Energy Report for October 2011

  • a message from Kate Spreckley

    This month is another powerful time of transformation and change and it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are radically changing. It is important to continue to move forward, releasing and clearing any remaining fears, anxieties or blockages that may come up in the next few weeks. Remember that everything is transforming now, and rapidly, and we can only benefit from this transformation when we align ourselves with the flow of change and the evolutionary energies currently flooding our planet.

    October swept in on the energies of the New Moon at the end of September. Those New Moon energies added some extra big pushes to our processes, urging us to take action on that which is in need of change. The energy of this month will be urging us to make the changes now, so feelings of impatience and frustration may be felt as the limitations of living within this physical reality become a little more pronounced.

    The Aries Full Moon on the 11th / 12th October completes a particularly important cycle and may bring up some of the issues we experienced mid-year. There are important and significant changes occurring for everyone, which, although it may not feel like it, are for our best interests. With this Full Moon energy we may well be feeling the duality of frustration at any remaining limitations, as well as the gifts that come from personal growth.

    In October we stand on the brink of total transformation with a potent new energy pulsing powerfully and quickly from the Divine. This energy will ripple throughout humanity generating the changes needed to enable us to live in sacredness, balance, harmony and complete truth. You are being restructured on many levels so that Divine energy, love, wisdom and inspiration may be received into your consciousness and then applied to your Earthly experiences. In the resulting chaos of this process it is important that you maintain your energy in a high state of openness to the Divine frequencies and even though you may not be able to see where you are moving to, it remains essential that you do keep moving forward.

    As the month progresses the energy pathways of your body will continue to be cleared allowing your body to shift into alignment with your mind, your mind into alignment with your heart and all into harmony and alignment with your Spirit. In this process the energy of your heart will be grounded within the world. As the energies of your body, mind and heart combine with the energies of your Spirit, your ability to maintain emotional balance, the power of your mind and firmness of purpose will strengthen. Through this strengthening you will not only strengthen your physical structure but also that of your connection to the Divine.

    You have come here to learn to co-create with the Divine. And you are reminded of the balance between connecting with the Divine and then actually taking action on the guidance and inspiration received. You cannot sit back and wait for the Universe to do it for you, you must take the initiative and signal to the Divine, by your actions, that you are truly prepared to do what it takes to achieve your destiny. As co-creators the key to your ability to create on the physical plane lies in the inspiration and impulse that you receive from the Divine. If you do not take initiative and act upon that guidance you will go nowhere. Without action there is no creation, so do not fear action because of possible failure. There is no failure, there are no mistakes, as each action leads you to a learning experience, which then adds to your store of wisdom and leads you closer to self-understanding and mastery.

    Remember that we all make mistakes as we struggle to fulfil our greatest destiny and it is these mistakes, which have given you the necessary lessons in truth, integrity and the virtues of love, forgiveness and compassion. Every event that has occurred in your life is a creation that has allowed you to take a positive step forward on your path. It is this inner progress, which will assist you in recreating the world with forgiveness, compassion and love.

    In these times of rapid shifts and changes it is vital that you remain centred, balanced and focused on your Divine path. This will replenish your energy with required sustenance and support you in opening to the gifts that life has to offer. You have worked hard to overcome mental blocks and tensions, negative emotional patterns and physical limitations and as you follow your destiny and proceed on your life quest, triumph and liberation will emerge. With this liberation and triumph the unification of your mind, Spirit and matter will enable you to accept your inner power and integrate this within your reality. You will awaken to the profound beauty of the journey you have taken to arrive at this moment, which will reflect your Divine truth within your reality, freeing you to explore a new cycle of conscious awareness.

    According to the interpretations of Johan Carl Calleman, we also entered into the 7th Day of the Mayan Calendar on the 11th October 2011. The 7th Day is the Universal Fruit of the Cosmic Tree and will allow for us to powerfully shift into Unity Consciousness. These times can feel overwhelming as we make this final push to the top. Miguel Angel Vergara, a Maya Priest and Master Teacher, offered these beautiful words, which may encourage you to hold fast to your faith. It is a message that the counsel of Mayan Elders has been sharing regarding the current shift in consciousness:

    ‘It is about a time of hope, humility, forgiveness, love….a time of prayer, of plenty….a time to go to our roots, to the very depths of our being…..a time to share who we are and what we have with all humankind who are in need at this moment….this moment, this great eternal moment in the Universe….’

    ‘There are no dates….because time does not really exist….The prophecy of 2012 will only be the reflection of our state of consciousness, seen through the great mirror which is life, the strong sense of belonging to the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Sky….this eternal moment is worth everything…everything you are….everything you feel….everything that lives….everything that breathes…Is it you?’

    ‘Look into the depths of the cosmos from the earth and you will find all the answers you need….Look inside yourself, see who you really are! And put the best of your heart into everything you do! Treat humankind like you want it to treat you! There is only one path….the path of the true heart! This is the Maya Prophecy of 2012’ – Miguel Angel Vergara

    There is great potential for joy in these times as dreams come true and love warms our hearts. As the powerful energies wash through your being, remember to take time to sit, listen and allow yourself to take action upon the path of your heart.

    Wishing you a month of miracles

    Much love


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  • Yeah, lots is going on spiritually. Can't wait to see whats next! Count down to 11/11/11

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  • I read somewhere that 11/11/11 is a bad number - but every thing else I have researched on it states it is a good number especially changing for the good any thoughts on this?

  • New Earth Rising : Towards 11/11/11 - Diving Deeper

    a message from Celia Fenn

    As we move towards what I think of as our "date with destiny"on the 11/11/11, I have been finding that words are not flowing as easily as in the past. It is almost like I have developed an aversion to the clever "mind bytes" and sage advice that is so common these days. Advice on how to live, what to think, how to make money and what to say....and yet....the desire is to go deeper and deeper.....deeper into the very truth of Who we Are and what we Feel in our Heart and Soul.

    This is not surprising really, given that with the opening of the Lion's Gate in August of 2011, we opened the Gates of the Sixth Dimension and anchored the Flow of the Dreamtime energy on the Earth. And this energy is INTENSE. We are literally "living the Dream" in Full Technicolor now, with all the hues, tones, accents and nuances of being an Angelic Spirit being in a Human Angelic Body! that again....we have arrived! We are fully aware of Who We Are and that We are here to "experience" Life in all its intensity and flow.

    When we are still in the grip of the mental energies we think that the purpose of life is to be successful, happy and wealthy. Well...yes....that is always a good place to start from, but many successful, happy and wealthy people often forget to actually live. The pursuit of these things becomes a replacement for the experience of the adventure of life. As you shift into the Fifth Dimension and then the Sixth, you realize that the "security" of success, happiness and wealth is not a guarantee that you will experience the Adventure of Life. You can buy some great toys and have a good time, but unless you dive deeper and deeper, you may only be skimming the surface of what is possible in this New Earth reality.

    We are here to Create and Adventure and experience this magnificent adventure in all of its textures and hues. And of course, the textures and tones of Love and Peace are Magnificent, but so is the "lift" of creating art, laughing, sharing, dancing, eating new foods, travelling and trying out new things.....or just walking on the beach!

    In the Technicolor "Dreamtime" the true magnificence of the Planet as a "playground" of dreams and experiences is revealed. But, we cannot fully appreciate the richness of this exotic banquet of life until we open ourselves to feel and experience fully.

    This understanding came to me recently when I was in Denmark in late summer, sitting on a beach with a group of friends, eating mussels freshly harvested from the ocean and cooked with fresh vegetables in an iron pot over a fire. It was a brilliant sunny day with great company and great food and great was like something from a movie. I was reminded of a film I once saw called "Babette's Feast", about a Danish woman who prepares a sumptuous feast as a Celebration of Life.

    The Sixth Dimension of Consciousness is about a Celebration of Life in Full Technicolor! The "Projector" is your Heart, and the Director of the Movie is your Soul and Higher Self. You are the Star in this movie, and it is whatever you create together following the directions of the Higher Guidance. But you are the magnificent Star. must be willing to be the Star in your own life and play your part with Courage and Perseverance and Intelligence. Do not be afraid, but allow yourself to experience all the feelings, emotions and tones of life.

    At this Equinox, many of you will be feeling this pull to open your Hearts and align with this powerful Flow of Creative Dream Energy, this River of Dreams that flows from the Cosmic Heart of the Divine Consciousness. You will seek to fully connect with the "directions" of your Soul as you work together to express your Life Purpose. You will want to move beyond the superficial, the shallow...the the deep Essence of self and the deep feelings of the Heart.

    This is the Gift of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness as you open to and express your Magical Child!

    And then, as you balance into this Energy at the Equinox, you will be aligning for the final steps into the 11/11/11 portal of full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. Between the 23rd of September and the 11th of November, you will feel this intense energy of your Soul expressing its desire to live fully and completely in the Earth "Dream".

    For the Equinox on Friday, I will be posting a Meditation from Archangel Michael to prepare us for our alignment with the Great Rose Stargate of the 11/11/11.

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