BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Hello all,

    In the spirit of Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, and the thinning of the veil of October, I am using my ORACLE OF SHADOWS AND LIGHT deck by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett-Griffith. I wish I had images of the cards to upload, but unfortunately do not. They are very much in keeping with the them of this thread - lots of little witches, imps, fairies, etc.

    ONE question per person please and please try to keep it to a simple sentence 🙂



  • Ooh dear Watergirl I am going to be your first candidate unless someone else is typing simultaneously.

    My question: my healing gift combined with reiki-I would love to make this my work. What do your lovely cards say?



  • Watergirl, thank you on this!

    My question is offcourse to do with my love life. I am a pisces.

    Will I be starting a relationship any time soon? Hopefully you can write maybe the time period.

    Thank you very much

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  • will I get a new opportunity regarding a new job or promotion soon?

  • oh and thanks for doing the readings WG!

  • Hello Watergirl,

    Thanks for doing the readings and I will keep this as short as possible.

    Question: Is Cruves a postitive place as a tool for weightloss for me?

    Looks like you will enjoy this Holloween season.


  • thanks Watergirl, here's the question: will i ever open to new love?

  • Hey Watergirl, thanks for your time and skill shared at this gorgeous time of year.....

    I have a question if you feel inclined;

    can we be fulfilled together or should we say goodbye?

    Thank you. Very much.

    A virtual piece of some wonderfully autumnal apple cake with plenty of cinnamon to you as samhain approaches.


  • Paddi - Hmmmm, I got "stuck" on yours so I will come back to you later 🙂

  • Fishyone,

    You know timing is all up to us. It appears that there is something blocking you at this time - something you are still holding on to or an issue that you are avoiding. Here are your cards....

    "Tell me about Fishyone's love life please..."

    Past: Sewer Mermaid.

    Something beautiful has been treated badly here. Negative conditioning and the dark underbelly of your not so nice thoughts about yourself have surfaced as projections in your relationships. However, the strength to rise above the stench and muck is there beneath the surface. It is time to love yourself!

    Present: Eclipse Mermaid.

    A powerful energy shift and awakening is occuring. All that has been hidden or suppressed is emerging. Do not resist the change or fight the energy. It is time to let go of addictions and try something new!

    Future: The Witch at the End of the World.

    An important ending must occur in order for the new beginning to arrive. Something's time has come, but you must be prepared to let go and change - let something end. It may seem like chaos and destruction, but it is self-healing. On the other side of the storm is what you have been looking for.



  • Thank you for the offer! 😄

    Do you see my father finding a partner in the future? He is happiest when he is with somebody as apposed to being single, though he denies it...

    Thanks again! Best wishes!



  • Thank you WaterGirl on your reading!

    gives me something to think about

  • Dmick,

    Not sure which "one" this is for, but this is what we got....

    Mildew Fairy (Clean up time!)

    Something is being ignored that is unhealthy - some unresolved or "stuck" emotions need to be cleared. Rather than trying to cover up the pooling or stagnant emotions, it is time to let them loose so that fresh air and energy can enter in their place. Unhealthful energy needs to be addressed rather than ignored.

    Strangely Lonely (Holding on way too tight)

    Perhaps someone is clutching to a past relationship instead of letting it go? If not, the residual of this past relationship(s) is affecting the potential for the future. A barrier of protection has been put up, however the security blanket that is supposed to protect them from hurting again is also causing the current loneliness and isolation. It is time to let go of the disappointment of the past - break down the barriers - and open up so as to interact and engage with life (others) again.



  • ScorpVirgo,

    Are you currently employed? That is how I did the reading, so let me know if you are not as the interpretation will be different....

    "Please tell me about ScorpVirgo's career....."

    The current status: The Three Witchy Sisters (The power of three)

    There is a strange energy around you - be aware, awake and alert to what is going on around you. There is also a sense that this is a lesson that is being repeated. The third time is the charm!

    What she needs to know: Voodoo in Blue (Back off!)

    It is time for you to back away from a situation that is no longer in your best interests...and you may need to be brave and stop being so welcoming of what you actually do not want! You have been overriding your instincts with a misguided desire to help or befriend others. It is time to be honest instead of being "nice." Set clear boundaries - stop sending mixed messages because you want to be helpful and kind - and do not allow yourself to be bullied. Be respectful and kind, but if they don't get the message tell them to BACK OFF.

    What she needs to do: Fairy of the Highlands (It's time to be brave)

    This fairy does not want to fight - does not feel it is in her nature - and wants to resolve disputes peacefully, but it is time to fight for your rights. Do not allow others to take credit for your work or discredit you. You have a tendency to chronically avoid conflict and it is time to stand up for yourself. This fairy holds a sword - a sword of her own personal power. It is time to reclaim it instead of giving it away.



  • Yay! I love Halloween! Thank you for offering this! :)!!

    Question: Will there be a dramatic shift in my life before this year is over?

  • Shuabby,

    I think I might need to use a different deck on you as well! You and Paddi - got strange messages from this deck. Have you visited the Curves place yet? Of course - logically - it is a good thing to do, but the cards that came through spoke to a weird energy - like gossipy, back-biting or two-faced type of energy there. If you did already visit, please let me know if you got a "sense" of the place.

    I will try again later with a different deck, though!



  • Hi Watergirl,

    I have not visted there yet. The energy you got was pretty negative it sounds like. I was going to make an appt to do so this week.

    If you want to use a diffrent deck, than please let me know the outcome.

    Thanks so much,


  • Hey Shuabby,

    I remembered that while shuffling for your original reading the "Marie Masquerade" card popped out which confirms the reading that followed. Marie Masquerade is holding a masquerade ball mask in front of her face and there is a suggestion that things are not what they seem and you need to look beneath the surface. The message on the card also suggests that there is negative energy about - jealousy, envy, gossip etc. I really think there may be a crowd of women at this place that you will not want to be around or associated with.

    But I still wanted to do another reading! However, while hovering my hand over my other cards, for some reason, I was guided to use the same deck again. This time I asked some different questions...

    What is the Situation between Shuabby and Curves?:

    The Storm Angel (Collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes and energy)

    This card confirms the previous reading. It speaks to colliding energies, incompatible belief systems, vastly different intentions, etc. There is a need to uncover the truth with this card - their may be lies, deceit, manipulation and cheating in the atmosphere. If not that dramatic, I believe there is at the very least a stale and unpleasant energy here and it is also very possible (based on the last reading) that the other women members may be too gossipy due to envy and jealousy. I think you need to steer clear!

    What does Shuabby need to know?: Amara the Menehune (Aloha healing)

    Now this card is telling you that what will be better for you is to do something that is more nuturing and will connect you with the outdoors - fresh air and sunshine - and possibly even something related to water. It also sends a message to change your diet - to eat more fresh fruits and vegatables and be sure to get the sleep you require.

    What Should Shuabby do?: The Winged Sear (You see clearly, clairvoyance)

    Yes, you are a clairvoyant 🙂 but I believe the message here is to see beneath the surface or through half-truths or camouflaging. It also speaks to tuning into this sense rather than what is "logical" (ie, it being logical that Curves would be a good place to go for a weight loss program).

    Happy Halloween (and Transformation!)


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