Scorpio confused about Cancer Female

  • Can someone help me here..Im a scorpio male and met an attractive cancer female at walmart..we were attracted so I gave her my card and she called me 2 days later..we talked several times over the phone and connected deeply...she opened up about some troubled issues with her family and we really talked...she discussed her Mom and school and seemed really interested...we kept texting a little for over a week or so and finally met to watch a sports game at a local bar...we had fun watching the game and we were touching each other casually but no kisses...we left and walked each other to our cars...she said follow me out and we left...she spent this weekend with her Mom and sisters and I texted her a few times with no response...I finally texted and said are you ok?I'm worried about you...she texted and said she just wanted to be I texted a few more times assuring her that I liked her personality and thought she was beautiful..she did mention that she seemd jealous of blondes with big ****...anyway, she then said''dont waste your time, your not my type"...any idea

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