BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Thank you for reading!

    I am getting certain cards each time but I find it hard to read for my husband because I think my own energies are what's there. My question is - the miracle I await for is it for both me and my husband and our marriage or just me?


  • Hello Abetterplace,

    Ahhhh, I will do a life path reading for you separately....right now I am not quite up to it so I am just doing these "quickies" 🙂

    With regard to your relationship, I pulled 3 cards for a past-present-future overview:

    Past: The Witch at the End of the World (an important end, a new beginning)

    Present: Angel of Alchemy

    Future: Candy Cane Angel (It's time for a treat!)

    For the moment the message is to be good to yourself and heal your heart as well as to begin to look at your life through the opportunities you have right now instead of worrying about the future. Look at your current situation as a reflection to you on what is truly important in life. All work and no play makes abetterplace a dull girl! You have a great work ethic and have always saved and done the practical thing with regard to your finances, but Spirit wants you to start to enjoy some of the luxuries you always deny yourself. What if today were your last day on earth? Start to embrace this joie de vivre!

    I promise I will do the in-depth reading you asked for. Stay tuned...

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello watergirl,

    I would like to know if I will be in a relationship soon.

    OR if I should tell the guy I have feelings for how I feel, which is a sticky situation.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Illona,

    Don't rule all the Curves places out - that may have just been the energy at the one Shuabby was considering!

    And now about your love life...

    "Will there be someone in Illona's life before the year is through?"

    The Mend-a-Broken-Heart Fairy (Healing from heartache)

    This card is very much like the 3 of Swords. It seems that there is an old wound that is keeping you from attracting new love in your life.

    The Three Witchy Sisters (The power of three)

    This card suggests that something is being repeated - something that will or has happened 3 times in order for it to be completed. This once again suggests that there is an old love or wound that is in the way.

    Based on the cards above, I asked "What is keeping Illona from having the love she wants in her life?"

    The Lantern Fairy (a clear solution)

    This fairy has come up to a brick wall - a dead end - but there is a lantern showing her a way through where a few bricks have been removed. This wall or barrier can represent stubborn thinking, old patterns, or energies that need to be cleared that are no longer in line with what is best for you. The wall may have served a purpose at one point in time to protect you, but now it is shielding you and isolating you from what you want. What/who is it you are being stubborn about and not clearing out of your way???

    A Clockwork Pumpkin (A wonderful idea, the "ah-ha" moment!)

    This card shows a beautiful red-headed girl holding a pumpkin - sliced open to show the inner workings of a clock. Time is running out and it is time to take action on something - no more procrastination! The "ah-ha" moment represents an epiphany or clarity of mind and it brings with it the power of attraction and manifestation. This epiphany is the realization of what your block wall represents - and the willingness to let it go or tear it down. This will allow you to bring forth the energies that will support you in attracting and manifesting the man/love you want in your life.

    Get yourself back out there girl!


  • Don't do an indepth reading until you feel much stronger. I have gotten plenty of guidance the past couple of weeks in snipits. Healing is taking time and energy as you well know.

    I still have a vision of you in a ball worn out from readings. Don't do that to yourself. Change doesn't happen overnight . I looked up the Shadow and light cards. They are really cute and it appears acurate for you. (and for me)

    Thank you for the Halloween treat. ABP

    I am making progress as a few months ago my name would have been this place sucks ;-}

  • Thanks so much

    No I can't get back out there because I am just too fat now. .And I would not look at somebody

    that was not a little thinner. That is just me. How I feel about me so I feel like what man would

    want to look at me now when I am heavy when I lose the weight and get to the weight I want them I will get back out but not now.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • So there's your brick wall - the extra "layer" you added for protection which is now serving to isolate you. When you feel "attractive" you will "manifest" your desire. The time is now to do something about it!

  • Thanks ABP - you are right - i am feeling worn out today, but I think it's because I might be coming down with something. I have several "marks" on my body that have mysteriously appeared - can't figure out if something is biting me that I am not aware of or if I have the chicken pox! I was leaning toward the bites, but I am feeling really run down and tired today as well.

  • Flu season is on us. Stay rested

    Sending you healing love and light. Some fall apples too. They are rather wonderful this time of year

  • Thank you so much, Watergirl!

  • Ooh, October readings! Thanks, Watergirl! It's my birth month and I'm in a quandary, so it's a good time to ask for a reading, I think. There are other questions wrapped up in it, but I think my basic question is: Should I leave my hometown for my present residence now, or stay and see what happens here? I've been doing too many readings and it's muddying the waters.

    gratitude & light, gd

  • hope you get to feeling better watergirl try & get some rest as was said flu season is upon us

  • Will i meet someone new this year and if so when will that happen?

    Thank you in advance, Watergirl!

  • blackladydiver! what happened? didn't you have those running shoes talking to you--a year ago? I so remember you. If you are going to use your weight as a "punishment" a power zapper the only way to break that cycle is to break free from your thought proccess and do and be who you are right now---as is! Once your unconciese knows you are going to leap outside no matter what it will quit sabotaging your body. You must do SOMETHING that you say you can't because of your weight--stop giving weight to your weight and it will go away. BE BRAVE---pick one thing right now that you tell yourself you can't do because you are too fat. Honestly--if you met a beautiful from the inside--high energy fun person--but they were fat--would you go yuck and walk away? Think about it right now---how many times have you met someone you enjoyed being around and they were ample? You have no faith in your inner glow--your aura or your soul essence. Do not project onto others how you feel about yourself. There's some big women out there who ooze s exy! Live passionately--it attracts what you are craving! BLESSINGS!

    you loving you!

  • Thank you WG 😄

    That makes me happy... I will encourage him to get out and about. He's using the excuse that he wants to finish his boat so women stop taking his money, haha.

    Thanks again!


  • Watergirl, thank you for your time and insights !

    I have a question regarding a platonic relationship that is taking a little too long. love prevails however, is there going to happen anything between us in the future, or is it just nothing more and wasting the time and energy on it.

    Love and light to you !! U


    Spirit shows me "children" as your focus right now--INCLUDING" your own inner child. You have a tug of war going on between your adult self and your creative spirit and spirit insists it will be your inner child who will lead you to your vocation as THAT energy is your gift. Right now you had to use your strong head to leap past obstacles that were oppressing and "bulling" your inner child. Your man bully's your inner child. Your challange at the moment is impatience---because this latest leap has you all fired up ready to FLY! But there is a process and you are in a phase of healing and trying out those wings AND beefing up a balance of male energy that will insure those wings do not get clipped. WARNINGS---spirit says that expect when you feel the most secure that there is a undermining self serving energy that wants you to think you are in control but really they have an adgenda all their own---this is a male energy. I also see this male energy will rally a female you would normaly listen to to join ranks--in a nutshell--be AWARE of when you feel you are being manipulated--it may come in a small whisper but give it weight and listen to your gut. That's why you must stay in the moment as each phase solves and not jump ahead---let the job thing go for now--let that play out on it's own just a bit longer and keep your energy on PLACE---as you do not want to repeat past issues of being placed in places that do not empower you--in fact they always clip your wings. Right now focus on children as family--listen to them close and play more---pack and clean annd purge---feel the reality of your next home--HOME! Spirit yelled loud. Family and home. That's the focus. Feed your inner child---and let your own children fortify that child as you have pieces missing.. This is prep time and foundation so don't get distracted by the adult brain that needs safe answers. This is a time of FAITH. Include your children in the dream home vision--talk out loud about it---get everyones dream house thoughts. And pack as if it's coming. Do not settle and even as that innocent childlike safe feeling surrounds you---keep your other half--the male protector ears open ready for manipulation and at the first twinge of doubt--this time stand firm--do not just go with a bad feeling. Spirit shows me that you are ready for this shift in change and time is very fertile for you to get it right this time. Once you are in your "home" it will feed your power and THEN the next step will evolve easily. AGAIN--focus on the needs of children including your own inner child--continue healing that child's safety issues by being ready to cut down outside influence that would clip those wings. Protect your creative GIFT! It feeds on nature and environmental harmoney. BLESSINGS!

  • Watergirl~ I would love a reading with you! I never had one, and I am excited~

    My love life is up close and personal 🙂 a focus for a while because I have been wanting a lover for quite some time...a true, intimate loving comapanion ~ will you please see what it is that turns up for me~

    thank you,


  • Hello YummyBrummy,

    The question I asked for you is "What is keeping YummyBrummy from having the love she wants in her life?"

    Angel de los Muertos (transitions to the spirit realm)

    Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl (ghost people)

    Both of these girls look sad and haunted - one even has ghosts surrounding her in a menacing way. You have retreated it seems and are being haunted by relalationships or a relationship from the past. I am getting a relationship pattern. Fear of being hurt again is what is holding you back. And, while I was shuffling, this card fell out 3 times....

    Dress of Alchemy (Release your power!)

    This is about an energy clearing - bringing forth your strong, clear, vibrant and powerful energy and clearing or releasing anything that is attached to fear, guilt or blame. Clear this energetic debris and reclaim who you are - what you are worth - and you will then attract the "right" one!

    Samhain Blessings,


  • RubyRedLips,

    I don't believe so....

    Your cards were:

    Candy Cane Angel (It's time for a treat!)

    Fairy of the Highlands (It's time to be brave)

    The Candy Cane Angel is about reconnecting with your self-love and self-worth and to give yourself that which you deserve instead of constantly denying yourself pleasure and joy. However, I also got a flash of "he's having his cake and eating it too" if that makes any sense to you.

    The Fairy of the Highlands is shown as very timid - with large round eyes - she wants to keep the peace and is afraid of confrontation, but she does have the power to do so when needed. It suggests that the time to speak your truth and be strong is now and that there is someone who has been taking too much (which suggests you are giving too much!) and it is now time to cut the chord.

    Just in case, I pulled some Tarot cards for you:

    You: The Fool reversed

    Him: Page of Swords reversed

    Situation: 6 of Swords

    Advice: Magician reversed

    These cards suggest that he is indeed not being truthful with you and it is time for you to release this situation and move on to something better for you.

    Sorry I couldn't have brought you a better message, but I think you already knew this in your heart...

    Samhain Blessings,


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