Can somebody help me with this chart ..i don't know where i am headed ?!

  • i am feeling tremendously awful these days ... seems i am being pulled in some direction i have no clue about ... kind of stuck and very restless as i feel my growth has stopped .... why do i feel "stagnated?" ..... !!

    if someone could have a look at my chart and give some insight that would be helpful .

    thanks for your kind help


  • i tried to attach my birth chart but couldn't ... i don't know what to do about it .... so am posting my birth details ... i am feb 11, 1980 /////

    hope to hear from someone kind ..!!

  • Things should be feeling better come February. Be excited your finally leaving a LIFE CYCLE! LOL! People want answers to their questions but they don't like hearing the truth. So please be kind.You messed around with the numbers huh? I'm glad you have humor about it. The numbers are my favorite foundation in life. Your new cycle is a 6 but your just want to change it into an 8. Is it possible? It is possible but why don't you try loving the six life for a little while to make it up to the numbers. If you like the six cycle you will come into contact with a nine and you will be very pleased. When trying to extend ones life cycle you do yourself damage in a way that causes boredom. Life does become stagnant. Try the six and I will tell you how to get the abundance you are looking for. Smile.

  • hello ocensus

    thank you so much for caring to respond to my request ..!!

    i humbly request you to decipher what you have written up there as i am not able to get it by myself ..!! i would wait to hear from you again... and yes u r right.... i feel STUCK but i also sense that i am heading towards something "big/grand/amazing" (if that makes any sense?!) would be helpful if you could elaborate your words in response to my request ....... !

    thanks so much for your time and effort in advance .

  • If you love the six life you will automatically be abundant. You must look for a good book on life cycles. Boring huh..cycles..not at all. Each cycle should be looked at in a positive way. The more positive the better for you. GOD loves positivity in people. What you ask for is what you shall receive. Nobody knows what to ask for. You need to write it down. Go small then go big then go bigger then go biggest. Start by asking for the small then bigger and so on and so forth. To live alife of power and abundance find out what the six means in cycle terms not life terms.

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