BOO! October, Halloween Readings

  • Hello Lavendar,

    Well, the first step would be to acknowledge what you "think" your gifts are. If you are asking this question then you must have had an impetus - do you see images, hear things, just "know" things you should not, or have prophetic dreams?

    There are many books out there to help you develop your gift - and I believe The Captain has a few threads out there somewhere on this topic. But, meditation I have found is a big help as all the "noise" of our everday worries or stresses tends to block out or interfere with the reception.



  • Hello Captain,

    Let's see what message Spirit has to relay to you...

    Violet Angel (Breaking dawn)

    Sea Storm (Calm amidst chaos)

    These two cards are telling me that you have been through a period of upheaval recently - a great deal of emotional drama has been swirling around you, but you have navigated yourself through the chaos by remaining anchored to your spiritual center. The message is that the worst is past - the destruction is behind you - but you are now in that limbo phase between the old and the new. This may continue for a little while longer, but you are more than capable of mastering this challenge as you are adaptable, flexible and able to tap into your inner guidance system. Recent events have brought about change that will be permanent. A new beginning is indeed drawing near and many blessings are on their way to you.

    Good for you!

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello Elaine (eilyk18),

    Your cards were:

    The Snow Angel (the signs are with you already!)

    Grumpy Red Fairy (be your true self!)

    It appears that you already know what to do in this situation - you have been given very clear and definite signs, but are afraid of confrontation or making waves or are just afraid of letting go of the attachment involved (even though it may be negative or toxic). It is time to get real - stop giving a sweet smile when what you really want to do is punch someone! Stop doing or being who/what you THINK you should and let your true colors shine through. Go ahead...get angry! Stand up for yourself and your rights. Do what is best for you.

    Remember that we teach people how to treat us by what we accept from them.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hello newsl4ng,

    Your cards were:

    Grumpy Red Fairy (be your true self)

    Candy Cane Angel (it's time for a treat)

    Poe (advanced technology)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am getting that this was solely an internet relationship - you two only corresponded via email? And he was incarcerated? He is coming through as not revealing his true self to you - very selfish, immature, deceitful and with aggressive tendencies. He was toying with you in a way - killing time and amusing himself. He is released now and has no need for it as he is now back amongst his family and friends - his "life" has resumed. Be grateful that he is gone and if he does appear and want to be a part of your life you really need to steer clear. Do not bury your head in the sand on this one.

    So I asked another question for you...."How can newsl4ng best move on from this situation?" Your cards were:

    Strangely Lonely (holding on too tight)

    Lantern Fairy (a clear solution)

    These cards tell me that you have put up a wall to keep people out - there is a fear that is controlling you, however this wall has left you feeling isolated and lonely. If you have a habit of searching for "connections" only on the computer then you need to force yourself to release this crutch and get out and actually connect with people in person (the only true way to get to know a person!). This fear and low self worth you have coupled with searching for connections on the internet have energetically attracted people like this man to you - people who are only out for themselves and can sense your loneliness and take advantage of it. It is time to let go - in more ways than one. First, let go of this man who you truly do not know and is an energy vampire of sorts. Secondly, it is time to let go of your fear of being hurt or abandoned and get out again - open yourself to others and connect again. Being vulnerable while trusting that your inner voice will keep you safe from harmful situations and people. This is ultimately about feelings of low self-worth so work on ways to show yourself the love, care and nurturing you crave from others.

    Samhain Blessings,


  • Hi Watergirl 🙂

    Jus had a birthday yesterday - if you have time, would love a reading as well 🙂

    "What do B currently feel about advancing our romantic relationship and how can I deepen this romantic bond with him?


  • Watergirl, the reading rings very true! I guess I am caught right between the upheaval vibes of 10/11/11 and 11/11/11 at the moment, like everyone else. Roll on 12th November... 😉

    Many thanks.

  • Hello Faye,

    I decided to pull a Tarot card for you and got the Ace of Swords. Actually, I got it three times, because it popped out of the deck twice before I pulled it. Now most people would say "yes" that a baby is in your future because the aces are the "seeds" and new beginnings. However, what came to me was that you may not be completely sure that you really want a baby (?) The Ace of Swords is about clarity, however it is also about adversity. It feels like you have a very stressful, chaotic life. The stress could be affecting your physical ability to get pregnant and carry a baby AND the stress in your life could also be the very reason why you are conflicted about having a baby. Do you have room in your life for the added responsibility this bundle of joy would bring? Is your relationship on solid ground? If you truly do not feel that you have conflicting feelings about this, then the advice is to just relax and let things come as they may. Worry, stress and anxiety are counter-productive to the intention of conceiving and carrying a baby to term.



  • Hey Captain,

    Thanks - I have to admit I was a little nervous when I first saw your request 🙂 I also keep getting the patience and wait for things to resolve themselves messages. Quite the energy shift going on these days!

  • Hi watergirl18: what can your cards tell me about the outcome of my situation with Bob?

    BTW, thanks for being so helpful on this site.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey watergirl, I've been in a funk for the last 4 yrs. i feel like i am slowly coming out of it. both my business's are slow and not paying there way. i am a very creative person, i am toying with several ideas in the creative dept. such as music, writing, inventing , jingles, or being some type of mentor for ideas, solutions or problem solving. any insight on this would be very helpful .

    thanks for sharing your time !

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh dear Watergirl, I'm not that scary, am I?

  • Hi WG, Got my haircut short, short. I love it because my hair is thick. Like to see where I'm at. I guess alot is going on for everyone. It's been real busy past 2 wks. Everything from house construction (remodel, repair) to mother fracturing arm to haircut to cleaning up after repair. Now a breathe...don't think so what do you see for me. Thanks!

  • Hello, Daliolite. If you are still taking Halloweeen readings, I'd like one please. I'd like to get some insight on the outcome of things with Adrian, b-day 6/16/68. We just started dating, and I more or less want to know if things will have a happy ending or not...or anything else you can gather. Thank you!

  • oops..that post was for Watergirl..sorry, Daliolite!

    WATERGIRL, If you are still taking Halloweeen readings, I'd like one please. I'd like to get some insight on the outcome of things with Adrian, b-day 6/16/68. We just started dating, and I more or less want to know if things will have a happy ending or not...or anything else you can gather. Thank you

  • Hi<

    What do you see for my love life in the coming months? Anything going to happen with a reluctant cancer guy? Thanks for the reading!


  • Hi! thank you for doing this.... Im not going to be original, lol! my love life,,,, anything you could tell me about what is to come.... thanks again!

  • Hey All - No more requests please! I will try to finish up tomorrow and Friday as I will be unable to do any readings Sat. thru Mon. The last reading will be for lilcrazy. Thank you!

  • Hey Captain - No, YOU are not's just a little bit like Yoda asking for guidance from Luke Skywalker so I had a moment of performance anxiety 🙂

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