Anyone else restless?

  • Is it just me or a common complaint? I feel so restless, stuck in a box not knowing where up or down is? I have tried grounding. Husband left one job, has two potential new ones, one in Ireland one in Germany, it is driving me nuts, financials were getting good now up the creek.

    Positive-am channeling restless energy in to decluttering.

    So is it just the weather? Anyone else scratching the walls?

  • FUNNY!!--I didn't catch this untill after I coommmented on the other post but no it's not just you! It's been a crazy ride last few weeks--specially last week but it will be easing up. The full moon last night was a zinger---CHANGE is big right now and everyone felt that push of tying up loose ends and also the strange physical shifts going on in our bodies. Lot's of issues coming to a head---things are either going to be final--resoved and shifting towards a new phase OR for those who have NOT been changing over the last two or three years---had their heads in the sand--they will be really getting hit hard with reality. But for those who have been changing towards this cosmic time of rebirth it is going to shift for us and you will feel the energy get a bit gentler yet energized--like a nice river flow.. Finances as well went south the last 4 weeks---before that there actually was a nice upturn then bam! Pursestrings closed. A lot of us have been feeling--when is this going to end! ? Today---a cosmic door opens---expect to RECEIVE in surprising ways---expect to feel the love. It will come in small ways and will come to those who have worked so hard the last few years to "CLEAN HOUSE" Small meaningfull tokens of love will come to those who have cleared the air to hear---stopped old drama stiring habits. It is getting better and for all those who have been working hard to develope gifts these next months will open doors to avenues of service. These have been frustrating months---feeling held backed or blocked but it has had a purpose and expect to be more in the flow---more like you have finely found your purpose and doors are finally opening. It's all good!!! UNLESS change is scary--the folks who have resisted change--ignored change--thos folks will feel this next shift the next six months as much differently--for them comes reality--weather they hide or not--it will hit them hard with a big OUCH!. BLESSINGS!

  • The days leading up to the full moon have been the hardest for me in a long time, maybe ever. Stress in my family is severe. It's quietened down a bit but is not certainly resolved. Trying to dig up, then eradicate issues from the past is a huge challenge.

    Apparently even stronger and more powerful will be the effect of 11/11/11. A super nova day for all...

  • It's funny, I've been literally cleaning the house non stop for a couple of weeks to get rid of the dog's fleas, also finantial situation has become somewhat tight, and over all it's been a stressful, restless, chaotic time. Today I've unexpectingly received a check for a musical work of mine that has been licenced for use abroad. A little material gift that has uplifted my spirits. 🙂

  • I am glad it is not just me then! Better get battening down the hatches for the upcoming super nova. And looking forward to unexpected surprises, as long as they are nice ones...

    Blmoon, if you read this, Watergirl is doing Halloween readings under the tarot section and I asked a question and she got a fuzzy answer and suggested asking you. If you have time could you have a look? My qu is the first one and her answer is on the top of page 3. It actually ties in well with the cleansing thing.

    Hugs and strength to you all!


  • I am also glad it is not just me finances down the drain, car broke down and feeling so insecure.It has been like this for the last four weeks. I have tried cleansings, walking& meditating but it seems like everything is chaotic and restless. all my leads for a freelance work have dried up and I just feel like their is no light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Does anyone know when this will end? and is 11/11/11 supposed to be good or bad? I am also looking forward to unexpected surprises like paddi and I hope they are good.

    congrats voply on selling your music 😄

    hugs, prayers and blessings to all

  • I agree! That full moon put me in a tizzy! I haven't been so rude to people in my whole life as I was the beginning of the week. I actually came on this site after being absent for a while, to see if something was going on…..and sure enough it’s all right there for me to read

    And don't mention finances....I have never felt as strapped as I have this past month, and I know it will overflow to the months to come.

    On top of all that, I have gained weight at a supernatural speed. (My eating habits are very poor and they always have been, but goodness!) I have never felt so uncomfortable.

  • OH yes--the weight gain! As if a nice big blanket to wrap up in would help--hahaha! I have the same battle---when the outside starts coming in too intensly my body wants a wall. I ignore it a bit then the body refuses to be ignored and I start feeling like I got dragged by a big truck. THEN I have to listen to my own good advice and make time for peace--nurture and RELEASE. It is a battle to make that choice when you are already short on time money and energy but it is what it is. So crank up the FUNK and everybody dance--or at least run around he block a few times. And don't forget to turn off the phone lock the bathroom door light the candles and tell everyone in the house don't knock unless the house is on fire. BLESSINGS!

  • yep , the last 4 weeks have been awful for me as well. metal dust or something caused me to get an ear infection then sinus. 2 rounds of antibiotics and still dont have all my strength back. no money coming in. knocked me out of a saltwater fishing trip i was scheduled to be at this week.

    a breakdown on a part i have to rush out for my client is not going well either but i am rolling with it all, its not getting me down or anything. im just ready to not be so tired and achy and wish i could get on top of things instead of playing catch up all the time.

  • Unexpected surprises huh? My 5 year old got knocked off her bike and run over this evenin. She is surrounded with protection she does not have a scratch her head is a bit sore,the bike is a mess. Enough surprises for us.

  • OMGoodness!! So glad to hear she is ok! Whew.

  • Thank God for you Paddy! And the Angels---I guess that Angel of families card I pulled for you on the other thread wasn't kidding!!! I am so grateful for your lucky break in what could have been deviastation--definetly puts things in perspective. HUGS! BLESSINGS!

  • oh my bluemoon I havent seen that picture since my mom passed away back in 1973!!! that is just to freaky!!!

    Paddi I am glad your daughter is ok I am so sad you had to go thru that scare blessing to you and her

    So does anyone know when things will turn around? I am just so stressed & cant seem to relax or meditate . and I am so tired of everyone snapping at me and everyone else and the nightmares yuk!!!

  • Those cards are lovely Blmoon they are so celebratory of femininity if you catch my drift, beautiful female forms.

    I will take my little one to the doc in the morning to get her checked, I reckon she will hurt then, she got quite a knock.

    Don't know when the restlessness will go, hopefully soon.


  • Earthwindandfire, a strange coincident has just happened to me, I'd say synchronicity of a kind. Today, before seing your message I was thinking of the group "Earth, Wind , Fire", and that this name would work well as a nick name for this forum participant. So, when I saw your "name" I decided to pay attention and read it out of curiosity, and realised that I might help you with some information. I've been suffering with the same kind of ear infection. All this happened after being exposed to a heavy pollution in a terrible heat in the big city last summer (it was an enviromental disaster, in fact). Anyway, the regular ear doctor couldn't do anything, except prescribing antibiotics. That's when the ear infection spread into sinuses and got really out of control. Apparently the antibiotics have suppressed the immune system and fungus/Candida have invaded my sinuses. I've been terribly suffering for almost a year, and only now it started to clear out. What has helped me is several months of taking natural herbal antifungals (Alicandis and Candida Clear), prescribed by holistic doctor. Hope your case will be easier than mine, and good luck !

  • I had an ear sinus infection as well I just got over but I do have allergies and this is my sensitive time--spring and fall. Also, affected by imune system and stress. Usually Garlic---round the clock extra C and immune vitamins and using salt water rinsing of sinus--sounds yukky yes but it works! Usually I do once wait then repeat as sinus clears and drains. They sell a nettie pot but I just use a cup over the sink or in the shower--less messy. Antihistamines unfortunetly are needed yet dry out mucus membranes and that breeds bacteria it's a visciouse cycle--the more alergic inflamation the more antihistamines you take and it attracts infection--the salt water rinse cleans all that ou and is a nautural antibiotic germ killer.. Still, this time I took atibiotics as well though I rarely do.

  • Blmoon, I also have been using a salty water to clean sinuses, and it helps a lot. Also very true about stress and fatigue. Another thing that has helped A LOT, is dieting. I've cut all sugars out of my diet, including potatoes, rice, white bread...The integral rice and bread are much better tolerated. Also had to cut off certain fruites, like oranges, and milk. Well, one just has to adjust and see what works for each individual case. To me dieting felt drastic and difficult at the beginning, but it worked, combined with anti fungals and the pro-biotics (all natural stuff). It's very hot in my part of the world right now, and that improves the sinuses situation as well, but I'm concerned about the return of the winter...Well, we'll see. Thank you for sharing the information ! Nice to know you are not alone 🙂

  • I know it all seems painful at the moment but it really is a time of cleansing and healing - some experience it on the health or financial front, others like me have emotional upsets to deal with. Or all of the above. These special dates like 11/10/11 and 11/11/11 can have positive or negative outcomes, depending on whether we ourselves take them as positive or negative happenings. Such as with Paddi's daughter - you could look on the accident as a negative thing or something miraculous that she come through so well. We cannot expect to avoid trouble but we can navigate these lessons successfully. When physical, emotional, or spiritual 'tsunamis' hit us, we can choose to helplessly drown or become wave-riders through sheer determination, grit, and trust that circumstances always change for the better if we keep on swimming. It is often when we are most exhausted and spent that we are closest to success.

  • Sorry you're all feeling it, too, but glad I'm not alone at least. Same shoes here—so far three weeks laid low with cold/cough/asthma/allergies/respiratory stuff, and I cannot remember the last time I got sick. Captain, I'm curious about the "wave-riding" though: I've wondered if being sick is an indication that I should return to my home in the Southwest—I've been visiting my childhood hometown in New England since June, having meant to go back in August but feeling the time was not yet right to leave and unwilling to tear myself away from such beautiful peaceful rural surroundings to return to an ugly, soul-starving city. Every couple of weeks, I revisit and revise my timeframe so as to stay a little longer. But what constitutes successfully riding the wave when the soul's desires point in one direction and the body's in another, I wonder?

    Paddi, so glad your daughter is okay!

  • GD, there is generally some fear or negative emotion behind physical illness - are you feeling any trepidation about moving back to the past, to the point where your outer body may be deliberately slowing you down? I have recently moved back to my childhood home after almost thirty years away and I had - and am still having - mixed feelings, yet I am sure this is where I am supposed to be. If you want to be a wave-rider, you have to be sure and fearless. Ask yourself if it is the place that draws you back or are you chasing some childhood dream or person? Because the past can never be quite the same as it once was.

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