AstraAngel - Could you Read for me Please?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Could you please do a reading for me on my relationship front, my ex keeps tooing and froing without making a firm decision about us, playing with my emotions but he can't see that.

    My d.o.b is 03/11/1971, his is 23/02/1963

    If us getting back together is not meant to be do you see anything coming up

    Many thanks

  • Hey scorpiosuz -

    Sure thing - your situation is tricky, so I am using the Fairy Tarot deck to get to the heart of the matter. This card popped out right away.

    THE LOVERS - immediately as I was reading your question I could sense that the thing with your Ex needs to reamain as "the EX" and not try to keep that thing alive. It needs to go away. You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. You are ripe for something new and exciting and so let's see what that looks like.

    Five of Pentacles - I am sensing some security issues here - does your Ex have dough or something that makes you feel secure with him? Hmm.....

    Two of Cups - Do you REALLY love him? Why then are you Ex's? I see that deep down you really want something nice and new and lovely lovely lovely! So yes, something new coming for you.

    The High priestess - Listen to your intuition? What is that saying? Move back in with Mr. Ex? Go back to what you know is there? The toaster oven in the corner where you left it? What is pulling you back there, the fantastic S E X? Then why are you ex's then? That good you would have never left to begin with. So listen to your heart, not your pocketbook and security needs.

    Ten of Pentacles - Do that and you will eventually wind up i a MUCH better situation with a MUCH better MUCH better MUCH better MUCH better love. "There has no lady who has left house and home and boring Ex lives behind for the sake of true love who shall not receive a hundred fold MORE love and MORE home and MORE life than she ever saw before!" - that is Luke 18:29 Astra Angel translation 🙂

    WOW! And the LOvers Again! You are certainly headed for something new and it is not with EXo-Facto. Are you really wild about him? Are you madly in love with him? Dreaming about him every night? Squirming in your seat thinking about him? No? Then why fool around with him? Deep dow you are wanting something new and fantastic, you know it and I know it. Send your ex an email and say "Hey hun, I have been thinking and for YOUR sake I a going to end this reunion with Happy Days are hear again because they are NOT here again, and I need something new and passionate and so do you. So goodbye and I hope we can remain best of friends anyway, once in a while!"

    Do that and he will understand. He needs to move on, you need to move on. What is coming for you? Who is the next phase in your life?

    THe FOUR of CUPS - this is the "heavenly love card" - something magickal and sweet as pie and twice as nice. Your lover to come will be very enamored with you. He is your SOul Mate. Yes, you do have one in spite of your past (ugh) relationships. You simply haven't met Mr. Right yet! He is coming. How soon?

    King of Swords - pretty dang fast! Quick! Is there someone new that you are already flirting with? Some guy, down at the bakery that sold you that set of bagels with the feta frosting? The dude down at the gym you asked for some "extra help" with? What else is going on? nothing? Come on, there has to be someone else out there you are attracted to and have not been willing to admit it to yourself? What is his name? Childhood sweetheart? Or a childlike personality? The mailman? The guy you caught giving you the eye the other day at Kroger's, while you and "Ex" were shopping for stuff to make a salad. You caught him looking at you didn't you? And he lookewd several times and you lookked back, and there was a ... connection... over the celery wasn't there!

    You are looking and he is looking and as long as you play your cards right that can work out.

    Five of Cups - definitely something NEW coming in for you in love... you have been feeling it for a while. You have a King of Swords coming for you and it is nice.. you are going through some real changes right now in your expectations in relationship. You want DEEPER and NICER and SWEETER and all night long and all day long love and roses and nice walks arm in arm and little touches and little glances and little feelings of like, how soon can we get back home and play doctor again? Ha ha, you see Suz... you like love HOT Cuz you are a Scorp and you are not going to want to cling to something that is not working, deep down you understand? Your needs are now much more intense... passionate... is Mr Ex really hitting knocking your ball to the top? I didn't think so otherwise you wouldn't be on a Tarot Forum asking for advice.

    Temperance - something angelic and fairy like.. and the King of CUPS so yes there is a new guy and he is ready for this SCORP to sting him and fall in love with you and you with him. Something nice is coming that is all I can say.

    Bottom line - the thing with Ex is over and NEW is coming. Get your little tail with that stinger ready! 🙂

  • Thank you for your reading AstraAngel,

    I do not know what keeps me hanging on to see if my ex will come back, its cetainly nothing material, he doesn't have a lot of money or possessions - maybe its just comfortable.

    Your right I want something new and more exciting, I haven't noticed anyone new around me as yet but will keep looking out for that special person.

  • I wanted to poke a litte more at this question - what is keeping you hanging on?

    Five of Swords - which sounds like a lot of fence walking, you are analyzing this and it could go either way is what I see.

    King of Pentacles - it looks like it well settle out soon enough. Look out for a Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo to enter your life soon. Is that your ex? One of those?

    The WORLD - well whoever it is takes your life in a brilliant new direction. Accomplishment and accolades and a lot of dancing. Still looking for your ex in this.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I do tend to analyze things (on every level). I think I hang on because we get on so well, he's even admitted it and I know he wants to be with me but is afraid of 'going back' as he see it, I see it as 'going forward, new start'.

    As I previously said he wanted to try again, take things slow and then seemed to suddenly change his mind without even saying anything to me - I beleive that his old friend and ex lodger is again interferring, telling him its the wrong thing to do etc. She wants him for herself but he's already told her they are just friends, so I think she sees it as she can't have him but you (me) won't either, jealous of what we had.

    I saw him briefly on Sunday and he was quite arrogant and brash - he is never normally like this but she was there and her attitude seems to rub off on him, which it will if you spend long enough in bad company, think she is the bad influence but he can't seem to see that she is interferring once again. When she's not around and he's had little contact with her he's a totally different person.

    He is a Pieces so not one of the ones you mentioned so I will keep my eye out for someone new and he sounds nothing like the person you see and which I admit the thought of excites me.

    I am torn as part of me wants him/loves him and knows that it could work out but the other part tells me to just walk away and wait for this new person to arrive in my life as everything would be so much better.

  • scorpiosuz

    yeah, you are in one of those places that can be tricky.

    The Magician - you are entering something magical and a little bit mysterious. your best bet is to maintain a loving heart toward him... pray for him and wish him well, and who knows? it could still turn around and become nice again... you need to also keep your heart VERY open to something new. Do you see? You really don't have to figure anything out. Stay in a love outlook toward him without focusing on that and that alone as the only path...and at the same time REALLY OPEN YOUR HEART to something very sweet and new to come in. That is the magic, and that I feel is where matters are wanting to go ... at least that is my sense. You follow your heart though, it will all work out really nice for you. 🙂

    Blessings and peace... and candlelight!


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you again for your words - they have been very insightful and have helped a great deal. Just to let you know that we spoke at length last night, he really does not know what he wants so we will remain friends, I can't let him go out of my life, as he can't me, but at the same time I will not let that hold me back from anything new that comes along.

    So we will see what the future holds.

    Thank you again

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