I need some insight into my spread

  • Hi all! I am new to this forum but would like to ask if anyone could help me get a little more insight on my spread?

    I am using the Fairy Tale Tarot. It's a deck that I really connect with and so far has given me pretty accurate and insightful spreads.

    I am having a bit of trouble though, as I can interpret this spread many ways, so I thought maybe ask help from more experienced tarot readers.

    I asked the question: How is my career and situation looking right now?

    A bit of background to give a little insight is below, in case anyone would want to read the spread before getting more information.

    I would appreciate different opinions. I am using a celtic cross spread in general but this is how i read it:

    X - X - X - 10

    X - 5 - X - 9

    4 - 1/2 - 6 - 8

    X - 3 - X - 7

    1 - Prince (Page) of Cups - significator/querent (this case, me)

    2 - Judgment - situation

    3 - Five of Wands reversed - foundation of the issue

    4 - Ace of Wands reversed - recent past influences

    5 - King of Wands reversed - short term outlook

    6 - Ten of Pentacles - present state of the issue

    7 - Temptation (The Devil) reversed - external influences

    8 - Three of Cups - internal influences

    9 - The Sun - Fears/Goals

    10 - Seven of Cups - resolution

    background here

    I have been in this job for a few months now as a trainee, I took it for the travelling. I am anxiously waiting to get sent out to my next country but I have been delayed and will be extended a few more months before I can go to my next project. I really want to leave. I have said good bye to everyone, and now i am just worried if I am doing enough to get things moving on my end. I have a sister I love very much, and it always affects how i ask this question.

  • Anyone? Please?

  • Hey Natnoob

    I will give you my quick take

    Your desire to love your job is very important. You took it on with that in mind. It means more to you than the money, this was something you really wanted to do for he love of it.

    Your situation has you in a bit of a quandary, you are weighing out your options. Stick around and wait or start looking for something else.

    The background in your career was a desire to escape work that tied you down, You must like to travel and past situations made it clear that you wanted more than a desk job in one post.

    The Ace of Wands shows you accepting this new job.

    The KING of Wands shows this job continuing short term.

    Ten of Pentacles shows again a place of no movement - nothing is happening.

    The Devil card shows some frustration with the situation, you do not like being held hostage waiting for things to start moving again.

    The Three of Cups shows that you are passionate about your work and that must be preserved.

    The Sun tells me that you still see this working out, although there are days (like today) where you have your doubts.

    Seven of Cups sees you eventually making a new choice in another direction. The Three combined with the Seven equals 10 = 1+0 = 1 = NEW DIRECTION. Your love of your work is the driving energy here, and that is stronger than your need for security.

    So I see another situation opening up for you soon. It does not look like the travel is going to occur quickly enough for you. I would be looking.

    My 2 cents. Add a couple of bucks to that and you can get coffee at Starbucks. 🙂

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