SHUABBY-could you please help me?

  • Im very indecise on what to do about my life, especially regarding to love. Can u see what is in the horizon for me?

  • vaniav,

    Love will come to you when you stop looking is what I have received for you. Your focus is to intent on Love at this time. Feels like you have other fish to fry here also, money seems to be lacking and someone is not holding up to what was promised here. I do get that you will be climbing a ladder to a better position soon within 3 months. I see books around you , do you work around or with books?

    After you have balanced yourself some finanially , than you will receive love and I am getting on more than one level here. You will move house and really connect in the community that you move to and meet new friends that will be sharing their joy and friendship with you and through one of them you will be introduced to a man that is unlike any man you have met before. He is quiet until you know him and than you see his wit and charm coming out and that you have been a part of opening him up and helping him to enjoy love and life more.

    I feel many new beginnings here for you and ones in which will lead you to more inner knowledge and some closure with the past.


  • Hello, Shuabby thanks for replying.

    I do work with documents but especially with a computer and phone all day but Im only here temporary, but I applied to a position of budget technician that will provide me more money if I get the job, but im not seeing that happen, but im trying cuse I want to be in a better money position to better decide what to do with my life if I decide to live alone.

    The real problem with love is that I fell for a guy that I know he loves me too, but his not ready for a commitment and part of that its my fault cuse I feel that we could have something great but I also feel that its going to be temporary and if I have to leave everything behind in my life I want a more stable relationship. You know Shuabby its been very hard to deal with this talked with several physics they all told me that we will be in love for each other and in connection (cuse is leaving), but that he will be back for me, others told me to move on cuse a relationship with him will not work as a long term.

    And now you saw another guy in my life that I will meet and you confirm what others said about me moving home. Im really confused, draw cards for myself tried to detached pretending that I was doing a reading for someone else and they keep telling me that we will be together, but long term or marriage I cant read it cuse im to confused and don’t wont to rely in my readings right now and jump into conclusions and of course we are the ones who have the final decision not matter what the cards say, but with me so far everything they said came true and I tried not to.


  • just one question: my friend was stolen can u give an insight were his computer is?tks

  • vaniav

    When first reading this, I thought your friend was stolen. Oh My! His computer I feel it being under clothes and other things on top of it, I see a red shirt on top of it also. If your friend knows someone that has been over his shoulder when he uses his computer and I sense that a male took it.

  • talked with him today and he thinks that this was a act of revenge, he told me that he thinks it was someone that knew he was leaving the island and knew were things were, do u see a woman involved in this? because everything that belonged to him was stolen except the things that belong to the house like a microwave (weird they leaving this).coul you please try again we really need all the help.


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