7 Major Arcana pulled. Insight needed. All opinions welcome.

  • I am actually afraid to interpret this spread. However, the message must be important because of the number of major cards pulled. The question has to do with a friend whose life has been really tumultuous and has affected mine over time (over the course of a 20 year friendship). It is not the same person mentioned previously. I wanted to know what we were to each other, what we are now, and what we will be. Our lives keep intersecting. I think the presence of so many major arcana cards has more to do with events in this person's life than mine. Right now they are at yet another crossroad.

    Position 1 The situation -The Chariot

    Position 2 The opposing factor - Temperance

    Position 3 The root cause of the problem - Judgment

    Position 4 The past – The Tower

    Position 5 Attitudes and beliefs – Page of Cups

    Position 6 Immediate future – The Star

    Position 7 Where I am – Knight of Wands

    Position 8 Outside influences – The Hanging Man

    Position 9 Guidance – 10 of Wands

    Position 10 Outcome – The Empress

  • The Chariot - both of your lives are being swept along by heavenly purposes beyond your control

    Opposing - Temperance - Balance in the midst of a very emotional situation

    Root cause - judgment - Something happened in the past that requires closure. A choice was made that upset Karmic balance requiring a judgment to be officiated by Heaven

    The Past - Tower - This event that you shared in common left you in a place requiring that closure. Something you both believed in fell apart

    Attitudes and beliefs - Page of cups - Love. And it was innocent by one of you; And that was violated, requiring a tower experience to force the issue and eventual closure

    Immediate future - the Star - hope. out of the ashes of that past event a new life will arise

    Where I am - Knight of Wands - you are seeking a place of wholeness and peace as regards the matter. That is all you care about.

    Outside influences - The Hanged man - Pressure to see life from a different point of view. Someone is trying to force a perspective that you are not ready to embrace

    Guidance - Ten of Wands - Carry it forward and sort it out with your friend. The past will not leave until there is closure. It is a karmic matter now.

    Outcome - Empress, and back to a peaceful posture with one another and the world. Nurtured again. After the books are opened and judgment is rendered in the matter - this is out of your hands now.

  • Thank you AstraAngel. I would like to sort the situation out but I am not sure how receptive the other person will be, or if broaching the topic is the right thing to do, presently. They have a lot going on right now. Although I would like closure, I don't want to mess things up further in an attempt to achieve it. Right now there is just a lot of confusion, as there are others to consider as well.

  • Hi, Major Arcana cards usually show up like this when there are major lessons to be learned. I will assume that this person probably didn't have an easy childhood. Although, most of these cards are pointing to what is happening in present. I don't know if this person's actions have caused problems (major) for you. Since you mentioned a criss-cross they are speaking volumes to you also. This is a young-feeling, immature-impulsive person. This person is being challenged to get off the fence, so to speak. There is hope, encouragement but is going to have to make own decisions. Don't know if this is male or female person. I'll assume to be male. Feeling they will continue to fall back, so to speak. There's a male and female influence. This is a creative person. Look for creative career path. I believe the success of any individual is being happy in their vocation in life. What sort of field is this person interested in as I get creativity. Haven't totally analyzed this reading. Off the top of my head this is what I get.

  • Thank you for your insight. You have described his personality well. This is a person that has transformed himself. He discovered many talents late in life and I am sure he is wondering if it is too late to pursue them. I, however really should not be involved to the extent he would like. I can be supportive. That is all.

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