Anyone else restless?

  • Cool am feeling energised just chucked out a heap of stuff and registered for a second hand market fair (flea market dutch style) in November. Will do it in the next half hour.


  • I clear clutter then pile it back again, I'm so glad everyone is coming home, we always return to the fold. Hang on for the ride to come, things are picking up. Who was that that talked about mistakes? I make them all the time, can't beat yourself up, just get up and dust yourself off and think I have come too far to turn back. 🙂

  • Shee! I'm glad you are in a better place, i never check that other email, you have the other one, anytime I'm here for you! Yeah! Sent prayers. 🙂

  • that was me poetic I am really trying to stop beating myself up for the mistakes I made. I just keep telling myself it is ok to make mistakes that is how we learn & I am human lol it seems like a lot of the restlessness & stress is starting to disapate and I will be glad when this round of changes are through

  • Stonyeye, I did a round of balancing for you. I was worried about how low your energy levels are, very wispy like the mists curling in. Your base chakra which is supposed to be nice and bright red, was the colour of uncut unpolished garnet ie brown with a reddish tint. I called upon AA Raphael who is the healer to help get it red. I was not able to but someone in your sphere had the bright idea of lighting it up using a disco light. LOL it was quite amusing. Anyway it is red now. Your sacral chakra was okay, it needed a good dust and polish to get it orange though it still stayed more of a goldy orange than orange orange. Your sun centre was bright yellow after I peeled it like a banana. The rest of your chakras were fine and i could see no issues with your head. What I did get was that I saw a woman and she was counting money and peering down at it like as if she had really bad eye sight. Now I do not know where she came from, she was also covered in flour dust, so I took her to the optician and got her some glasses. Far out huh well I am only writing what I saw. Now it makes me wonder about you and flour and it also makes me wonder if this was you in a previous life working with money and numbers as I saw you bent over paper like doing accounts. Maybe Blmoon can pick up more here for you or one of the other psychics reading who has better experience at this. Well now she has glasses lol Chanel ones too even though she was from a different time. I then gave you some reiki and got drawn to the spot where your skull meets your neck and it was as if I heard someone saying they had hidden something there, (there is a small hollow at that spot). LIke as if something has gotten stuck there. And when I went to your upper chest area I got really sleepy, it is like there is an enormous weight just there crushing out all the air and energy. I did not get any further, I was not instructed to go.

    So, if I did not believe in this stuff I would consider myself to be mad and go to a doctor but seeing as i do I am writing it all down for you to make of it what you can and with any luck you might have a small relief. I had the very strong feeling that the chakra cleansing relief will be of temporary nature though so you will probably need more. Oh and the effects might not make themselves known till after a few hours, it is a very soft energy that moves very subtly, or at least so experience has taught me.

    I am sure one of the masters on this thread can help you further.

    Hugs to you,


  • Oh I forgot to mention, I smelt eucalyptus or menthol and it reminded me that dabbing a bit just above the outer tip of your eyebrows can help clear headaches, not sure if it can clear migranes though. And pressing the soft point between your thumb and finger can help too. But I am sure you have tried all of this. You need to find the trigger.


  • Thanks Paddifluff, Wow. I do indeed feel exhausted a lot of the time. Today I have been fighting to stay awake and willing myself not to just climb into bed. I fight depression/anxiety a lot. Most of my life.... so that could be the weight on the upper chest area. I find myself holding my breath a great deal when upset or anxious and I've been really sad about the loss of my ex boyfriend. I try to make an effort to breathe when I notice this. The last few months have been hard for me to garner up much energy but I make myself get out. I'm working toward a masters right now and it is killing me because half the time I want to sleep and the other half, I feel kind of sick and distracted when studying.

    I like the disco ball! haha. that's pretty groovy. I'm going to picture that when I feel tired! I really don't know much abut chakras and the meanings so i will have to look some of that up and their meanings.

    The skull meeting the base of my neck. YES. You picked up EXACTLY where all the pain and tension starts when the migraines come on. I'm the person constantly massaging the base of my neck. It is awful. I have even said verbatim that I wish someone could release whatever pressure was at the base of my skull....or carry my head in their hands all day! lol! Whatever is hiding there, I'd like it to go away! 🙂

    Interesting image about the woman and flour and money. I USED to have a pair of chanel glasses about ten years ago! I'm near sighted. Maybe I should try to avoid flour??? That could be difficult.

    Ok, I'll have to take in and re-read all you've written here. Thank you so much for the cleansing and balancing. I feel better just knowing someone out there was sending good healing thoughts. Thank you again....SO much for your time and kindness.

    xx SE

  • that spot where your skull and neck meet has acupressure points, called stillpoints in reiki and pressuring them is recommended for reiki. I do not know if they can be activated from afar but a reiki practicioner could help you further.

  • sorry recommended for migranes and release of emotional tension

  • Poetic I had to reserve for the fair, my 8 year old daughter forced my hand lol she wants to sell toys to make money for more toys and once I said ok there was no way back.

  • Yes, you must have been reading my mind. I was just actually looking up reiki practitioners in my area after reading your post and then came back and saw your message. Luckily I live in a very spiritual center of northern california where this stuff is readily available. Lots of nature, trees and hiking trails. a very gentle area where wildlife is respected and loved rather than hunted for sport....something that makes me physically ill. Truly. I dislike the idea of exposing myself so much to someone in ( a reiki practioner for example) person and don't not like to admit weakness or break down in front of others but I will do so. Could be part of the problem and they are there to help after all. Will let you know! xx

  • Stonyeye, I had a flash of insight when reading your recent posts. Sometimes we use illness as a distraction from the things we don't want to see about our lives and ourselves and the world. Ask yourself what these migraines and pain stop you from doing. Maybe they stop you being able to think - does thinking about your life cause you a lot of anxiety? If so, maybe the headaches are your body's response to prevent you from over-thinking or over-analysing stuff. So maybe if you deal with the anxiety (which could be the real root of the problem) by facing your fears head-on - you may not even know exactly what they are - the migraines will go away. I feel there is some illusion you have about yourself that needs to be resolved, some sort of duty or debt you feel you owe to others.

  • Things I am learning from the recent changes and shifts in consciousness: that I don't need people or things to be permanent in my life. I can appreciate them while they are here but I can also let them go when it's time, to let everything flow through my life and not dam or clutter it up. Quality, not quantity. That real love endures whether the loved ones are with me or not, that I am always surrounded by love. That I am always where I should be, and that the only mistake is being afraid to make one.

  • The above two posts are very pertinent. Thank you Captain. xx

  • Stonyeye

    Sending you healing prayers

    Love and Light

  • Captain, I found your words very inspiring. I think we can all feel this shift and the letting go...the learning to lighten our hold on our loved ones and on the past. I find this particularly pertinent to myself: The only mistake is being afraid to make one.

    Why ,oh why did it take me so many years to learn this;)lol

    Thanks and best wishes

  • Thank you Suramya. You are always there with a kind or helpful word. As the Captain and so many others here. Only the very best to you.

    Love, SE

  • Shadow mist my first name could be f - up, you fill in the words. We are here to overcome adversities and that is how we grow. Not the suffering the overcoming. Yeah I'm ready already, I feel like NEXT!!!!! We can't rush the Universe however so we stay on the path.

    Just say to yourself. "STILL I RISE." AND DO IT! Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed, I visualise myself rising above and looking at the situation in like third person. Like step back and just observe and don't react at all. Be Still. Feel better!

  • Paddi- "And the little children shall lead them." 🙂

  • Namaste once again Angels...

    my home is coming along beautifuly, my 11 year old and i are shifting to a better place and have a little more control over our voices lol...we are so much a like sometimes it scares me!..I am having trouble sleeping my body is exhausted and i feel tired, maybe just everything that has gone on the past several months have caught up to me...I'm changing but i'm not sure where i'm going to, i'm not going down, so thats a very good sign, i guess i went down quite further than i realized...and again its so good to be in a place where we can all appreciate each others ups, downs, the coming back to a calmer place with in...stonyeye i really hope your pain disapeers along with your depression i truly understand the both.

    I will pop in again soon when i have access to a computer,light,laughter,blessings and hugs sent to each of you...thanks for being apart of my life, i truly beleive we will find our shifting leveling off after November 11,11 takes place....


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