AstraAngel- I need some help!

  • I know you get a ton of requests, but could you please do a reading on my love life for me?

    I have been friends with these two guys for a while now, I have started developing feelings for one, but the other has feelings for me! So I've always wondered if he has just only ever viewed me as a friend or something else, but also scared to tell me as his friend likes me. Perhaps there is someone new for me in the future? I don't want to get too hung up on someone who doesn't share the same feelings.

    Me: June 7, 88

    The guy I have feelings for: April 26, 90

    His friend: June 1, 90

    Much appreciated.

  • Oops, don't think I was supposed to put birthdates!

  • Oh hi Surlemare

    Let's see.. its actually helpful in relationships to provide birth dates in order to identify compatibilities and other issues. I don't always have time to do that, however since this is kind of a love triangle, it can help. There are a lot of similar energies between all three of you... a lot of overlap so all three of you probably feel a strong kinship in some way, although.. is it romance? Hmm, let's see...

    surlemare - You have a lot going on in you Sun sign, which is Gemini. Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Venus. Wow! This makes your personality quite colorful no wonder you have guys after you. A peacock comes to mind. Been strutting your tail feathers lately? (Wait a minute I think its the males that do that lol... Having some fun, hope you don't mind)

    With this combination, you are a Gemini of gemini Very communicative, like extreme. Also your Venus is there so I am guessing that all you want to talk about is love. You meet up with a friend for coffee... first thing out of your mouth, "so what's going on with your love life, I want to know!" Mercury is along for the ride prompting you to go to Barnes and Noble every other day looking for books on love. ANd relationship. And the internet. And anywhere you can find out more about this love that lives in you, you are there.

    THe only sad-sweet part of you is Chiron... and that creates some issues for you as You have some trouble receving the communications BACK from your companions and love interests. You talk and share and pour your heart out... at length... and then you pause, hoping to hear his heartfelt and communicative response.. and he says something like "Oh, okay...." ARGHHH! You want to scream. That is Chiron. A little dash of brokenness to keep you searching until you find the real thing.

    Your Pisces is also jam packed with action, North Node, Moon, and Mars. So you also have a VERY emotional nature and very empathetic with others. You know what is going on in them before they do. WIth Mars there the emotions can become a little too intense at times, forcing you to pull away. You have been known to hit the road by yourself at time, just to get away... you have to think, and reflect... and your partners will have to understand this about you.

    Now, lets look at Guy #1, he is the guy you have feelings for and you are wanting to know how he feels about you.

    He is a handful too.... Sun, Mercury and Moon in Taurus. Earthy and very emotional, and can likes to talk about it too. That is one of the things you really indentify and love about him. He doesn't mind talking about his feelings which can be kinda rare in guys. He is different. SO you are very attracted to him because he lets you see inside his heart. At least he is out in the open about his feelings, probably to anyone! Bullheaded like any Taurus, you aren't going to be able to change his mind on much, as a Gemini you don't care too much, you are very adaptable, especially with all of that Pisces water flow going on with you. So that is not an issue.

    He has Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer so this is a little bit of a issue for him... he really warms up to the thoughts of heart and HOME and a FAMILY however Chiron is there and so there is some brokenness which also results in him have trouble owning up to that reality. He really wants a marriage and family, however he is a little scared also about the commitment and so he pulls back.

    His Venus and Mars is in Pisces so he, like you has a lot going on in his intuitive, feeling side, and it is extreme. So you pick that up as well, and it draws you to him. I tell you what, you should get something going with this guy,he is great for you, once you get him to relax about the commitment and home thing. His North Node is in Aquarius so his life path is wanting to take him to break the mold and step out of the box of life. Expect some wild times with him. Like train trips in Bulgaria, and balloon rides, and skydiving and visiting Blacks beach in CA.. a lot.

    Let's look at Guy 2 - He is also a Gemini like you, however he doesn't have nearly the activity as you do in his sun sign. So he is not as "colorful" as you so you are not immediately attracted to him like you are to Guy 1. This gemini likes you a lot BECAUSE you are so colorful in your sun sign, and he wants some of that action! Were you two to ever get together, he would love to hear about YOU and your life, what makes you tick. So this could actually be a really sweet relationship. The only thing is he is the same sun sign, so you two would need a balancing energy on the opposite side, like a Cap, Sag or Scorpio. Like a three way, FWB thing would be nice hear.

    He has his Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer so is a lot like Guy #1 in this area. Wants a family, scared of the commitment.

    His Mars is in Aries, so he is a fire soul who knows how to take charge and get things done. Like, were you two to be dating, and you wanted Chinese, he would have his laptop out in two seconds comparing all of the reviews and locations of Chinese in the area and would have a powerpoint presentation to present to you while you are sitting at the stop light.

    His Moon is in Virgo, so he has a really mysterious kind of emotional life, he probably has no clue about his emotions, he knows they are there, and they are 'differnt' is all he can figure out. He probably needs like a Cap or Taurus GF with their moon in Taurus - wait a minute, that is his friend! No wonder they are friends! 😉

    His Venus and Mercury is in Taurus, so he does have a very grounded understanding of love though, and he also (like you) likes the journey of love, and anything to do with expressing love he will be all about. Should you two ever hook up, expect some nice long letters from him, poems and cards with roses and cupids and he has written to you on every square inch of that card - everywhere. He sees those colorful tail feathers and he wants to know you.

    So there you go. So far I can really see why you are drawn to guy #1. And why guy #2 is really drawn to you. You have your hands full. 🙂

    Now, let's get down to brass tacks and see what the Tarot says about it. I put together a nice seven card spread, and I am using the Fairy Tarot which is perfect for these multi dimensional relationships. Fairies love it! Keeps em busy!

    1. Your feelings for guy #1 - Four of Cups - any time I see this card show up I think Soul Mates. Because it shows heavenly love coming down. The relationships of the past have not really satisfied you and you are looking for something a little more transcendent and spiritual. You are really drawn to guy 1 for this reason. And with his Aquarian North Node you know he is heading to the kind of love land you want to live in.

    2. Guy #1's feelings for you.. are you ready? Are you sitting down? (I guess you are as you are at a computer lol)... Ten of Swords - Uh oh! I am getting that he has some internal frustrations and is not exactly ready for an intimate relationship right now. Maybe down the road after he has processed out his feelings. My guess is some sorrow from something in the past, something sorrowful and he is still dealing with that. Wait until you see him without bleary, red eyes and then we can ask the Tarot again. He is spending some time in solitude working on himself.

    3. Where this relationship would go? Eight of Pentacles, pretty nice! "a happy future" the Fairy Tarot says. This looks like a materially successful future and very grounded and stable.

    Tell you what. Take a few of this relationship books you have stacked up and offer some of the best ones to him. Let him know you are aware that he is working through some personal stuff... he will light up and will think "wow, she tunes into me!". Worth a try. You know all that stuff in those books anyway.

    Hey Surlemare I am going to go ahead and post this, as my battery is low and want to get what I have so far out there for you. Will finish it up shortly with Guy #2 and possible NEW relationship! 🙂

  • OK here is the rest...

    4. Your feelings for guy #2 - the Eight of Wands - My little book says "deep and sincere sharing." I believe you sense the intensity that Guy #2 has for you and on a deep level you know that the two of you could really open up with each other. This is actually a very positive sign with you toward him. Something is wanting to happen, and I'll bet were you to encourage him in the slightest way, he would be ready, willing and able to follow you to the moon. Keep in mind he is really into YOU as you are giving off energies that are expanding on his own Gemini nature. You are also a twin and so is he... two plus two equals four so this could be an amazing foundation for a relationship. A guy is supposed to be so into his female companion, that is when a relationship can really set off into the stars. You are sure you don't feel something deep down for him?

    5. Guy #2's feelings for you - Two of Cups - No surprises here. He is really into you and would LOVE to see something develop. He digs you, he thinks you are a Goddess, and were you two to go out, he would be opening every door in a one mile radius for you. You are SURE you are not feeeeling something for him? 🙂 Maybe your brain hasn't caught up with your heart yet. It's possible.

    6. Where this relationship would go? - The Hierophant - At first I was like, what? This is not making sense. Then it hit me. The Hierophant is like in charge of esoteric knowledge. And you recall what I said about Guy #2 really into listening to you and into what you are sharing? That's the Hierophant energy. He has a spiritual thing for you is what is happening. And that is actually the foundation of a relationship that can be other-worldly! He is tuned into you for sure. You could parlay that into about anything you want. The Hierophant can be a sign of a "high love principle".

    7. And, the outlook for a new relationship for you? Ace of Cups! Yow! This is a rather strong sign that there IS something coming down the road that would be rather amazing. Can you wait? Guy #2 doesn't want you to wait. He is probably pretty close to proposing now. I would keep your antennae probing, something is coming for you, and it looks very sweet. No other prospects huh? No one else you are interested in, in the slightest?

    For now, my feelings are telling me that were you three ought to get together and bare your souls to each other, that something nice could happen and you could all help each other move forward in life. Sometimes its not a black or white solution in relationship. Sometimes it is ... different. And you have to be open to something perhaps a little unusual... could be a lot of fun. These two guys would be into it.

    Invite the two dudes over for a nice dinner.... fix that Italian penne dish you like... and over wine and candlelight pour your heart out. Tell them what you are feeling! Guy #1 might want to bolt and run... Guy #2 will be wanting to tape record it. And you will really get off on it. Why? Because you are bringing it out in the open which is what you love to do! You would have done that before now with them, you simply were too concerned about their feelings or something. Don't worry about it. Guy #1 is so into his own issues right now he will seize on it as possible answers for his own inner turmoil, and Guy #2 will be loving every second of it. Could add an interesting twist to this three way thing trying to develop.

    Bottom line -

    • Guy #1 is off in his own world, and you are into a possible spiritual love thing with him (would be while before it develops though).

    • Guy #2 is practically in love with you now, and you are aware of that, and would actually love the rapport between the two of you. Finally.. someone you can talk to and he will REALLY listen!

    • A NEW love is out there however, how long before that shows, I am not seeing right now. They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. And you do have a bird in the hand with Guy #2.

    You want love NOW? Take Guy #2 to Barnes and Noble next time you go and ask him his advice on some relationship books you are considering. You will be reading together that evening.

    I hope that gives you something to think about! 🙂

    love and peace, astra.

  • AstraAngel, you are SO sweet! You went over and beyond on this! Thank you x a million.

    I read this with a huge grin on my face the whole time, I just love your enthusiasm and the way you describe things. Kept me grinning even through the bad news about Guy #1.... haha.

    After I sent this, Guy #1 told me he found he girl of his dreams last night. I was very saddened by this, but hey, it's not the end of the world.

    As for Guy #2, this sort of broke my heart a little. I just do not have feelings for him (other than friends) and I wish so badly that I did. It's frustrating but what can I do? Perhaps my feelings will change the more I learn about him. Everyone always encourages me to give him a chance...

    So, I guess the outcome was alright. I know I do feel fortunate enough that they are my friends.

    Thanks again! I hope you don't mind if you do this for me again in the future!

  • Anytime Surlemare, thanks for asking for a reading, that meant a lot to me.

    Blessings to you.

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