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  • Ihave known this cancer guy for over 7 years . In 2004 we were in a brief relationship which I broke off because I felt like I was not his type at the time . However we became friends since then great friends . He is my best friend . But I have never gotten over him I ve loved him all this time. We are both now single and 5 months ago i confessed to him that I never got over him & i still love him he was shocked he asked why all this time I kept it from him. since that we became closer intimately but in the last 6 weeks or so he has become distant I asked him why he said we are so good as friends he is not sure if he should pursue a relationship he doesnt want to lose my friendship . He said that there was always love for me in his heart but when i left him he did his best to get over me . Right now ,I am not sure where we stand I think he doesnt want a relationship and maybe I should just move on . Its hard for me because being an aquarian I normally hide my emotions well but this guy knows what I am thinking & feeling before I even say it . Should I just remain friends & bury these feelings ? any help would be appreciated

    his birth date :june 21,1981

    mine : jan 25,1978

  • This relationship's energies are flamboyant, with theatrical influences and grand gestures predominating. It gives your friend the chance to come out of his shell, allowing him to enjoy expressing himself in a social setting.You Aquagirlann generally feel more at home in such situations but will have to be careful not to offend or overwhelm your more reclusive friend. Sensitivity, patience and empathy will have to be practised for this relationship to succeed - not an easy task, given that the overall tone here is one of detachment and objectivity.

    A love affair or marriage between you will usually be stabilized on the domestic front by your friend;s feeling for the home. You greatly need stabilty in your life, and may well find it here. But your friend will have to be extremely understanding of your need to be involved with others and to be away from home a lot of the time. Otherwise it will cause a lot of friction. Should you feel your friend growing cloying and dependent, you may long to escape this exceedingly tender trap. He may feel depressed in this relationship because it woefully neglects his emotional side. Jealousy and competitiveness can also be aroused over the appreciation of mutual friends in a love matchup here. So this relationship could go either way, depending on how well the two of you manage it. If you both show more acceptance of each other's differences, you will be richly rewarded. It is advisable that you discuss and trying to resolve the issues raised here before moving deeper into the relationship.

  • thanks very much !

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