BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Hey Paddi -

    Okay, this was a difficult one for me. I think because it was a lot like what I just went through. On the surface and logically, it would seem that going into Reiki healing would be a good thing for you, but it was not coming up that way so I got confused. All the cards pointed toward needing to clear energy. I thought maybe this was an indication that this is what you would be doing - clearing other people's stuck energy, but there was a nagging feeling that this was not correct. I kept getting cleaning house - like clearing out old stuff and packing things up - ????? I tried pulling some normal Tarot cards and everything just kept coming up about travel and moving. I just couldn't get anything on a job or profession for you. I think you will be moving soon and you need to sit tight and not make any decisions until then. Maybe you will meet someone (or a group of people) or something else will transpire after this move....

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help - maybe you should ask Blmoon 🙂

  • Moonalisa,

    The choice is yours, my dear.

    Your cards suggest that it is time to be brave - that you have been holding yourself back - and that you need to not only shift yourself to a higher vibration but clear your energy of old "stuff" that needs to be released....any lingering grief or sorrow.



  • Ohhh wow I love Halloween. If it can be counted as a holiday it is one of my favorites.

    Not sue this is the place but would like to ask for one of your beautiful growth readings regarding me and my wayward significant other. If you need a question it is will we ever be back together as a couple.

    I am happy you're up and running again. It is hard to be stuck.

    As Blmoon says... Blessing

  • Hello Watergirl18

  • Hello Watergirl18

    I do apologize I hit the wrong key. First let me say thank you so much I love Halloween so much

    I like the way we can dress on that day. You know when you was talking to Shuabby about Curves I have been thinking about going there myself think I will think twice now.

    But my question is will there be somebody in my life before the year is out.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Hello Greenshoots,

    Thank you for the cake - I love apples and cinnamon 🙂 Your cards were....

    Nautilus Princess (Powerful personal growth)

    The Storm Angel (Collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energy)

    I think the answer to "should I stay or should I go?" is to go...

    The Nautilus Princess is growing from Princess to Queen by stepping into her personal power. She is becoming comfortable speaking up for herself - her own wants and needs - and takes herself and her potential seriously. She is gentle and kind, yet strong!

    This is a time of spiritual and emotional transformation for you.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thanks so much for the addition information. When I called and talk to the woman about Curves she was snootie is what I will call it and I was not impressed with what she had to say. That is why I ask this question and spirit through you : Told It Like It Is.


  • Hi WG, hmmm I was supposed to be meeting with a group of reiki people tonight but when I woke up (it is 7.15am here) my very first thought was that it did not feel the right thing to do. Re travel and moving, oh that is a flogged horse, we are waiting for hubby to hear abot a job, and at the moment I am decluttering to cleanse and also just in case the move comes faster than anticipated.

    I guess you tapped in to my here and now!

    Thanks v much, hugs to you, P.

  • Morning WG, this is a very kind gesture of yours.

    If you're not too inundated now with requests I would like you to see if I shall be imminently becoming involved in a relationship or if it will happen relatively soon.

    Many thanks once again and have a lovely day

    YB X

  • The starred word is very

  • Watergirl

    Thanks so much for your time and dedication to providing helpful guidance.

    My question is: Is Dennis being truthful to me?

    Happy Halloween!

  • Many thanks watergirl my question is will my finances improve

    happy hauntings

  • Thank you Watergirl, i need to close some chapter once and for all. You are right. It's up to me. I just sometimes do not know in which direction to go, where to invest my emotions, where to look for love that will not disappoint me. 🙂

    Thanks Watergirl 🙂

  • Hope you don't mind, I asked Blmoon if she had time would she drop in here and have a peek.


  • Watergirl! Thank you so much. Excited to have my first Tarot read....

    hello to everyone else as well 🙂

    I would like to know if it is wise to invest in Tony? (the possability of love.....most popular question~wink)

  • AngelaVictoria,

    Yes...and she will be here soon! Make sure he gets out and about with a light heart so he will not miss the opportunity 🙂


  • AngelaVictoria -

    Forgot to tell you his cards!

    Violet Angel (Breaking Dawn)

    Marie Masquerade (Glamour, intrigue, drama)

    Violet Angel shows something on the horizon and it is the break of a new day. Marie Masquerade is a very elegant and beautiful lady with white hair 🙂

  • Hey Watergirl doing great-nice too see you :)))!

    Been doing alot with my film work and busy with other things and have the feeling Im on the road to great things and extreme happiness.

    Will my script Harmonious Deceit-when any of the contests I applied too?

  • I meant to elaborate on that-What will it be like for my film career in the near future?

  • Hi ReeseyReese,

    You are actually going through a dramatic shift right now! Here are your cards for the rest of the year...

    Present and Near Future (October):

    The Witch at the End of the World (An important end, a new beginning)

    This little witch is in the midst of a storm with lightning in the sky, but she is holding an hourglass - the storm isn't quite over but the worst has past! Do not fear any changes that occur this month and do not resist as all is well and as it should be. You are being prepared for what comes next.

    November: The Angel of Time (Working too hard!)

    This card is coming through to me much like the Wheel of Fortune....something's time has come, however it may come in unexpected ways and their may be some conflicts of interest or just unforeseen developments that will change your course. This Angel looks more than a little po'd so be prepared for it to be a little chaotic! Hold on - don't get stuck on plans or your own ideas and just go with the flow - the situation will be out of your control and it is happening for a reason.

    December: The Three Witchy Sisters (The power of three)

    This powerful change going on in your life will be continuing in December and you may be feeling like "when is this all going to end?" Just remember that you are going through a powerful period of spiritual maturity and emotional growth. Be patient with the process, find peace internally and wait for things to resolve themselves. Time is on your side and you will come out of this much stronger and happier!

    Samhain Blessings,


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