Understanding my reading

  • I've been married for 16years, and we have been struggling over the past 2 of them. We have even talked about whether or not we will stay together. we love each other deeply and we both agree it would be hard thing to do if we split. So I did a reading on myself, i wanted to know if we will stay together and what needs to be done.

    7 cards across:

    1st: 4 pentacles reversed

    2nd:5 swords reversed

    3rd: 6 pentacles upright

    4th: death card reversed

    5th 7 wands reversed

    6th: 9 swords reversed

    7th: 7 swords reversed

  • It doesn't look like a real optimistic spread to me for a marriage. Unless you two are going into the sword business together. Material concerns have been an issue, is that a big part of what you are trying to preserve? You are both going through a phase change in your lives. A lot of internal issues and you are finding your answers within and not with your spouse.

    I would let it go. Sixteen years is something to be proud of. The struggles are a sign you both need to move on. Love should never be a "struggle". When is the last time you "struggled" to have a nice meal, or go for a walk under a lovely moon, or pet your dog? Love should be love, not a struggle. Digging a ditch you might struggle at, or trying to repair a roof. Love? Love should be heavenly and angelic, not a trip to the hardware store for a leaky toilet repair kit.

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