Oh boy, :) Anyone willing to do a reading for me?

  • So, my life has undertaken a LOT of shifts over the past two years. These years were the toughest but most rewarding of my life though. With this new lease on life I'm just wondering if anyone would be willing to read for me and lend some direction to my new path 🐵

    I really really wonder about love (mostly).



    🐵 Thanks a billion (in advance!)

  • Hi gladyouwroteyme

    I am happy to take a look for you, we'll use a cross reading:

    1. YOU - Ten of Swords - you have been really dealing with a lot of mental effort trying to sort out your life lately. Leaving you exhausted quite often. School could be hard for you and with so much going on, you sometimes have to stop to catch your breath.

    2. Your situation - The Hermit - you are alone and have isolated yourself in order to gain clarity on your life. You would love to see a change so that you are NOT alone! Don't worry, that is turning around.

    3. Crossing - The Emperor - You are wanting to take charge and make the hard decisions it will take to move your life forward in all areas of your life, love, school, and a job. You are finding this difficult. You feel that life is an immovable construct, opposed to you in some way, and this is frustrating. The reality is that you are making great progress, you simply having some trouble seeing this at times. You are much stronger than you realize.

    4. Your Fondest Hopes and Dreams - The Knight of Wands - Signifies your longing for your life to be moving forward on all levels. Also indicates your longing for love.

    5. Foundation of this situation - past influences - the Six of Pentacles - a focus on material security has been a driving force in your life so far. Schooling and a need for income/job. The rewards have not been great so far. Barely getting by at times. This weighs against you and you long for the day when you can be free and so happy, love and work blending together into a harmonious paradise.

    6. Last of the present - The Queen of Wands - Well, here is the Queen who matches up with the Knight of Wands in your hopes-dreams above you. This tends to tell me that you had a connection with someone recently and you are leaving that behind you. Some flirting has been going on.

    7. Nine of Pentacles - Sees something much more substantial coming in for you, a job it looks like, as well as something sensual in your love life. Love and work will soon unfold at its own pace. You have some changes coming very soon that are going to be wonderful in your life!

    8. Future environment - Page of Pentacles - the Six and Nine continues with this page, and this ties back to all of the other Pentacle energy - VERY strong manifesting energies mounting in your life. Get ready. You might not be able to see it right now however you are heading into an entirely new chapter of your life and it is Lovely and something much better opening up in work. Expect to receive a nice message very soon connected to the more pleasurable areas of your life.

    9. Outer influences - Temperance - an angel - you are surrounded by something very heavenly right now. Reach out to your angels as they are helping you a lot to move you forward in life. Hug yourself. That is your angel.

    10. Your hopes and fears - The FIVE of SWORDS - you are feeling like these present circumstances are not changing, however they are. Your mind is catching up with the reality that heaven is opening up something much nicer in your life. You should exercise your faith at this time, as there is a lot more going on than you realize. School tensions are easing. Your mind is calming down, you are starting to relax.

    11. Outcome - Nine of Swords - Rest and relaxation, expect something very nice to enter your life, a love which will be a source of release for the stresses you are experiencing. This sees you at last in the one place you like more than anything. It is sweet, it is tender it is very pleasurable. And all is moving along nicely in your life.

    I hope that helps you gladyouwroteme.

    Bottom line - expect some much needed improvement in all of these areas, and some emotional relief - i see someone entering your life. :

    love and light,


  • Astra,

    Thank you so much! I did recently go through a HUGE transition, I actaully felt it shifting, it was amazing. I am a very hopeful and optimistic about my future. You were riiiiiiight on!

    I just recently went through the divorce, then met this man (M.), and after a year I thought I finally got rid of him, M. is a good man but kept me at too far of a distance, it felt so detached. So after roughly three months of not talking to him he recently decided he wanted me back, which is hilarious because this came just a few weeks after I met this really great man (J.) who just makes me laugh all of the time. After a month with J. I still get butterflies when I think of him. I don't know where it's going or if it will be anything substantial but I love the scary intense sweet feelings that he has elicited :). I doubt that M. is sincere, I believe his transition occurred out of jealousy. J. is great, I really enjoy him...

    The job....phew! yah, huge changes there, I was so part time that I couldn't get by, it was tough as a single mom with two kids but we made it work! NOW, well, things took a turn. I'm working long hours and it's going to be a great thing going forward, I just know it. The experience has been very rewarding, frustrating but rewarding as I feel like i"m in over my head. But I have a great group of individuals that I work with and with responsibilities increasing so does the connection that we all have with one another. It's a challenging job but I have amazing people that I work with daily. And the big picture of what I do for my job is just a phenomenal thing.

    I feel good going forward, yah, a little stressed out but happy, fulfilled and joyful. Always joyful. My life is blessed in infinite ways.

    Thank you so so so much for your insight! I can't tell you how encouraging it is to read these words, I feel as though you validated what it is that I"ve been feeling and it was all SPOT on!


    Thanks again!

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