BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Hi Watergirl. Thanks for generously offering your energy to us in this. I'd like to hear your insight, if possible.

    I've had a hard time meeting and connecting to guys, because I'm very shy and reserved with them, and I have a hard time trusting my instinct when it comes to how they may see me. I've been trying to be a little more open.

    What is there for me on the relationship front?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi Watergirl, thank you so much for this, dont know the deck but felt conected.

    So my question is: What you see about my relationship with this guy Ed, do you see us getting married in a near future?

    thank you, blessings

  • Watergirl,

    This is a very generous offer of you to answer everyone's questions.

    I have been wanting to move with my husband, to be closer to my children and unborn grandson.

    My question is: Do you see us relocating somewhere in the near future?

    Thank you!

  • Hello Surlemare,

    The question I asked for you was "What is keeping Surlemare from being in a relationship?"

    Dress of Alchemy (release your power!)

    Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch (Count your blessings)

    These cards tell me that YOU are actually what is keeping you from being in a relationship. The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch girl looks almost transparent - like she is the ghost. She is very pale and looks to have no life force energy. Something has robbed her of it or sucked it out of her is how it feels for you. It also suggests that something from your past - or something that should be in your past and is not - needs to be released. The Dresss of Alchemy girl is much stronger - has her hands on her hips and looks very determined and has a golden yellow aura like the sun surrounding her head. Alchemy suggests transition and change and this power lies within you. I believe this "sticky situation" guy is what is making you ghost-like and keeping you from having a relationship. As long as you hold on to the idea or hope of him you will remain as you are. This almost feels like toxic energy that needs to be cleared. Is he in another relationship? That is how it is coming through. Release this situation and clear your energy so that something new and better can enter your life....



  • Thank you so much WaterGirl, I shall do my level best to discharge these negative energies. You are wonderful offering your time to do all these readings.

    Have a lovely and blessed Halloween 🙂 xx

  • Hello Gracefuldaisies,

    It's not really about where you are physically - this issue has come up symbolically. It appears as though you have gone back to your childhood residence to confront some issues from the past. Has this been done? If so, then feel free to move on to wherever your heart desires! The pull you felt to return was to lay some things to rest for good - some issues that have affected your health. Normally, I would just say your spiritual and emotional health, but it is coming through as physical as well (?). Your cards were....

    Angel of Alchemy (Miracle)

    Ghosts of the Past (The past returns for a time)

    The Angel of Alchemy is about healing of physical ailments and also brings up the issue of fear of death - but in a way of "if this were the last day you had to live on earth, what would you do?" The message is to no longer hesitate, but take action on what needs to be changed or healed. Your "illness" has served you in that it has brought to your attention that which has been neglected.

    The Ghosts of the Past is just that - reminders of past challenges whether they were situations, people, teachers, parents, friends, etc. Your going home was symbolic of going back to this time in your life to revisit these issues that have come up for healing - to turn and face them head on and make peace so you can finally lay them to rest which will allow you to accept just exactly how far you have come, how much you have grown and to ACCEPT YOURSELF as you really are. Be free!

    Samhain Blessings,


  • I love the Maroon 5 video watergirl!!!!! I knew I fortsomething to dance and I love to dance no one in my home likes to dance they are afraid they will make a fool of themselves I played it a couple of times while dancing in the kitchen & washing dishes it was so much fun!!!!

    Thank you

    many blessing to you watergirl

  • Shadowmist - I know...Maroon 5 rocks! I played it again this morning and did the underwear dancing ritual (LOL). I leave my drapes pulled back so I'm sure any peeping neighbors are getting quite the show! I lost my self-consciousness about my body a long time motto is if you like what you see, then have at it and if you don't - then don't look!!! 🙂

  • Hello Peace4everyone,

    Well, you are not alone. Your reading is tying into a theme of this many people being asked to confront and release the past so that the future - the things they desire - can have the room to enter.

    The question I asked for you was "What must peace4everyone do, be or confront in order to have the love in her life she desires?" Your cards were....

    Eclipse Mermaid (A powerful energy shift!)

    This card represents the presence of or the need for a deep emotional shift or awakening - I believe for you it is both....the awakening needs to occur so that you can allow the shift so to speak. Have you been trying to force or control an outcome with someone and it has not manifested as you desired? It is time to "awaken" to the fact that is has not manifested for a reason and it is not in your best interest to hold on any longer. Allow this shift - this emotional eclipse - to take place and ride or surf this energy instead of continuing to fight against it. Resistance is futile when something as powerful as an eclipse is at play.

    A Clockwork Pumpkin (A wonderful idea, an "ah-ha" moment)

    An "ah-ha" moment is a sudden, illuminating insight - an epiphany. This ties in with the Eclipse...there is a truth you must allow to enter - something you have been avoiding or resisting. This card is telling you it is time. Whatever change you have been resisting, just stop fighting it. Once you release the resistance you can emerge from the "dark" time of the eclipse once again shining and attracting that which you desire.

    It sounds like in order for love to enter your life, you must first release an emotional attachment to someone else. Remember that as long as you energetically hang on to the past, the future has no way to enter.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Oooh - how wonderful!

    My question is...

    What is the best way for me to "know"/use my psychic strengths?



  • Watergirl18, anything the cards want to tell me is fine. Thank you!

  • Watergirl,

    FYI: This statement in my reading "I think he may enter and depart your life in a whirlwind fashion". Well when we first meet he couldn't help but stay in contact with me several times a day, now I have not heard from him in days. That didn't take long, lol. Thanx again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Undio1,

    Wow, there was so much swirling around you - lots of "muck" and entanglements leading to confusion - so I went to another deck of cards for you. This one is messages from your Spirit Guides...

    The questions I asked and the cards given were:

    "What attitude or frame of mind should Undio have in approaching this situation?"

    Community (Spiritual Ancestors)

    "What can or should Undio do in order to bring the energy to a higher vibration?"

    Discontent (Muses)

    "What does Undio not know that she needs to be aware of in order to bring about a positive solution?"

    Imagination (Inner Child)

    What I am getting is that the real issue for you is that you have become bored with your life - and relationship - and this is why you attracted this situation. This other man - the friendship you want to be more - is part of your soul family. However, it is important to realize that just because someone is part of our soul family does not mean that we are meant to be together romantically. He appeared as a muse - to get your creativity flowing again. Are you an artist? I just keep getting that you are supposed to be channeling this energy from him into some creative or artistic endeavor. I believe he also was bored with his life and initially saw you as a relief from this boredom as well, but through the process has become a little more practical about it than you have and sees the entanglements - I believe both of you are married? - as a block to moving beyond anything other than friendship. With you it has all been about seeing him as some sort of spiritual savior. It feels like the honeymoon phase wore off of your marriage and you think that this means the relationship is over. You are looking for romance to provide the stimulation - the creativity - you desire in your life. But you need to understand that this sort of stimulation will always wear off and you need to find other ways to express your creativity.

    Hope this makes sense and helps you in some way.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello CapricornCat,

    The question I asked for you was, "What is keeping CapricornCat from having the true, intimate, loving companion she desires?"

    Strange Valentine (Love is strange)

    Snow Angel (The signs are with you already)

    I am getting that there is already someone around you - that your Angels have sent to you and guided you to - that you are not seeing. OR that this keeps happening and you dismiss these men because they don't fit some romantic standard or ideal you have in your head. You need to keep yourself open to others and release any preconceived notions on what or who this ideal lover should be or look like. Your angels are coming through as a little frustrated (in a joking manner) - it seems that they send opportunities your way - men who cross your path - but you dismiss them somehow? There might be an inner fear of love that you are not aware of that leads you to hesitate when it comes your way and then it passes on and the opportunity is missed. I believe your dreams will be coming true this winter if you can keep yourself open to someone who may not be your "type" at first and to avoid hesitation or over-analyzing it. Be open to love looking differently than you currently think it should.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • If you have time to do a reading for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I have suffered 3 miscarriages in the past year and I was wondering if there is a baby in my future anytime soon? Thank you so much!

  • Hi Kathleen,

    I did a yearly focus for you with my regular Tarot deck....

    The theme of this upcoming year for you is going to be sudden and unpredictable change! This will involve love, friendships, unions of all kinds. If the changes seem uncomfortable, just remember that they are unavoidable and you are going through this for a reason and that there is a certain element of fate or destiny at play - what may appear negative on the surface will prove to be a blessing in disguise. Not sure what your birth year is, but I am getting that this will be a "6" year for you. The message of the number 6 is adjustment...finding balance through the ability to discern both the higher and the lower and bring them into harmony. Making the right choices. The positive qualities of the number 6 are harmony, balance, compassion, service, responsibility, social consciousness, domesticity, love, care, comfort, and concern. Since this year is coming through as full of unexpected and unavoidable change, it will be your challenge to find your balance within the chaos - an inner experience of harmony regardless of what is going on in the exterior. The negative aspects of the 6 to look out for are disharmony, discord, lack of concern or responsibility toward others, being too fixed in your opinions or beliefs, anxiety and interference. If you find yourself slipping into these attitudes or experiences, remember the message that there is a silver lining to all of this and your lesson is choice through discernment and inner balance and harmony. If love and relationship is your primary focus right now I would say that you will be having some starts and stops in this process this year. Experiences that will make you more clear on who you are, what you want and making the proper choices for yourself. The big months for you are coming through as December, April and July followed closely by January, March and October.

    Happy Birthday!


  • watergirl18,

    Amazing !!

    yes all the situation is as you described it. I am an artist, and the other one is, and he is really inspiring to me. the only thing is that I wasn't bored with my marriage, when I attracted the situation. I simply just was AWAKEN at that moment to realize that my marriage was wrong in the first place, but really not bored from it--just unhappy--I never was. I lived a long time in confusion... too much went on. but then this situation happened, as in the dreams I was all guided and made me grow so much spiritually. today I am trying to be practical too and move on. But too much pain. 😞

    I am very impress with your reading !!

    Thank you a lot and God Bless!!

  • TwinWit,

    Of Course! Why would you think there wouldn't be?


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