Could anyone help interpret this reading

  • I'm trying to understand this celtic cross reading I'd appreciate anyones help. I get the gist but would appreciate any insights anyone could offer

    Significator - Knight of pentacles

    1 - 2 of cups

    crossed by - the devil

    Above - the moon

    below - the empress

    behind - the magician

    in front - 5 of pentacles

    1 - 6 of wands

    2 - 8 of wands

    3 - 4 of swords

    4 - 2 0f pentacles

    Any help would be great. Thanks for reading

  • You are in a situation where you are debating something that is trying to develop in your life. A new love is my guess.

    Situation - The Two of Cups. yes, a relationship you are entertaining. You are seeing that this is going somewhere and you are a little nervous, you want to go with this, you have concerns.

    Crossed - the Devil - there is real passion here between the two of you there are also some limitations that are driving you nuts. You are being challenged to keep your cool head and see this through to its proper conclusion.

    Above the Moon - more than anything, you are in love with heaven, and a heavenly understanding of love that you have always had trouble putting into words. You only know when it is right it sends you to the Stars and you are so in love right now.

    Below - the Empress - something hurt you deeply, a woman, a situation that had you crying a lot and you almost gave up, yet something in you said keep going. This was a materially significant matter it appears to have had an impact financially.

    Behind - The Magician - You are walking away from something that was wonderful in its time, however there was something going on (with the Empress perhaps) that had you leaving and shaking the dust off your feet.

    In front - Five of Pentacles - whatever this new direction is in your life is taking you to a time where you are forced to live a little tighter, you are weighing out our options as a result. All will be well.

    Future environment - Six of Wands - very nice! your decisions pay off and you are in a place that is much nicer, suits you to a tee. You are very happy here and are not shedding any tears over the Magician - Empress experience. The Moon is shining down on you at last. The Two of Cups has folowed you here. So has the Devil ...for a little lighthearted fun. ;0

    Outer influences - Eight of Wands - there is a lot of activity going on around you. People seem to be trying to get you to do something, make a decision about something and you are dragging your feet, you do not want to leave the place of the Six of Wands (for good reason). They will eventually go away. Pay them no mind.

    Your hopes and fears - Four of Swords - you really want to get into a place in life where you can finally rest and relax, and this is your preoccupation. Your only fear is that something (from the past?) will keep you awake at night. The Moon plus this Four of Swords tells me that you are really centering in love and want to find that place of mystery and emotional satisfaction where you can really relax. You are at rest and lovin' it.

    Outcome - Two of Pentacles - expect to be moving soon. That is a step in the right direction. Your material needs will be met automatically. Enough anyway.

    WIth all of these major arcana cards over your life box, you are obviously feeling some very strong unsettledness in your life. A lot has changed and that will continue. You are in good hands, the Universe has your life going in fantastic new direction! Have faith EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT so great for you.

    That Six of Wands place you are heading into is really going to send you to Cloud Nine. You have been dreaming of this for quite a while. Its your turn now. Have fun!

    Hope that helps... that was only my initial impression... Two of Cups right now, and that is a relationship. Its pretty intense. Especially with that moon over you.

  • Oh AstraAngel.... I tried to keep my mind completely blank when choosing the cards, I wanted direction and wanted not for this situation to be at the forefront. The reality is - it is the main thing on my mind - i don't know if you'll remember the reading you did for me before, you seem to do so many, but there was a situation with a man with false starts. I had put it behind me following some really negative involvement from a really devious vindictive woman. Its reared it head again and while I know there is difficulty with this man, in my heart I feel there is a really strong connection and reasons for the way it has played out so far and that it has to be allowed to reach its conclusion. I feel like I have no control and that it has to develop in the hands of the Gods. I do feel very unsettled by the whole thing, it is stirring up a lot of feelings for me from the past. Thank you for your reading Astra Angel, I am very very grateful x

  • You are certainly welcome saranavitch, my pleasure. Let us know should anything more come up you need help with. Love and light, astra

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