Anyone else restless?

  • I am feeling very physically strong and well today, apart from a little dizziness as if the ground is shifting (well, actually it is). I have been taking care of my diet, eating healthy foods, and getting lots of exercise. Despite getting older, I feel better and more balanced today than I felt when younger.

    Though I think Sheila is right that things won't be completely problem-free until after the 11/11/11 shift.

  • Capt can you explain a little about the 11/11/11 shift? I was told that 11 is a master number & is about change but then I read an article that 11/11/11 was a bad number. and I do not get the feeling of it being bad per se

  • Received those books Captain, wow.

  • What's this all about 11/11/11? I mean, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is coming out on that day. I know it's going to be a huge shift; what, with people all across the planet calling in for fake sick days and weeks to play it, but... Why Captain, I never thought you were a gamer!

    That said, restless.. Mm. Quite so, quite so. But then, this ride is lovely. I'm the only one with clarity of thought around these parts, or at least, the only one with frantic enough pace of thought to keep up. It's the people behind me that are screaming and hollering to get off that I can't handle.

  • Around what parts?

  • This post is deleted!

  • That is so fascinating about the rose and the pyramid - it is so essential for anyone who has empathic ability to know where they 'stop' and where others 'start'. Otherwise you start confusing their feelings and thoughts and fears and issues with yours.

    Basically, the 11/11/11 date is like a cruise ship that will be taking on passengers at that time. It will then be sailing off to a totally new 'land' and energy space unlike anywhere we have been before. It's up to each person to choose how they board this 'ship' - you can choose to go aboard freely with a feeling of anticipation, excitement, and adventure, to choose whichever cabin you desire, mix with all the other eager travellers, and partake of all the shipboard entertainments. Or you can fight the necessary changes, get dragged on kicking and screaming by huge burly stewards, and get thrown into the brig to dine on stale bread and mouldy cheese. One way or another, we are all going - some may hate to be there and choose to pass over, while others will work hard to adapt to the different conditions and eventually become stronger and wiser because of it. Me, I am going to be sipping margaritas at the captain's table if it half kills me. Who's there with me? 🙂

  • I'd like to be at the Captain's table. I'l sip lime and soda instead though. 😉

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts My Journey. I'll be fine.

    xx SE

  • Cocktail time? Just let me shake out the dress and shine up the shoes, I'll start with a Martini.

  • I really hope George Clooney and Gerard Butler are going to be onboard. 🙂

  • I want to be there with a frozen lemon margarita and Gerard Butler would be nice

  • I don't really have a preference though George Clooney would be fine, will someone bring a guitar so we can get the singing going after a few cocktails 😉


  • Haha he can join mine they can go and do some high sea fishing or scuba diving among the sharks...

  • That's the spirit! Use your senses of humour to get through these changes and ups and downs. It's the best survival mechanism (along with your intuition) that we have. Laugh at life and don;t take it all too seriously.

  • I'd rather sit next to Jack Black than to George Clooney. He definitely doesn't take himself too seriously. Hugh Grant could do as well 🙂

  • Hey, Shadow. I'll mix you up a few lemon margaritas. That t'would be about $18 a pop, though. And I can't promise Gerard Butler, but how about if I let my stubble grow a little and take my shirt off for you? That work?

  • Mmm.. Hugh Grant. Yes, he's nice. I'd like to sit with him.

  • I was just looking up Doreen Virtue's repeated numbers interpretation for 909 which i keep seeing. But I think what she says might apply to all of us at this special time of endings and new beginnings -

    "This is a message from your Creator signifying that the part of your life that has just ended is Divinely guided. Nothing is ever truly lost. There is no death, and there are no accidents. Your recent life change, in which a significant part of your life has been halted or altered, is actually an answer to your prayer. God is letting you know that He is not taking anything away from you or "causing" your loss. Rather, your life plan or prayers called this life change to you, through your own God-given power. Be willing to forgive everyone involved so that you can be light and free as you enter into a beautiful new phase of life."

    Amen to that!

  • Good morning from Europe, new day new beginning, I was looking at that book the other day but I do not pay much attention to numbers so I did not get it.

    Kusumura we are all guests on boards this ship so you will have to try and sell your overpriced cocktails elsewhere.sweet dreams to those going to bed and have a great day to those waking up, I for one will be spending time with my inner child and moving some mountains with her.


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