Aries woman missing her aries man please help

  • I'm wondering if anyone can please help. I'm an aries girl and my bf is also an aries. He was born 4-9-1981 and I 3-27-1986. We've recently broke up because he's trying to figure out what he wants to do with himself (career wise). I've just been very heartbroken and confused because we just talked a few days ago and decided we were going to get back together and he wasn't going to go away (into the national guard). The next night he tells me he doesn't know what he wants. I'm wondering if it's another woman, or maybe i should just really move on, or what. I really am not sure if i really want to move on,because i feel he still doesn't know what he wants, so i'm just waiting here and he isnt talking to me...

  • Astrology predicts that this would not last for a long term love relationship. Deep feelings usually do not figure prominently for at least one of you in this very social relationship, whether its tone is cool or fiery. Love or even close friendship can be pretty well ruled out here, yet common bonds relating to a shared hobby, sports activity or other interest may create enough fun, trust and permanence for a casual companionship. You both enjoy adventurous activities and exploring nature, and as members of a social group or club, you could spend some happy carefree times together. But you both need a good deal of independence to pursue separate careers and really need to spend long periods of time apart (since you both guard your spaces and your perogatives closely) which is not conducive to either a love affair or marriage. Your egos can clash badly and you are likely to end up fighting more than loving.

  • thank you thecaptain!

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