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  • I know that posting here is not a replacement for medical care. However, for much of my life I've been prone to illness. Why is that? It's caused problems with missing work and school. When I've gone to the doctor, they think I'm faking or that it's a mental health issue. I agree that there are issues there, but right now I want to focus on physical health concerns. Can you help me figure out what this is? Thanks!

  • mh83

    Sometimes when we need love or to learn to love ourselves and do not know how for whatever childhood reasons, we may develope emotional and medical problems. I feel with you that you need to explore natural healing methods and reiki is one of them along with a nutristionist because I f eel that your diet is in need of find tuning here. Diet does affect us in so many ways on so many levels . The body can heal itself with the right foods and care.

    You need a support group that will help you heal. Find a church to attend and if you don't like the one you choose at first , go to another one until when you leave that church you are smiling and have meet people that you know from your core will , though not perfect themselves be of great help to you just by being with them.

    Please let us know how you are proceeding on your healing path.

    Warm Wishes


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I have looked into natural healing methods and hope to get in touch with a reiki practitioner soon. I've begun to explore a new faith, and will try to attend that church. Unfortunatelythe church isn't right in my area. But, I feel that it will be a healing and nurturing environment. Thanks very much for your advice!

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