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  • Hi Watergirl,

    My Question is "When will i get a job?".

    Thank you for the offer.

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  • Hello RKDreamer,

    Sorry this took so long - I actually have been working on this all day. For some reason, I had a really hard time breathing - like my airway was constricted - when I was working on your reading. I pulled extra cards for you and then even did an extensive Tarot reading as well because I could tell this is a very important issue for you and you are at a critical crossroads. Your initial cards were:

    The Past/History of the Relationship: Violet Angel (breaking dawn)

    The Present: The Three Witchy Sisters (the power of three)

    The Future: Nautilus Princess (powerful personal growth)

    Advice: Sewer Mermaid and Two Little Witches

    The Violet Angel is about fresh hope after a difficult time. It feels like you were the Violet Angel swooping into his life to help him in some way - he was going through something very difficult. In the present, the number three is what is jumping out at me the most from this card. Three people are somehow involved and I am also getting time - three months or three years. However, this card also carries a message that something isn't quite right and these three witches show up to help you connect your higher wisdom to your physical reality - to be the catalyst for a powerful energy shift - to awaken you to what you are not seeing so that you can bring this situation to a close and say farewell. Your future card is about reclaiming your personal power. She is an underwater princess which suggests pretty strong emotions, but the nautilus she is clutching is her personal power. She is making the transformation from princess to queen. From being timid and gentle to living up to her full potential. Dignity, truth and wisdom are her guides. This card is about powerful emotional growth and life transitions. Your advice cards are about releasing blockages. The Sewer Mermaid - the sewer is backing up and overflowing and it is time to unblock the energy and release so the waters can flow through the pipes again. The Two Little Witches show up for energy clearing - to sweep away that which is stale, what you have been hanging onto that is weighing you down, and to usher in new fresh air and energy.

    I'm sorry, hun, but from these cards it does not appear that there is a future for you and Bob. In fact, it doesn't feel like there is a "present." Did this relationship end some time ago? Three months or years (I am getting years?!?) It feels like you are holding on so tight that you can't get any oxygen - almost smothering yourself with the emotions and struggle to hang on. Just in case, I pulled some Tarot cards in a relationship spread...

    You as you see yourself in the relationship: King of Pents, reversed

    Him as he sees himself in the relationship: Ace of Pents, reversed

    **Your card is about you feeling the loss of this man, however this King reversed also speaks to excessive worry or preoccupation with something and with stubbornly or rigidly holding onto something. His card shows that he does not see himself as in a relationship with you and also suggests that he may feel as though he made false promises to you.

    Your past baggage/what you brought into the relationship: Ace of Cups

    His past baggage/what he brought into the relationship: 4 of Wands

    **Your card is obvious, but what struck me was his. This shows the end of a relationship/marriage, but it feels like it was tragic in some way (especially when compared to more of the cards to follow). Whatever it was, he was definitely on the rebound.

    Where you think the relationship is now: 8 of Swords

    Where he thinks the relationship is now: The Hermit, reversed

    **Your card is coming through as mental torture and you being bound, tied up in a prison of your own making. There is a loss of empowerment in this card. It suggests you putting your life on hold and "waiting" for his return. The waiting has become your prison. His card shows a withdrawal from the relationship and a lack of communication. He does not feel there is a relationship at this point.

    How he saw you when you first met: The Hanged Man

    How he sees you now: The Empress, reversed

    **You came into this relationship as some sort of saint or spiritual savior to him. He was really traumatized and also in a fog. Now he sees you as depressed, suffering, almost in despair and maybe even a little neurotic. This is also the "mother" card and it is reversed so I am getting that there was a child (of his) involved.

    How you saw him when you first met: The Chariot

    How you see him now: The Moon

    **When you first met you saaw him as struggling emotionally - having difficulty with maintaining balance and coping, but persevering through the struggle - summoning up the courage and energy to carry on. Now your views of him are very distorted as you are seeing him through the lens of your very strong emotions over what has happened.

    Outside influences affecting you: 3 of Swords, reversed

    Outside influences affecting him: 7 of Cups, reversed

    **These cards tell me that he has recovered from his grief and the fog has lifted. He is seeing things more clearly now, but you are not (sorry!).

    Outcome of this relationship: 4 of Swords, reversed

    **This card reversed is about isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, even exile. But it is also about HEALING.

    Once again, I'm sorry, but this really feels like you were an angel for him to nurse him (and his child?) through a very difficult period, but you did not see clearly that he was in such a difficult traumatic period that this really wasn't the same relationship to him as it was to you. I think he feels a badly about this because he now sees what you are going through. He wants to be friends in order to ease your pain, but he is afraid that you will not move on if he does allow the friendship. You really need to put it all aside and focus on YOUR OWN HEALING for the time being. Stop waiting for him to return. Waiting is suffering and leads to stagnation and isolation which is where you are now. In time, when you have truly released the desire to be back with him as a couple, then a friendship may be possible.

    Turn the focus inward and spend some time nurturing yourself.



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  • hi watergirl - wow - very well done. you are so right. I am soooo sick of having to be "grateful" for every crum I have ever gotten from my husband. The only reason we are not divorced yet is because of certain financial aspects and errors he has made. He knows it and will not admit it.

    amazingly, another reader on this forum told me I would have to demand that he start to pick up and move out when he said he would and they were right. I literally took boxes of his stuff, loaded them into the truck and made him take them to his townhouse. I will use the advice have given me. Thanks so much -td

  • Watergirl, thank you for your time. My question is; Is my wait nearly over, and if so is it near future or not so near future? Blessings to you in return

  • Thankyou Watergirl.

    It would maybe the drinking i have done over the years, have cut down a lot, can go with out for few days,, but it does concern me have i done any real damage,

    I do have a colleague who daughter had severe drinking addiction.. i do talk to her..

    I've recently in last week looked at the triggers.. low sugar sometimes when im upset, i do know i need to work on those issues, also i am planning to see my dector next week, because i have had a persistent dull ache in the area and it does concern me.

    Thanks again

  • Scully,

    Yes, it was about your drinking, but I felt that you were still at least partially in denial about it - you have moments of your Higher Self coming through that says "hmmm, maybe this is a problem" but then your ego self takes over and rationalises it in some way. It's not life threatening - it's just an issue you need to confront and overcome and in order to do so you should join a support group (like AA) or go to a counselor who specializes in addiction. If you can only "go a few days" without then you do have an addiction. There is always a spiritual base to these things so getting to the bottom of what is troubling you is key - another reason talking it out in a group or seeing a counselor is key. You asked what you needed to do in order to move forward in your personal life - this is the priority based on your Spirit help. It's your choice, but this type of addiction is a lower vibrational energy so you will continue to attract other lower vibrational energies into your life - like other people with the same issues, people who use you or who are deceitful, etc. Courage is needed, but you also need to seek help, which is not a weakness but a sign of strength.



  • Hi watergirl,

    There was a time when i felt like that, but i knew one day i would have to serious address it, if i couldn't stop and deep down im worried, because how been feeling in this last week,

    I know it not bee weak to face up, its one tough courage to admit maybe you just cant do it on your own completely, I know and believe at the bottom line you are the only one that can do it.. have all the help, but you are one to really want to.

    Is that why i trap so many negative guys who used me.. part me knew what i think i wanted.. the last is my biggest heartbreak, im trying to get rid of him in my head..

    i know im worth more.. getting that completion in my head.

  • Hello Earthwindandfire,

    My gut feelings when reading your post were that you are a bit scattered. You have two businesses now, but they are not doing well, however have you really put the focus, determination and effort into them that is required? And now you are looking at multiple other things to do instead. So my gut reaction is FOCUS. I have known and worked with many creative people in my life and the truly creative people always have a problem with follow-through - with applying the practical steps necessary to bring their dreams to fruition. If you are this type of person, perhaps you need to partner up with someone who has the left-brain gifts to balance out your right-brain creativity.

    Anyway, the question I asked for you was, "What does earthwindandfire need to know or do in order to move forward with his job/career/source of income?" Your cards were:

    Pink Lotus Fairy (a time for spirit)

    A Clockwork Pumpkin (a wonderful idea, the "ah-ha" moment)

    The Pink Lotus Fairy is of course meditating on top of a pink lotus flower- balanced, tranquil and serene. Meditation clears and calms the mind - brings FOCUS. It is the connection of our Higher mind/Spirit with our physical realm. Meditation requires dedication and this is what I am getting for you with this card...the grounding of your creative ideas into your physical reality and the dedication that is required to bring the ideas into reality.

    A Clockwork Pumpkin is about those wonderful ideas or epiphanies - your creative inspiration- but there is again the suggestion that action must be taken to bring the "ah-ha" moment into physical reality. This pumpkin is sliced to show the innards which are the workings of an old-fashioned clock. The girl holding the pumpkin is also surrounded by more of these cogs and wheels. This mechanical imagery suggests that steps must be taken/put into place - one after the other (like clockwork!) - in order to set the wheels in motion and bring the inspiration into reality.

    You have lots of ideas - great! But you need to focus on the practical side of bringing those ideas/moments of inspiration into the physical world. First, I would seriously sit and consider your current businesses and why they are not producing as you would like them to. Maybe you need to focus all your energies into ONE thing. And, once again, engage that left side of your brain. A lot of the ideas you mentioned above - being a mentor to people for ideas and problem solving - sounds great, but is there really a big enough market for this to make a living off of it? If you are a musician, then writing jingles would be great! Do you have the background for it, know how to get into the industry and get yourself started? Start looking at the practical side of your ideas and do yourself a favor - pick one thing to focus on - and then put an action plan together for yourself.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Scully,

    Yes. If you want a healthy relationship you need to be healthy first. And, yes again, the bottom line is that you need to want to get better and overcome the addiction, BUT you absolutely need to open yourself up to receiving help. Trying to do it alone will only set yourself up for failure. It is also part of your denial - that you really don't need help - that's your ego talking and your ego will fight for your addiction. Admitting to the problem is the first step. It feels like you are waffling back and forth between admitting and denying. Take a good look at your life - the relationships and situations that you have attracted in the past years since the drinking has become more of a habit - are you satisfied with it? Or do you want something more?

  • Hi watergirl,

    Can I ask you if I will have a relationship with the Virgo man I'm interested in?

    Happy Halloween



  • Apologies just read the thread is closed

    Oiche Samhain to you

  • Watergirl,

    I note you're not reading this weekend; I hope that's because you are having a wonderful Samhain celebration. You have been prolific and so wise in your readings for people this month. We are blessed by your presence and generosity. I eat another slice of apple cake in your honour. Cheers!

    Thanks, too, to everyone for sharing.

    A Scandinavian new year prayer (I believe):

    To all that has been, thanks

    For all that will be, yes

  • Watergirl!!

    How have you been? Thank you for such a beautiful offer. If you aren't haggard by requests, I was wondering if I could please have a ready?

    Just looking for a general reading about life in general – Lots of things happening, so I have specifics.



  • Hi WaterGirl I was wondering if the guy I am dating is worth my time and energy? Thanks very much ....Happy Halloween 🙂

  • Silateer!! So nice to "see" you 🙂 I had closed this thread off, but you hold a special place in my heart so I am adding you on to the end of the list. It may take me a few days as I am busy with family things today and tomorrow.

    Greenshoots - Thank You. I was feeling a little drained by some lower vibrational energy so your kind thoughts and words are very much appreciated.

    Daliolite - You are next, my friend! Just want to make sure I am on my game when I do it 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I tried out a new spread for you 🙂 Here are your cards...


    The Sea Beacon Fairy (Guidance: but where will it lead you?)

    This card shows that you are at a place where you are wondering whats's next or what's up ahead. It also carries a message that you must find your own way out. This is about finding your way forward - doing what is best for you - and not looking to others or worrying about where others are going or leaving them behind. Find your own path!

    AIR/INTELLECT (Gives insight into your thinking or attitudes and also may show where you are going "wrong" or what you may need)

    The Absinthe Fairy (Intoxication, distorted view, over indulgence!)

    This card tells me that you have had enough of people in your life with these problems. No more enabling or co-dependency! It is also a message to not underestimate the power of addictive behaviors or substances. Disengage from these energies and find support for living in clear, bright energy that doesn't leave you feeling drained, disoriented and disenchanted.

    FIRE (your passion, your intent, what motivates you)

    Out Trick-or-Treating (we're heeeeere!)

    This card is about having the courage to see through conditioning and old thought patterns - so that you may part the curtains and reveal a world of wonder and joy that has been waiting for you.

    WATER (how the current situation is emotionally impacting you, your emotional response, or how your psyche is reacting or responding to the situation)

    The Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy (healing from heartache)

    This tells me that you are now ready to start treating yourself well - take a bubble bath, give yourself a day to snuggle up on the couch and read a book, basically take time to heal and refresh yourself (or maybe just give yourself a new haircut!). AND - perhaps most importantly - to make a vow to only let those who are WORTHY of your love close.

    EARTH/THE PHYSICAL (what is being transformed or manifested, your abundance and/or your health)

    Nautilus Princess (powerful personal growth)

    This card is about growing in ways you may have never thought you would. It's about becoming the QUEEN of your life instead of the princess. This new power - the place where you realize that you can be gentle, kind, good and STRONG at the same time - may leave you feeling a little uncertain or afraid of your power at first. This is a natural response. Just move through it - have the courage to make the decisions that are best for YOU. Time to take yourself and your potential seriously - to be in tune with your true self and your true purpose. This card signifies a powerful life transition.

    So happy for deserve to place yourself first!

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hi Jazzyme,

    I am trying out another new spread with you. It is the "Hidden and Revealed" spread. This is a spread to work with when trying to discern another's true intent or to know "what" is really going on in a situation.

    Question: Please provide insight into Jazzyme's relationship with Adrian...

    What is hidden from Jazzyme at this time: Pink Lotus Fairy (a time for spirit)

    This card is telling me that Adrian has entered your life to teach you a very valuable spiritual lesson. He is here to help you discover something about yourself - something empowering and enlivening. He is here to help you bring your Shadow and your Light into balance so you can achieve enlightenment, inner peace and self-love.

    What is being shown to Jazzyme: Mildew Fairy (clean up time!)

    This card speaks to something that needs to be cleaned or cleared up. There are still waters (emotions) that have become stale or stagnant (stuck) and need to be cleaned up instead of hidden or covered up. This relationship is showing you something about yourself that is unhealthy and needs to be changed so that fresh new air (thoughts) can enter. So this card is telling you that there is an unhealthful energy present that needs to be addressed - not ignored, rationalized or excused. This could be about a thought pattern or about a pooling of emotions that needs to be cleared or both.

    Why has she attracted this situation/relationship to her: The Storm Angel (collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energy)

    This card is about the collision of high and low energy so it is verifying that there is a contradiction here. This Angel steps forward when something needs to be burned or cleared away - the releasing of withheld energies - in order to make room for new, vibrant and fresh energy. She nudges you out of your comfort zone so that you may speak the truth that is in your heart, remain committed to that truth, and to cease and desist in compromising who you are for another. So it seems as thought there may be a collision between what you want and what you think you deserve or how you feel about yourself. It's also possible that this relationship is here to show you how you compromise your own wants and needs in order to appease the man in your life.

    What is it that she must do now: The Absinthe Fairy (intoxication, distorted view, over indulgence)

    This Fairy shows up to urge you to reach a place of awareness about what you are or have been denying. She points out addictive tendencies that are a form of escapism. This is not always about food, drink, or other substances - we also can have addictive thoughts, negative behavior patterns or conditioning. In short, it can be anything that leads you away from well-being and CLARITY. So what you must do now is acknowledge what "addiction" has its grips on you and break free from it. Adrian is the key as he is here as your spiritual teacher in this regard. Do you have an addiction to relationships or do you use relationship as a means of "escaping" something else you do not want to confront? Are you addicted to negative thoughts about yourself which leads to you attracting men who do not value you? Do yourself a favor and take some time to truly sit with these questions and allow your inner wisdom to come through.

    Samhain Blessings,


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