Aquarius driving Scorpio crazy

  • I(Scorpio female) meet this Aquarius female online we hit it off big. We went out that same week, everything was great. She was communicative, attentive, and expressive with her emotions and desires for me. Later that week I said some stuff that upset her... a lot. we went from talking all night and instant messaging all day to nothing. next day she said she needed some time off but not completely disappearing from my life as she usually does in these type of cases. I was crushed, miserable. I just have never felt this intense for someone so quickly before. So I gave her the space she needed. A week later I when I felt more like the level headed person I usually am, I contacted her. she acted cool, I told her I missed her and that I had been a bit bummed out due to the fall out. and in summary said to forget the past, and lets move on. And she also decided to share with me that she made a personal break thru dealing with a past relationship she couldnt get over and still thought about. I thought we were back on track, while still trying to give her space. It still frustrates me that she isnt as communicative with me as before but im dealing with it. Ive been the one contacting her and to day I said forget it Im gonna stop initiating the communication if she really doesnt want to talk to me and just being nice to me but doesnt want to tell me so, then I'll just back off. Well she called me that same day, convo was good friendly at the end I asked her if we were ever gonna go out again on a date. She said something like no I'm not going out on a date with u and I said date or as friends whatever u wanna call it....and she replied what do u mean I said well thats what u called it last time. We coudnt finish the convo we were both at work and her lunch break was over. Which is were I am now...Thinking on all this if she doesnt want to date me and just wants to be friends, I dont know if I can deal with that. I feel so strongly about her. Also I dont know if shes just playing little ames with me of I just wanted to sleep with u. or I dont want to tell you my true feelings, because she seems to do that. Im so confused, and frustrated Im really at my wits end here. Can someone please give me some guidance?

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