Anyone else restless?

  • Oh boy me too my asthma is really bad and my home calls but I am still not sure if it is chasing the past or a good step to make. Wow.

  • I think many of us are, if not literally, then emotionally, being called back home to face any old unresolved issues from the past.

  • Well I guess I for one should listen to that call and finally face my demons. It is easy to play the victim from afar but the game gets boring after a while. Time for real action.

  • Well the Captain took the words out of my mouth about the healing. Anything that keeps repeating is for healing, for you to heal and release it the Universe is cleaning us out to prepare for the New Engergy thats coming. I too had periods of stagnantion and almost boredom, it's like weeks of excitement and then I can hear the crickets chirping in my mind. LOL!

    Paddi I'm happy the babies are safe and surrounded by Angels, we all are. If you choose everyday to focus on the positive and i know it's not easy then the time will pass easier. Be in the flow, try to align yourself with love, it works! They say bless the mistakes you make also because it's a lesson learned. 🙂 MIss yall!

  • thanks voply, i read a little about the things you mentioned just the other day. i'm not sure if i'm well or not yet. i have worked all week but still i feel off in some way. i start thinking im well but them like now, i feel sick still. i also started methylprednisione to help with back pain which should also kill any allergy problems , i hope . its wild being messed up this long over something so crazy as grinding dust in my metal shop. anyone having insights to this would really be appreciated.

    also voply, the earthwindandfire came from my capricorn moon, gemini sun and leo rising ! its just one of those things that came to me when i was trying to make an account on this site. thanks for your help very much !

  • Thank you for the wise words poetic "Be in the flow, try to align yourself with love, it works! They say bless the mistakes you make also because it's a lesson learned" I am trying not to beat my self up with the mistakes that I made a couple of weeks ago and just found out about it is so rough but I know better things are coming so I try and hold on to that hope 🙂

  • Be in the flow.. learning that.. so up tight one minute then realest me.. it's like im in a teo way street, past and present to go forth.. the frustration was building and just gone. .

    Feeling chesty and n#gone off food, least eating decent meals.

  • Earthwindandfire, healer Louise Hay says that the probable causes of allergies can be "Denying your own self-worth. Irritation to life. Who are you allergic to?" She suggests repeating the new positive thought pattern and affirmation morning and night or as often as you feel is right - "The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life. I deeply and completely accept myself. "

    These phrases can be very beneficial in helping you learn the power of creating abundance in your life by using positive reinforcement to create the trust and gratitude that attracts the things to you that you want in life. Sometimes the principle cause of allergies is one or more unresolved emotional issues such as anger, fear, guilt or trauma. Allergies are sometimes physical manifestations of these bothersome memories. Once they are properly resolved, many physical ailments (including allergies) subside.

  • As for me, I can finally feel the sun coming out again in my life. A self-performed chakra and aura-cleaning helped.

    These special numbered days are doorways of positive energy that open at certain times. They cannot be opened for more than a crack at a time unfortunately - because of the darkness inside us (more or less, depending on how much work you have done on yourself) we cannot cope with too much good energy all at once. But we become more and more used to it after every 'opening' - until the day finally comes when we transform into complete light energy beings.

  • thanks cap. i could be allergic to a couple of people ! lol . i will give this a try !

  • Holy Toledo! So glad to have read this thread. I had the mother of all migraines about two days before the full moon. To be graphic....I was literally vomiting for nearly 24 hours straight. Somewhat symbolic really as I had spent the weeks leading up to it finally confronting an unresolved ex from the past......Me...wanting to rekindle things and being told by him that door was still opened and, two weeks later ... it was closed. He wanted to move forward and no longer shared the same feelings. Not sure what changed in those two weeks as we hadn't even seen each other or communicated as he was "mulling" I suppose. Gut wrenching stuff. I can only have faith things things get better. Knowing when to close a book is difficult. Looking for those moments of positive energy you talk about Captain. I could handle it. 🙂 Take care all. xx

  • Well asthma is definitely a reaction to circumstances, at least for me, or at least the trigger is and then it just gets worse. Mine is mild though and only when there is too much stress so I wonder how this applies to people who really suffer badly. Are they ignoring important issues or just have weak lungs?

  • A lot of minor illnesses like colds or the flu are actually the body cleansing/purging itself of negative energy after some emotionally fraught incident. So Stonyeye, your reaction was perfectly natural. And your ex is just not sure who or what he needs to make him happy (not even sure what gender he is looking for). Isn't it amazing how long it takes us all to just figure out what really makes us happy? It's a lifelong mission just to 'know thyself'.

  • According to Louise Hay, asthma is "unresolved guilt, smother love, inability to breathe for oneself. feeling stifled, suppressed crying."

    The affirmation is "It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life, I choose to be free."

  • Stonyeye, I learned in workshop that vomiting is definitely the body's mechanism for clearing out negative energy as the Captain said. You should have seen how many of us were retching during exercises designed to get that energy out. "Gut wrenching" is the perfect term for it! Hope your newly purged self is finding plenty of positive energy to replace it.

    I find it fascinating how it all fits together, the being called "home" (in my case physically and literally) with the renewed asthma and allergies. Because I was definitely called to come here—for the year or so beforehand I kept having a vision of my feet on a path, a hiking trail near my childhood home, and a sense of not knowing why I was returning but also a certainty that I would know the next step before I left. I suppose that's why I don't feel it's time to leave—the next step isn't clear yet.

    But it makes sense that asthma and allergies would flare up in this place of old memories and the feelings of powerlessness and the traumas and fears of childhood. It reminds me of the psychiatric description of the test of true maturity, or individuation: when you can interact with your family of origin without reverting to the relationship patterns established in childhood, but rather maintaining your authentic adult self. It seems that the same principle applies to place of origin...

    Except I've actually been relating to this place as an adult for most of my time here, and it just now occurred to me that my health issues started the day after my father came through town and, when we went out to eat, made a sarcastic derogatory remark to his friend about the sort of men I choose (when she looks for a man, she looks for someone friendly and sociable [etc. etc.], and that's all well and good as far as it goes, but wouldn't it be NICE for a change if she would pick someone who was also Helpful, someone who was good with his hands and could fix a car or a computer or [blah blah blah]?) His sarcasm always leaves me stung speechless. Luckily my father's friend is a quick wit and calmly shot back—Yes, just like her mother did when she picked YOU (my father is not at all the sort of person he was describing). Now that I think of it, though, the timing of the allergies/asthma is awfully suspicious. And he has been staying in my house across the country for the last couple of weeks, too, and just left yesterday. Perhaps not so oddly, I am feeling much better this morning!

    Thanks for the Louise Hay affirmations, Captain. I'm writing them down—I used to have a copy of You Can Heal Your Life but loaned it out or lost it long ago. Here's to all of us learning ourselves and loving ourselves, bit by bit... gd

  • OH captain--When you asked "who are you alergic to? I laughed so hard! Since my allergies began as a child must have been my parents first or at least one of them and I guess further down the road others who represent them. I just picture walking in a doctor's office getting the allergy prick tests and having the doctor come in to tell you--oh by the way that big reaction on your backside--you are allergic to your mother---hahaha! Sorry, I love dark humour. I do believe allergies wane or rage according to stress and certein "people" come with stress. I agree as well there is an underlining metaphorical turning on "oneself" in the allergic state. It is also hereditary. I actually have been feeling much better and evryone else should be feeling the tide turn as well. BLESSINGS!

  • Gosh Blmoon reading your post I have a strong sense of deja-vu like I have been there or read this before. Spooky.

    My asthma is not improving and I have started getting panic attacks. Hope the tide turns soon.

  • Yes, it does sound like GD is allergic to her father and his nitpicking of her.

  • Thanks Captain and Graceful Daisies.

    Your words actually make me feel better. I just had a another 18 hour bout of ANOTHER migraine induced session today! Vomiting every 15 minutes. I look like skeletor. Is there anything about this with losing weight? I just can't keep it on and keep getting skinnier to the point that my close friends and family are really worried. I EAT! It's just hard to keep it on with all these migraines and 24 hour sessions of throwing up. I hate it.

    Very interesting about your workshop Graceful Daisies. I'd be interested in hearing more about that. Yes, Funny, since February, without realizing it, without quite realizing it, that's been my mission. Releasing that which is dark, confronting negative issues with people I really love but can't seem to get a long with (my mom), forgiveness and I have been trying to let go of negative people in my life. Kindly close doors that need to be closed for the other person's benefit as well as mine .... allowing me time to focus on people in my life who I DO really care for and want to support and build up relationships with that I have been neglecting due to lack of focus. Sharpening focus you might say.


    You could have knocked me over with a feather when you wrote about my ex questing his gender preferences. He's a real true blue rancher. A "man's man" and nobody would in a million years would peg him as someone who might not be heterosexual. I used to like to do things like paint his toe nails or put make up on him just to tease him because he was so afraid of anything feminine. I swear he loved it. Anyway, I do believe you are right and he's trying to figure out what will make him happy and maybe taking the path of least resistance. right now. I would not be at all surprised if he ended up a bachelor even. I've always suspected that he didn't really like women. He's had many experiences with over dominating women (his mother, ex wife etc) and this emasculates him yet he seems to fall for that domineering type every time ( I was an exception) and I believe that led to a lot of the problems in our relationship. He, wanting me to focus more on his needs and literally make ALL the social plans etc and I wanted an equal partner. I still love him though and think he'd be a wonderful partner for me if we could open up lines of communication a bit better but he is a clam. I'd be surprised if he ever turned toward a man but I can definitely see where he might have some serious issues with women and not understanding what type would really make him happy and what type just perpetuates his perception of women as being overbearing, and over emotional. Whoa. Your comment made me stop and think. Really think.

    Thanks for your input you two. Hope everyone is hanging in there and again looking towards the positive! 🙂 xx SE

  • I used to get Migrains in my thirties--same thing vomiting--even passing out. All the doctors gave me back then was codien but nothing worked once they started. Found out years later they were allergy induced and it was a 24 hour delay in swelling in my brain. Two main triggers---yard work and housework. Dust and ragweed . I found what worked best is a heavy dose of benedryl if the migrain already started---do not try this unless you already know you can take benydryl---I would take three at once. It relieves the swelling pressure in the brain.Don't go aywhere---although can't imagine that as my migrains had me in a dark room in bed. I stopped having them once I knew what was causing them.

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