Need urgent help on matters of the heart, please can someone help me?

  • Im new here,im portuguese so excuse me if i make some writting mistakes, was reading what u wrote to grinchgirl and u seem very insightful. So i have a big problem that i need help with, im married, my love for my husband ended a long time ago and after fighting a lot i fell in love with another man and his not from my country his american and his leaving pretty soon, due his job. So i dont know what to do. Already put my cards and they say what i want to ear talked with physics they say that he loves, we are going to keep communication between us and after 1 year is comong back for me. I cant go with him right now and his not going to ask too, his expecting me to leave my husband first but im so affraid of leaving everything and take a fools leap.

    i also feel that we are soul mates cuse destiny keep bringing us together,even when im with him it seems so familiar when we do regular things like opening a fridge or when his down i can feel it something very bad happen to him this sunday i couldnt sleep all night kept receiving images of someone carring appliances then woke up calling his name with a very thight heart, waited and when i couldnt hold it anymore (cuse we were not talking) i txt him and he was robbed that night everuthing was stolen. I also know him so well that scares me the first taught it came to my mind and i met him was 'this guy will hurt u' and he did cuse we cant be together. so my question is are my feelings right his he the one? are we going to be together? cuse i know he still loves me but he doesnt want to get hurt again.

    thank you.

  • I'm sorry but I feel this guy will forget about you once he goes back home. I feel he is someone who loves the one he is with at the time. He loses interest when his lover is not around. I also feel it is not real love that you feel for this man but a sort of desperation to get out of the marriage trap you are in and to be loved by someone, anyone. The connection you feel to this other man is due to your own blossoming psychic ability - the man doesn't feel as connected to you as you do to him. It's not mutual, you were only hoping and dreaming it was. What he represents is your escape route - both into fantasy and away from your husband.

    But you have to get out of this loveless marriage for your own sake, not anyone else's. It doesn't matter if this other guy wants you or not - it's so bad for your self-esteem to remain where you are. Everyone deserves a chance at love. But you cannot use another person as your plan of escape. You have to do it for yourself and then when you are free, then you can look for love. but not before - it's not fair to you or anyone else involved.

  • Thank u, I know that probably that its what is going to happen, but i know that he will want for me to be in is life still at least as a friend. He have helped me discover myself again my old me, i even started to play with my tarot cards again and listening to what my intuition says, cuse of my husband i had let go of everything i liked before even my friends,i didnt had anyone to be with or talk as a bff and due to this guy now I have something good came out of it. Maybe he was a blessing in disguise.

    Until I was 16 i used to listen to voices I tought I was going crazy, tought i was schizo., saw things like shadows and tv switches moving by itselfes i was so afraid that i close my self to that, but i never lost completely the contact cuse sometimes in dreams they talk with, in one night i woke up with someone saying `His married ´a person that i didnt know it was so i looked on facebook for him and he was married, strange i think all is coming back. So can u help on how can i have this back again? I dont know what to do. And i also think that I have a past loved one or an angel always with me cuse i almost died 2 times and before i had the accidents i felt that it was going to happen before it did and i was more cautious about it.

    Thank u...

  • You are blocking your ability with fear. You must believe that you are not going mad - that many of us here do see and hear things that are not visible to the eye but that are real nonetheless. You do indeed always have guardian angels and guides with you so ask them for help. They will always love and protect you. Practise using your ability to guide you when you feel confused or afraid. You are not alone. People here understand what you are going through and will not condemn or reject you.

  • tahn k you i will try lets see if it works.

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