Needing move or not to move!?

  • Me: 05/06/1985

    Him: 07/22/1980

    Me and my cancer man have been together for over a year now but it has been totally long distance. We both have come to an agreement that we need to move to be closer to one another, he suggested that he could move here but he has to get some things taken care of first legally, and then i suggested that i move there because i'm really tired of the city that i am in and am really looking for a new start.

    I'm just wanting to know if anyone could tell me if this move is a good idea or am i setting myself up for failure! i reallllllly want to go!

  • Welcome aboard.

    Another Taurus/Cancer dilemma! LOL!

    My advice, let him get his legal troubles sorted out there first.

    It will continue to haunt him if he stays in his hometown or decide to relocate to your city (either way).

    My advice...

    If you decide to move to his hometown instead, seek employment first...

    And then start planning...


  • thanks so much for the advice!!! i have been eagerly searching for jobs so i hope all goes well! ^fingers crossed^

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