BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Jazzyme -- ever since doing your reading I have had a song lyric stuck in my head...just one sentence...

    Gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love

    Make any sense to you?

  • THANK YOU, Watergirl! am speechless. I can reate to exactly what the reading speaks of. There have been some serious clashes in terms of how Adrian and I view a certain issue. Today, it came to a "head" and culminated in a heated exchange between us. The good new is, it opened the door to a much-needed dialogue that made each of us really evaluate ourselves and our own motives and needs. I'm very familiar with that Huey Lewis song...I'll meditate on that and see how that figures into things. I guess my only question is whether things will/should move forward and progress with Adrian, or will/should things end now?

  • It's Robert Palmer (not Huey Lewis)! What I got from it is that you may be too "addicted" to falling in love - do you have a tendency to obsess about your man when in a relationship or about being in love when you are not in a relationship? Do you fall too hard too fast? In love with the idea of love? Let things progress at their natural pace and do not try to force things. The beginning of a relationship - when we all have stars in our eyes and can think of nothing else but our partner - eventually we come back down to earth and that phase comes to an end. And then you are left with the foundation of a relationship that can grow into something more - something more lasting and permanent albeit maybe a little less exciting. realize that it was all just a rush of excitement and there is not enough in common to move ahead to the next phase. That is why it's important to take it slow during that initial phase. Let time take its course so you will know if there is something to build a future upon or not. Also, I feel like it is extremely important for you to have a sense of your own identity and not define yourself through your relationship. As far as should you stay or end things now - that is up to you...and him. Remember he is here as a spiritual teacher for you. What have you learned? Is there more to learn? Are you both still willing participants in the relationship? Remember that whatever this "issue" was it is symbolic of something much deeper...this issue and this relationship are showing you your underbelly. He is shining a light on your dark side or Shadow - what needs to be resolved. And your cards were pointing to the fact that your "addiction" is what you need to get a handle on.

  • Hi watergirl i know u are closing this, but im feeling to bloom, cuse my love ended our relationship, canu tell me if we r going to talk again, if we are going to be friends i still love him so much and if he still loves me i think his very hurt with me but i want us to be ok.

  • Hi WG, I heard that Robert Palmer song recently and thought, Wow, that's a great song. Haven't heard it in a while (long time actually.) Your reading is true and reinforces my situation. Yes, need to start treating myself better and asking of others like they ask of me (those around me.) I am thru that love is blind stage. Thanks. I'll read thru it several times and meditate on meaning.

  • Hello Lilcrazy,

    Are you perchance still recovring from a past relationship or energetically (perhaps subconsciously) holding onto a previously relationship or possibly just the disappointment of it? It seems as though you must clear this old energy which has become a block to you creating what you really want. The first question I asked was, "Please tell me about Lilcrazy's love life." Your cards were:

    Past - The Lantern Fairy (a clear solution)

    Something came to an end and/or a wall - barrier - has been put up for protection (lack of trust) which is isolating you and keeping you from what you really want.

    Present - Amara the Menehune (aloha healing)

    A need for healing - for fresh flowing water (emotions), hope and warmth. A time out for self-nurturing to foster renewed health and a positive new attitude.

    Future - Shallow Grave (missing someone)

    The need to acknowledge your deep sadness over losing someone as well as acknowledge how this loss has been affecting you. Sentimentality, mourning the past or idealizing the past is affecting your present. It is time to be truthful with yourself so you can lay it to rest. Return this person to the past instead of yearning for them in the present so you can create a future of freedom and fresh starts - a NEW relationship.

    I then asked, "What is Lilcrazy's best approach toward attracting/finding a romantic relationship in the future?"

    I am Kali (from death comes rebirth)

    Violet Angel (breaking dawn)

    Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death and rebirth. She represents destruction - she clears away all that is no longer useful in order to make way for new energies. She severs the cords of entanglement - that which is leaving you stuck. She is the energy of fire and forces change that has been resisted and purifies stale energy. That fire also gives you the courage to no longer hesitate and take action to move forward - to create new life.

    The Violet Angel is about the dawning of a new day - a new horizon. She urges you to arouse from your slumber and greet the new opportunities that are on their way to you. She appears when someone may have lost their spark or is emerging from a dark night of the soul. She is a sign that not only has the worst past, but the best is on the horizon. She carries the message to reconnect with your power source, allow your energy to flow again, and be optimistic, hopeful and cheerful about the new day that is dawning.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Silateer - if you are still "out there" you are next and last! The perfect book end to close the thread...

  • thank you watergirl. i would like to say that your reading is spot-on. it seems i have spent my entire life attempting to "heal", and yet just recently have i felt i have allowed myself to truly let go of the past so that it may not hinder my future. i am now searching not really for love, but as you say, that "energy". thank you again. many blessings!

  • Hi there Watergirl (again)

    Ive been feeling stuck on which direction to really pursue my film career-I have little to know money being that I spend to help family and don't understand what I am clearly saving for being that I don;'t know if I really want to go to film school being that I dont have any money and really tired of trying honestly but I am looking up individual classes I can take pertaining to film (things I dont know or want to discover further)-mainly cinematography-I want to learn actual stocks and filters. I kind of want to make my own films-buying my own camera, editing system while I write and direct my own films but that takes lots of money but Im more than willing to do it. Or I could just keep entering contests and possibly sell my script (which Im scared to do because once a studio has it they can pretty much do anything with it-the money is great but Im an artist at heart and will die before that will ever happen).

    I know I want to stay in film-Im just not happy when I dont have a clear goal on how I should EXACTLY pursue that direction especially contemplating not going to film school-Any advice?

  • Oh yes and I desperately want to move out from my home but I dont have enough money or credit to really do so-Its just so much stress living with my father again-and to me it feels uneccessary-I already have so much bottled up and really dont want to press any more inside. Do you think I should just focus on moving instead?

  • Watergirl,

    You're the best!

  • hey watergirl, thanks very much. your right, on the surface it all sounds scattered and focusing on one is a better way to do it but its deeper.. one job in manufacturing is drying up because of all the outsourcing to other countries . also my back just cant take it much longer. hiring help requires growing and to grow would require lots of mula.but that profession has a place in invention proto types and i have ideas ! the other is realestate which is not doing well here for the past 3 years and very expensive too. basically i am at the point of needing to begin to find other ways of generating income and using my machining skills and machines to help me work out proto types for my ideas seems to me like i have a place start anyway. after that i'm not sure if i can get in with the right people or not. thats kinda why i was looking for guidance.

    on the jingle front i have had a business coliegue tell me they buy mp3 files from a musician for their advertising, Mostley music no words. and that i should try a few and put them out there to see if they sell. i've had these things in my head a while waiting until i got slow enough to try them. focus is important i know and thanks for letting me know creative people have a hard time focusing, i was beginning to think i was loosing it ! : ) thank you so much for your time. i will try to stay on one thing and see it thru before starting another. and.... i do need a left brain person in a really bad way ! im hoping the right person comes along soon.

  • Silateer - I'm so sorry this took so long!

    And from your cards I can tell that you are going through a pretty powerful shift in your life. It seems as though there has been a lot of drama around you and maybe a bit of a struggle of embracing change, however your mind is set on moving forward. You just may be struggling with how to do so. And, it appears that there is a major obstacle that needs to be removed or hurdled. Seems as though it may be a person as there is a big message about stepping into your power, releasing that which no longer serves you and being very clear with this person about it - boundaries! It feels like this person is what I would call an "energy vampire." If this is not about a relationship, then it is definitely about breaking free from the prison of your own mind/thoughts/fears. You are at a leaping off point in your life, but there is a lot of hesitation. You need to listen to your inner voice, make a decision(s) and then TAKE ACTION, clear and simple. What you want is all within your grasp so take the steps you need to reach it!

    Here is your spread:

    You in the Present: I am Kali (from death comes rebirth)

    Kali is the Hindu Goddess of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and this indicates that you are currently in the destruction phase of this process. Purification and change are the prominent energies you are working with at the moment. It is suggesting that there are obstacles in your way - external and/or internal. It is time to embrace the power of this energy and clear what is standing in your way or needs to be released. No more hesitation or over-analyzing...ACTION!

    Your current thinking/attitudes, where you may be going wrong, or what you may "need":

    Sea Storm (calm amidst chaos)

    This sea being is searching for her new home. The destruction is behind her, the old world is gone, but she may still feel a little "lost" as she has not yet found her new home. Unsure of where to go or what to do next, she must learn to trust and use her inner guidance system to find her way - the calm center within that allows her to deal with the external chaos and upheaval.

    Your passion, intent, what motivates you in this current instance:

    Death and the Maiden (invasion, boundaries violated, dominance)

    Hmmmmm, this card represents a very out of balance relationship and one person imposing on the other with too much ego which is draining the other of their life force and energy. This can be a relationship of all highs and lows - too much drama or an addiction to drama which is tiring and draining. This card speaks to asking the question of whether or not something or someone is healthy for you and if not, to take the steps to let go. Since this is in your passion and motivation, are you clinging to a relationship you know you should let go of or is someone clinging to you that you need to set clear boundaries with? Or are you just clinging to the past in some way instead of moving forward?

    The emotional response you are having, how your psyche is responding to the current situation, and how it is emotionally impacting you: Voodoo in Blue (back off!)

    Are you struggling with the desire to tell someone to "back off" but feeling some sort of twisted sense of responsibility or misguided desire to help them in some way? The message is not to override your instincts as they are correct and start valuing being honest instead of "nice." This is about being very clear and straightforward with someone who you need to stay away - setting clear boundaries and detaching from whatever is giving you so much grief.

    What is being transformed, information about your manifestation into form, your body, health and abundance: Poe (time for a change, to learn something new, advanced technology)

    This maiden "Poe" is named after the mournfully gothic Edgar Allen Poe and suggests that it is time to stop mourning or grieving the onset of change and to embrace it. So this card indicates that it is time for discernment and to decide what changes to make in order to keep up with the shifting energies around you. Time to stop waiting and to inject power and energy into all that is currently in stasis in your life. There is also a suggestion of embracing new technology - learning something new in this regard. Maybe taking a course in web design or as simple as creating a new business card!

    Hope this makes sense....whatever it is, take the leap 🙂

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Wow Watergirl!

    Very insightful - Thank you! I am transitioning from a long term relationship into one with a good friend. Also, I am graduating soon and taking my final National Board Exams this week. I am getting ready to start in a new career right after that.

    Would love to know what deck this is too!

    Thank you so much, I appreciate your gift!


  • Hey Silateer - So glad it resonated 🙂 The relationship that you are transitioning out of -- is she clinging in some way or do you feel guilty about completely cutting the cord so to speak? Otherwise, not sure what all the setting boundaries and "back off" energy was about (lol). Good luck on your exams! Eat eggs and blueberries for breakfast - brain food 🙂

    Oh...and this deck is the Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish with artwork by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. I really like it and the artwork is super cute.



  • Watergirl,

    I know you closed the thread and I asked for question back on 6 (I could not find a resonpse, if you did and I missed my appologies). I appreciate you offering to answer a question. Just let me know if I am intruding on somewhere I should not be as it seems like everyone is well aquainted and I am new to this forum. It seems like a great place to get support and give it.


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