Please AstraAngel

  • I have requested several times for a general reading from you but you seem to be well in demand (understandably) so haven't pursued it as you're so busy. Could I please ask again - birthdate 24 November 1959.

    Thanks in advance AstraAngel and have a lovely day 🙂

  • Hi yummybrummy

    Sri I missed you there, let's take care of you now.

    1. Self - where you are at - The Hermit. Alone. Not exactly where you want to see yourself. What brought you to this place? A lot of soul searching, you are analyzing the patterns in your life and trying to gain a better grasp of YOU, so that YOU can stop being the hermit.

    2. Situation - The environment you are in. Four of Pentacles - You seem to be concerned with you material provision right now, and security issues are top most in your mind.

    3. Crossing - The Three of Pentacles - another pentacle. Finances I see are a concern. You are reaching out for a new job or are wanting to improve the WAY you are receiving material reward. You are considering making some changes, even a move in order to bring yourself into a place where work and fun go together. Love somewhere in there would be so nice also... let's see what we can do about that. You seem to work along a lot for some reason.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - Two of Cups - A lovely, intimate sweet relationship you are crying out to have in your life. Your heart is very open right now, you are looking at some possibilities, however they have not measured up. You are ready to commit to someone, and this has been a comfort to you and at times sad also for some reason.

    5. Difficulties of your past - The Hierophant - a rigid upbringing, some expectations were laid upon you that you did not ask for, You kept going in spite of it, You are proud of the fact that you threw a lot of the demands and rules and dictates away. It was hard, however you know that life was supposed to be WONDERFUL for you and you are NOT giving up until you find all that you deserve, first in love. There was also someone "back there" who was rather inflexible in their attitudes and expectations of you. They are no more a part of your life. Whew!

    6. What you are leaving behind (last of the present) - The Ten of Cups - this looks nice, almost too nice. Something that was supposed to be wonderful and lovely has not exactly turned out that way. It was great on the surface, and you tried really hard to maintain appearances. This setting was demanding, and may have been connected to that Pope figure. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs. This can't be true love I hear you crying out to Heaven. I have good news. It wasn't. What is coming WILL be though. 🙂

    7. Coming up for you - Temperance - something much more angelic and lovely. You will find some new energies now sweeping into your life (is there someone new?). A nice balance is restored after some rather unsettling events that left you reeling. All of those cups back there? Well, they all had to be washed too! And now this angel is showing up with the Two Cups you always wanted - your deepest desires, you only wanted Two - you and your beloved. Why can't life be nice and simple? you are asking the sky and the stars... You know, it can be. You had to be ready though. ANd you are as ready as you will ever be!

    8. Your situation or environment that is coming up - The Nine of Swords - This is a time where you are facing a iot of your own deepest needs. You are coming to accept WHO you are and what you REALLY want from life. The expectations of others has not brought the happiness you longed for, and now you are coming to accept the person you are within and without. Every rule and every dictate you are ready to toss in order to move on. You will do anything to find liberation and freedom! Good for you! Be strong during this time, you are not going crazy, you are waking up and appreciating the truly beautiful and divine spiritual bering that you really are!

    9. Outer influences - this could be people around you - The Chariot - Wow! Something around you is wanting to carry you away, I almost have the sense that you are being asked to go here, do this or that - and hurry! And you are like, "hey wait a minute! What about that Two of Cups! What about love! What about my happiness!" You are being pressured here for some reason by others, and it could be material, work related? You are really trying to stay focused on that simple life of intimacy that you have always desired. The Chariot will soon become a carriage for you... something magical is coming for you.

    10. Your hopes and Fears - I tell you what I see. I see a beautiful person who knows a lot more than she is letting on about love, and relationship. Because you have been so willing to face your own fears and move ahead regardless, this has developed an understanding of how much you really know how that should work out in your life. SIMPLE AND SWEET is what i am hearing. You are due that, you are getting that.

    11. Outcome - The Devil - Hey, yummybrummy, have you ever wanted to do something so wild that it would shock the entire Universe? Something that would have the powers that be saying, "wow! Talk about a hidden part in them! Just raring to get out! Wild!" I see people lining up to buy tickets. This tells me FREEDOM is coming up for you. A time where that chrysalis you have been dragging around you finally break free from and are able to FLY FLY FLY to the heights of love and a sweet simple life that is also a little bit naughty, and and little bit naughty. Something like streaking through WalMart. Whoever ymmybrummy WAS is about to become yummybrummy of the Stars, Mystical, transcendent, other worldly. And that two of cups that you have been longing for, that relationship that is to close you couldn't get a piece of paper between you, shows up when you least expect it and they are also wanting to streak through WalMart with you. Tip: Have a getaway car waiting for you the other end.

    WHat I see is a person who has lived under a LOT of expectations from others, and you have tried your best to live the way you thought everyone else wanted YOU to live. That Ten of Cups that you are leaving behind, and that Hierophant figure, was so painful for you. You KNEW you had to move on though and chase your dreams. ANd you are ready to pay whatever price is asked of you, in order to find the FREEDOM you deserve.

    You are on the right path. You are wise to resist these pressures lately trying to force you to keep the staus quo intact. It never really worked for you anyway, in spite of how hard you tried, and dear Heaven, you did try so very hard. I have some great news, fantastic news... all of that, the tears, the questions WHY? and every heartache you will look back on soon and see a reason. And I see you LAUGHING and SMILING and HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE and it is with someone who shares your same longing, mostly for freedom! And they will be writing songs about you.

    Watch out for those displays of the teen vampire movies, they always have those right in the middle of the aisle. And should you accidentally knock it over while you are running, don't stop to clean it up. You're a streaker now, now a housemaid.

    FINAL WORD: Don't stop! :):):):):):)

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel for your time and your detailed reading. You are SO spot on with the freedom aspect. I am definitely a person who craves her own space and detests rules and restrictions.

    I have had prior difficulties where my second marriage fell apart and so did I at the time - took me a long time to pick myself up again. That was 7 years ago and you're correct, I am now ready to settle again and yes it would definitely have to be with someone who appreciated their own space and was also spontaneous. I would dearly love to be loved again and of course be in love again.

    My burning question AstraAngel is when do you see this happening? I have lived in Dubai for almost 2 years now and is a place extremely difficult to find your other half. I have no intentions to move on anywhere else for at least the next 5 years but the concept of meeting my future partner here is very remote.

    Thank you so much again for your time, you look under extreme pressure on here with all the requests.

    I wish you a beautiful day AstraAngel. You have a heart of pure gold

    YB XX

  • Astral angel i need your help!

  • My birthdate is 08-31-77

  • Hey Virgogoddes

    What's going on? Let's start with your chart to see what make YOU the way you are, and has contributed to the situation you are now in.

    Your astro chart is weighted pretty heavy to one half (between Cancer and Sagittarius) - only your Moon in Aries and Chiron in Taurus live on the other half. So your life really really really needs a balancing energy to help you compensate for all of that weight on one half. This tells me that you place a LOT of emphasis on your emotional life, which can be a challenge as Virgo doesn't always like to go that way, you like life to be under control and managed and very balanced. SOmething drags you to that Moon of yours over and over though, which makes you very intuitive and feeling-natured and that leads to psychic abilities and a strong empathy. It also leads to some tumult at times as all of the emotional energy (weight) can be overwhelming and you pull back.

    Your Chiron is in Sagittarius, so something a little broken in this fire sign of movement and goal setting. My guess is that you have some difficulty "moving on" in your life, past influences tend to hang around, and you may face some challenges achieving the goals you set for yourself. This is the way you are learning how to look out for yourself though, and is an important influence. You have to work a little harder in these areas is all.

    Okay, your Sun and Mercury in Virgo, so you are organized and efficient, clean and tidy to a tee, and with Mercury there you also have a keen mind about these aspects. You are always thinking about "how can I do this better, more efficiently?" You are process-oriented as Mercury helps you to analyze your life efforts and take stock in order to maximize your approach to living.

    Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars on the cusp in Gemini. Well, when it comes to home and hearth, you are there with a great compassion and tenderness. You could easily pass for a Cancer with this configuration. Your home is more than your domain, it is where you welcome, entertain, invite, show love and caring with all of your heart. You are protective of your home environment and refuse to allow any influences there that are anything less than your highest ideals of domestic love and nurturing. Your home is your triage center, a place where close friends and associates know they can always come for someone to confide in, lean upon, and find rest. Mars can excite this at times to the degree where you may be a little too outward focused, and forget to that your home is really first and foremost for YOU... and you are the closest friend you will ever have. Take more time to love on yourself, treat yourself. Hey. its okay to put little butterflies and childlike art around your home, Its more than okay, you should have plenty of very innocent art and imagery around you, butterflies, dragonflies, daisies, sunflowers, little children looking up to the sky, reaching upward, running. These all reflect who you are within, very lovely and tender hearted, and you love to see the world around you being cared for. This part of your chart is so strong, and is an area of vast beauty within you. The presence of Mars on the cusp in Gemini gives you that talent for relating to others quite naturally.

    Saturn and Venus in nearby Leo. You love to be that warmhearted soul who can touch and embrace another with a firm gentleness. Saturn makes this area a little troublesome at times. You find yourself asking, "am I showing too much openness toward others? IS my heart too much on my sleeves? That is Saturn, holding you back a little there. So my guess is that there are times where you face some limitations or questions in relationship. Are you second-guessing yourself there a little? A feeling of wanting to protect your own heart at times causes you to pull away at the last minute. ANd then your Moon shines on that and you are apologizing and asking them back over for chocolate chip cookies and milk. 🙂

    Pluto and North Node in Libra - your life is calling you into balance, That seems to be a big part of your life lesson. Taking all of these aspects of your nature and bringing everything into a harmonious whole where you feel very together and relaxed. And feeling relaxed and at peace is very important to you You go out of your way to find calming influences. You have been known to stand at the tea aisle in the grocery store reading a lot of the labels, looking for the ones that say "midnight dreams, evening relaxation, winter calm..." You will NOT be buying tea that says "energy jolt, up and at 'em brew, or red hot sasparilla"... you are looking for calm and anything that takes you there - relationships - goes to the top of your heart's elevator. Especially relationship. Especially when your partner is a Aries, Pisces, Aquarius. And knows how to clean up behind themselves.

    Uranus in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius. You like to dream of romantic escapes... somewhere dark and mysterious. Travel plans could indicate places like oriental getaways in the hills, where there are a lot of those beautiful butterflies everywhere, the exotic ones. And no alarm clocks.

    Okay, that is some background on you, how the Universe put you together.

    The Tarot will now address where you are at in your life, so we'll go ahead and lay out a Celtic Cross to get a nice overview of your situation. using a combination of the Lover's Tarot deck (LVT)and Ryder (R)...

    YOU (lvt) - the Three of Cups - this is the YOU you feel yourself to be right now deep withing. This is a wonderful card to see here, and as I was led to use the lvt deck, this tells me that a romantic relationship issue is top on your mind. Great promise and you are elated at times, and then you are wondering.. is this for real? The LVT book says "Parties and celebration bring you pleasure... and your physical, emotional and spiritual energies are vibrant and magnetic... if you are searching for love there is no better time to be out there." hey Virgogoddes, this looks good so far, at least this is how you are wanting to approach life right now. You are ready for something really nice! You are attracting this into your life right now.

    Your situation right now (R) - The Ten of Cups - Hey! This is another wonderful card to see in this position. All looks wonderful to me! You are at peace and surrounded by a loving family type situation. Okay, all is well, reading done! Wouldn't it be great were life that simple? Something else is going on though...

    Crossing you (R) - The Nine of Wands - This shows that all is not exactly well in tinsel town. You are waging a battle on some level, perhaps there are perceived threats? You are strong and resilient and whatever it is that you are facing, is only making you stronger. A little bruised and feeling like the Universe is out to get you? No, its only a passing fad. This too shall work out into your salvation.

    Your Fondest hopes and dreams (Lovers Tarot) - The Knight of Wands - Your knight in shining armor, albeit a little grimy from all of that earth he is so found of. He represent that opposing energy in some way, a very grounded and secure individual. Capricorn.

    Recent difficulties (love) - The Ten of Swords - this has not been fun. Sleepless nights, and you are walking around in your pajamas asking why, what happened? mostly why. What you can understand. Why, in this way though? You have beat yourself up over something that was NOT your fault. You weighed it out from every possible angle, and the angels now counsel you to let it pass, and then relax. You are entering something brand new and it will dispel these events like an early morning fog under a brillitant, piercing, hot, very hot sun.

    Last of the Present (R) - an influence, and I want to say a person. Someone that was a nurturing friend through that Ten Swords ordeal, you are very close and it is tender. Love has found a way. This is something that has held you close before and you are relieved when she is there. Earthy like the Knight of your dreams.

    First of the Future (R) - Nine of Cups - this looks like matters are about to settle out for you in a very sweet way. The help of the Empress, and of course your angels and all of heaven teamed up while you were sleeping (or at least trying to sleep) and said "what can we do to make Virgogoddess's life the sweetest, most intimate, most well-organized love life possible. Note cards with little hearts and cupids and baby angels in separate folders, and letters of love, and a basket of potpourri (your favorite, smells like "true communication"), and a trip to paradise - all rolled into one! Go heaven! You will look around and wonder what all the commotion was about - it is so nice now! You are seated and secure here, the storm has passed. Heaven says "you're welcome!" 🙂

    Future environment (R) - Ace of Pentacles - the seed of that Earthy Knight is my guess. Starts tender and like green shoot, and with tender loving care, this will at last turn into that which your heart always longed for. it is a beginning you can count on. Very secure, and best of all, well organized. And he knows what a bar of soap looks like. No nonsense love is what I am getting. REAL.

    Outer influences (R) - Six of Swords. They said it couldn't be done and they were right - trying to do it their way. Thank goodness you found a BETTER WAY and it is taking you somewhere nice. A trip to a land where love is still something they write home about. Tip the oarsman. And most of all relax. Heaven has the helm, your work is mostly done at this point. You now get to enjoy the view, Warm beaches. A sunny surf, Seagulls, pleasure like the water from a well, and smile-drenched sweetness. And the best part you have it to yourself. Well, mostly. There is this Knight at your side you can't seem to escape. Not that you want to. 🙂

    Your hopes and fears (in love) THE TOWER - You were tempted to hang on and try every size of bandaids you had. Emergency repairs. Look out, she's gonna blow! Good riddance. Deep down you really now you wanted better and you knew you deserved better, regardless of what the community of well-wishing, leaky roof, repair people told you. Let it go. And run. When it falls there won't be anything left, except a big, bright, toothy grin on your face! No worries, it was never meant to last. What comes next was though!

    Outcome (LOVE) The Hierophant - Unconventional lovers is what this represents. Sure, they know how to dress up for church, however when the lights go low, and the sunset is so very pretty, the traditions go out the window, and its an all night thrill ride of passion and love! While you bid a fond (not exactly) farewell to loneliness and the thunder of that tower mess. GOOD BYE you are saying and HELLO to the High Priest of HOPE. And listening with his heart. And treating you like the Goddess you always deserve to be. There is something very spiritual here as well, the connection is not the usual run of the milll Fantastic Love, this one manages to escape earth's gravity and takes you where you always wanted to go. A work of love that knows how to have FUN after the work is done for the day, In one another's arms. Somewhere around Neptune and Jupiter.

    I hope that gives you some food for thought virgogoddes, I enjoyed laying this out for you! I am having some fun mixing the decks too. So i hope you were able to perhaps catch one little nugget or two out of all that. I am honored that you wanted a reading from me!

    Blessings and peace and love - oh wait minute... let's make sure that is in alphabetical order... BLessings and LOVE and peace.

    Let's make sure the emphasis is where it belongs! :):):):):):):) -astra

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