote. Focus on finding that fulfillment you seek from within - you have some unexpressed talents or creativity that needs to surface. At the very least, just get outside of yourself - stop focusing on self - and find a way to give to others for the time being.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello Lovetolearn,

    Not yet, hun. I am getting that your husband still works and moving would take him too far away from his job. But also that your children/grandchild aren't so far away that you can't visit.

    Your cards were:

    Candy Cane Angel (it's time for a treat)

    The Angel of Time (working too hard!)

    The Witch at the End of the World (an important end, a new beginning)

    The Candy Cane Angel is representative of you - she is sad that she can't have what she wants right in her hands. The Other two cards are both referencing time - that it is not time yet. The Witch at the End of the World is holding an hourglass and the sand is only half-way through. The Angel of Time looks very grumpy and is standing amidst the inner workings of an old-fashioned clock. This also gave me the suggestion that work - your husband's - will prevent you from this move at least for now.

    Cheer up - you can visit and there's always Skype!

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Okay - to all of you still waiting patiently - I am going to really try to get Lavendar done today as well, but not sure it will be possible. AND, tomorrow I will be babysitting my great niece all day so I will have to finish up this weekend.

  • No rush for me! 🙂

  • You are so right, watergirl! I think the main reason I'm still here and can't seem to leave yet is because I'm still working out those "ghosts of the past" issues—physically, spiritually, and emotionally all. But working on them I am.

    blessings and light and many thanks —gd

  • Watergirl--a favour---iI did a reading for VANIAV as well days ago---I'm really thin right now and she has sent his photo hoping my reading was not true and wants another look You seem to be fired up---could you look at his pic and give her that second opinion--I just don't have the energy--thanks! And I think she's at an important crossroads that could go either way--or I wouldn't bother. Click on her name and you should find it--it's adressed to me I think. And will have his pic. OWE YOU ONE!

  • Hi Watergirl

    Where do i go from here regarding personal life?


  • Blmoon - Hmmmm.....well, I already gave Vaniav a reading on this thread and she did not like it which is probably why she opened up a thread for you - desperately seeking for the answer she wants to hear. I took a look at your reading and our messages mirror each other. I will try to think of something else to say that may get through, but I feel like the denial is pretty heavy with this one...

  • hi watergirl: If you are not too inundated and when you get some energy, if you have the time, I will ask a question. I havehad dreams for many years pieces of which -like puzzles appear to be happening, popping up here and there and I remember them in a deja u manner. most of these pieces have been popping up and falling into place ever since my husband decided almost 3 years ago he wanted adivorce and moved out Then moved back in to elp me recover financially, then moved back out again (we are still not divorced - its just in limbo land in the court - mostly its because we are financially dependent on one another) But the mah=jority of these "puzzle pieces" have been coming to light since I have become very good friends with one particular person. We are connected at a very high level. Perhaps have known each other in a past life. My question for you is - where is this friendship leading?

    I can imagine us being wonderfulbusiness partners. I can see us creating wonderful tings together. If he did not have a girlfriend (at least I think he still does - he never mentions her by name at all and I have never met her) then I could imagine us having a relationship which would be good only if we were to also continue to be very good friends. I value this person's friendship - it means a lot to me to have him as a friend. what do the cards say about him and me? thanks loveTD

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