Please...can someone do a quick reading for a sad libra?

  • i wish that someone could please help me? i have been suffering for over a year now over a man who has gone from my life. we both were so smitten...and i was so happy just being with him...doing anything really. i want to know if anyone has any idea what's going on with him, and how he feels about me. my birthdate is september 27, 1955, born in ogden, utah at 4:30 pm. he was born on january 11, 1978, in virginia...not sure what time or city. please help me get some closer...thank you so much...

  • Capricorn men, I'm sorry to say because they often appear FANTASTIC at first, are usually cheaters. THey seam to have one part of their life wonderfully put together while some other parts are in shambles, but you forgive those parts because they are so darn romantic and cuddly. UNTIL you find out later they were cuddling with the neighbor, or your friends.

    Don't take these guys seriously until they are older, or that is what I hear. I don't know though, I don't know any older Cappys. My brother is Jan 11, 1977.His eye is always roaming. But when he is with his woman he wants her to be sooooo attentive to his needs. She is too.

    I think they need to find themselves before someone else.

    A positive, Cappy men do tend to be attracted to older women. My brother married one. They are divorced now though.

  • Ok, thought of it a little more, here's some practical advice.

    HEY! I just realized that his woman;s birthday is I think yours, or a few days off, except she was born in '78. Your best bet with a Cappy I think is to just hang in the background. Be his booty call. Sometimes when you like someone you just don't care as long as you get to be close to them for awhile, am I right or am I right? Sorry, Venus in Scorp here. I have never been beneith letting someone I like use me for ****. I would rather have something THAN NOTHING!

    Will have a looksy at his your charts.

  • hi siderealsupastar! your advice rocked! thank you so much. wow...what a coincidence about our birthdays being so close. that is crazy! i am understanding more now about caps...they do have a wandering eye...and that is something libras cannot take...period.

    you are soooo right when you say that we would rather have some time with them than not at all. haha! but, if he's with other people, then i'm not too sure if i still want depends on how he feels about me, ya know?

    i would absolutely LOVE it if you could please look at our charts! thanks so are so cool! 🙂

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