Anyone else restless?

  • Oh Stonyeye, I'm quoting Lousie Hay again for migraine headaches. She says their probable cause is "Dislike against being driven. Resisting the flow of life. Sexual fears (can be relieved by - 'oh I just know this word will not get through intact on this forum unless I break it up' - masturbatio*n.)

    Affirmation: "I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need, easily and comfortably."

    Vomiting - "Violent rejection of ideas. Fear of the new/lack of assimilation of the new."

    Affirmation: “I am safe. I trust the life process will bring me only good things”.

    For a natural remedy, ginger or spearmint are great for tummy upsets. Spirit is also telling me that you should eat lots of fish.

    If only you could see how tattered and torn my copy of Louise's little book "You can heal your life" is from over-use! But I believe she has a website now.

    A lot of ailments actually stem from the way we hold our bodies when we are tense and stressed. It puts pressure on the different parts, causing them to get infections, spasms, etc. We just have to relax!

    Blmoon, my migraines also stopped when I found out that eating oranges combined with eyestrain was the problem.

  • Yeah, I am restless too. Have been for about 10 days. Life is bizarre for me right now. Not much makes sense. My head is busy arguing with my heart. My heart is happily ignoring it all and carrying on regardless.

    But, when I can silence my mind, I know it's all positive and I really don't have anything to worry about. Now if I can just convince my head to believe that...

  • My mother went to her doctor today, complaining of severe dizziness. The doctor told her that he had had an uncommon number of patients coming in complaining of dizziness and nausea. Being a spiritual kind of guy, he told her it was due to the shifting of the earth, that people were having trouble finding their balance due to the changing and new energies.

  • Namaste,

    Hi everyone its been awhile for me being about shifting..I think if i had to shift anymore i'de end up in never,never land

    I have purged more clutter than i have in a life time, i have moved three times in a month, not because i wanted 11 year old daughter and i stayed with my sister and her 19 year old girls and two cats...the negativity was unbeleivable some days, oh i could go on..but my little girl and i are finally settled in our new home, it feels like such a burden of boulders have been lifted from me...i need and want my serenity back sooooo much that i can taste it lol...let all of this be in the past soon please, oh please...:0

    love,light and blessings dear friends from all over the world it feels good to be in contact again with people that understand and not look at you like you have just walked onto earth lol

  • 🙂

  • Hi Shee glad to hear you finally have a place of your own and things are looking up again!

    Haven't the poles shifted by 3 cm already this year? We are anticipating that The Netherlands will be drowned, we are living 11 metres under sea level here. One big wave...

  • Paddifluff, according to what I heard, the pole shift is not happening, despite what's been anticipated, unless I got some information wrong. Hopefully Netherlands will still be there for many years to come (fingers crossed).

  • Hi there, like you I've been going to a lot of changes too, Im getting rid of a lot of clutter (on a spiritual level) , but at the same there's one I still cant let go. So when I read what TheCaptain wrote about the 11/11/11 i got a little scared, cuse I have a friend that in the other day he told me you are avoiding things but in November Im sorry to tell you but you will change your life path its in your chart, what you dont want to do now you will eventually ending on doing it, and this came out of the blue. And about rashes and allergies they are all connected with your stress or unsolve situations I have one that doesnt leave me alone and the doctor already told me this is stress. Guess we are all in trouble, lol... Best wishes to all.

  • No body is in trouble. Ravens abound; magic is in the air. We're all going to experience a shift in consciousness. It's a gift. Something we've earned. All we have to do is be open to it, trust in it, and not to try and explain it away as a "coincidence" or something else.

  • Captain says "It's a lifelong mission just to 'know thyself'. Soooo, soooo true!

    I feel like I hide from myself for so long. Looking back, as a young child I grew to know free will. Then in my teens I shut down and just went with what life gave me. Now in my 30's I am picking it back up again and learning more and more.

    My kids have seasonal allergies....???? Can they really be allergic to me? lol Awww. I'm sad.

    I feel a bit of a release from last weeks full moon (THANK GOODNESS!). Looking forward to this week 🙂

  • PH Marc! It's so good to see you : ) It seems that a lot of us have been away tending to the business of our lives lately, then the energy shifts and here we all are. It feels like a reunion—MyJourney, your words "love,light and blessings dear friends from all over the world it feels good to be in contact again with people that understand" give me an image of us all around a cheerful fire in some cozy gathering room, all having made it through stormy weather to get here, shrugging off our dripping gear and kicking off our shoes and settling into comfy chairs and couches, sipping tea and smiling at each other with the good fortune of being together and warm and drying out, even as the wind howls and the leaves skitter and the world is washed clean for tomorrow... magic in the air indeed.

    Stonyeye, I hope your migraines and nausea have eased up. I saw my doctor on Friday, and—right in line with Captain's note that a lot of illness and ailment comes from the way we hold our bodies when we're stressed—he told me my chest and adenoids were all locked up from self-protectively "scrunching over" and that I needed to do more of...well, exactly what MyJourney's silhouette image shows—head back, arms open wide as if to hug the whole world, and breathing deeply. That arms-open posture was also part of workshop exercises... you said you were interested in hearing more about the workshops—if you google Soltura it should be the first thing that comes up (site suffix "net"). "Soltura: the Spanish word for release and freedom of movement, commonly used to describe a dancer's ability to move freely to his/her own inner rhythm." They've been life-changing for me. Need-based scholarships are available, too : )

    Happy happy light- and love-filled day to all— gd

  • in my life,I have felt a sudden change fo the better,in the sense that i am finally finding the motivation to finish projects.last few months inspite of lots of demands on y time and energy,I felt unable to break past patterns nd felt stuck in a rut.I feel like ve finally been given a push and it seems like a positive change coming up at the moment:)

    wish that a Blmoon suggested,I could put up a do not disturb sign outside my door:)

    And the decluttering has been happening at too rapid a paceat all my country,inspite of good weather,I feel difficulty breathing,not really but just a feeling about something suspended in the air.hope it all clears up soon...

    Captain ,paddifluff,my jourmey and everyone else..All the best!

    Love and Light

  • I don't know if your kids would be allergic to you necessarily, Aqua—wouldn't they suffer from year-round allergies if so? Sounds to me like some other trigger in their case : )

  • So what is shifting then?

  • Thanks Captain and GD,.

    Captain, your post made me giggle, but yes, I could see what you mean. The migraines and vomiting have been going on for at least 8 years. They started at first due to a stressful job. I left, moved to a small town and met the man who i thought I would marry. The migraines didn't go away though and I became addicted to prescription painkillers about a year after my meeting my fiancee/ boyfriend. The Dr. gave me no warning as to the addictive nature of the drugs and I felt like climbing walls literally trying to get over the addiction. After about a year of this, I eventually had to let my boyfriend go and seek help in a large city again where they had a pain clinic doctor who could help me get off the meds. It was terrible. Getting off the meds AND letting my boyfriend go. I knew my boyfriend would wait for me if I asked him but I couldn't be selfish and hold his life up and didn't know where I would be after everything was through...if it was EVER through. I felt like I was in a deep hole. It took about a year and a half to wean of the meds. It was a nightmare. The migraines started getting under control finally with the help of the pain doc but now that it is all over, I miss my ex SO BADLY and feel like I had given up the best man I'll ever know. I know soul mate is used liberally but he felt like mine. Maybe really and truly letting him go and having him tell me "no, I don't want you back anymore" is why I've been having the recurring migraines again lately. I need to REALLY let him go in my own mind so that I can move forward too. It's so hard though and I'm just angry at the circumstances and I miss this man like you wouldn't believe. Thank God for these forums though. You all have helped through all more than you know.

    xx SE

  • I love that image GD! I'll have a hot chocolate with marshmallows!

    Gee stonyeye you have been through the mill. Have you had any allergy tests done? How about milk or dairy produce?


  • Yeah, I've been to everyone and tried everything. Medical, can name it, I've tried it. Finally ended up at a well known / high regarded neurologist's who after about a billion consultations and different preventative measures, gave me the lucky verdict of having the worst case of migraines he'd ever seen (I once was barfing in his wastepaper basket during a consultation...that was fun) and he sent me to a chronic pain clinic. That's like the very last resort for most docs. Not to mention the addictive pills. I was only taking them for the pain but after a while had to take them just to feel normal. NightMARE. I can only laugh. Nobody would believe me except for the fact that I'm way too thin. Can't help it. So yes you could say I've been through the mill. lol! We all have our s-h-i-t though right?

    Gosh darnit I want that positive light!! 😉

  • SE I am going to check your energy now and do your chakras, not promising anything but I guess it can't make it any worse either can it. You poor thing. Migranes on a rare occasion are just a pain but all the time? No way! OK I will post here if I come up with anything. xP

  • That is if you would like me to. I will be around for the next couple of hours otherwise tomorrow so let me know if it suits you.


  • Oh, Paddifluff, that is soooo kind. I would take any help I could get! If you have the time/energy, I'd be grateful to see if you get anything. Thank you. xo

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