Need some help with something that keeps coming up

  • Alright so there's some background to this spread that I need a bit of help with.

    The other night a friend was doing a general reading for me, and I drew all three knights, except for the knight of swords. So I drew another card at random to place beside the others and it was the knight of swords, reversed. Today I was shuffling, felt the urge to stop and look at the bottom card, and the reversed knight of swords was there as well.

    I was doing a daily 4 card reading (self, past, present, future) and the knight of swords reversed came up once more in the future position. I drew two more cards to clarify and it came up with the page of swords and the king of swords reversed. I drew two more cards on top of this, which were the reversed moon and the reversed chariot. When I drew one more to clarify my place in the situation, I drew the tower.

    The reversed knight of swords/page of swords/king of swords formation also came up for me in a relationship reading done by my friend about a week ago.

    What could this mean? I'm really quite confused about it all.

  • Drawing so many knights suggests that this matter has to do with a young man, but it could also just suggest that there is movement - swift movement going on. All the other cards you drew are giving me the sense that you are being warned against rash and/or impulsive behavior - of moving ahead with something without thinking about it clearly and logically. Whatever you are considering moving forward with right now I would say you should not. You are being guided to get more information first or to see things through the eyes of truth rather than emotion.

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