Any updated information for my son?

  • Hi all. I know I have asked this question before, but it has been awhile. Does anyone see a new relationship ship for my son Jeremy dob 2/16/1977. It seems no matter what he does no one seems interested in him. I just don't understand. He is a decent looking, hardworking nice guy. There must be someone out there for him. I know he is shy and insecure so maybe that is holding him back. Please any info would be appreciated. Blessing to you all.

  • cathylee,

    Jeremy is a grand fellow and as his Mother you know this. He has to understand it himself before he will attract a honey bun of the most pleasing kind. Jeremy did not feel loved growing up perhaps a father figure was missing for him, or some type of lack is felt here for him. This is not to place blame on anyone. Jeremy is a man now and must start to seek ways to move out of his comfort zone and socialize more. I would suggest for him classes that he finds interesting, and in one of them will be a young woman that will have his interest not because she is a stand out, but because she is like the bee that draws honey to her only in the best of ways. He also should start to excell in other areas in which he has talent that will give him more confidence and a sense of security.

    Hang in there MaMa he is on his way to a bride come this spring.


  • Thanks so much Shuabby. Sorry it took so long to get here. I have suggested he take a class or 2 and I will wait to see what he will do.

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