• BLMOON, THE Captain....Whomever!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    I found out last Wednesday that I am now pregnant! I am not ready ; due to financial reasons. I have had a VERY difficult year so far!!!I just found a job last month

    I am trying to decide whether or not I should have an abortion. I AM 5 1/2 WEEKS!

    My Boyfriend James is SO Happy {This would be his First child} for some reason, he never got any of his previous girlfriends pregnant. JAMES IS 59 YEARS OLD.

    If I DO decide to abort, could you PLEASE give me a reading as to whether or not, that would be the best decision for me??

    April 21,1973


  • BUMP.

  • StandingTall,

    This is a decision for you to make - and only you - as you are the one who ultimately knows what's best for you. How do you feel about having a child? Is this something you have always wanted for yourself - being a mother? You are 38 years old, correct? Remember the clock starts to slow down before it stops ticking. You must also consider how you feel about being a single mother. You have a boyfriend, yes, and he is thrilled, but has he proposed marriage? You must make this decision with ALL possibilities in mind which would include him not being a part of your life in the future. Without a legal partnership you will not be able to count on his financial support.

    Take care and take some time alone to think about this calmly.

  • Thanks!! I will think about it calmly.

  • I'm still a child but here's my input anyways.

    I think you should do what's best for you but also take in account that the man helped create your baby so he does SOME say in it because it also carries his DNA. You don't have to marry him just because of the baby. If you think that you and James can raise the baby together, that would be great. If he ever decides to not fufill his duties as a father, then there's child support.

    If you feel as if you absolutely cannot take care of the child, then abort.

    I'm sorry that you're in this predicament. It's your decision that really matters. I also know that this might be James' only chance of having a child. Do what you feel as you should do.

  • Sorry - I think I may have not made myself clear in my first post. I did not mean that you should only have the baby if you two get married or that you SHOULD get married. I just got a sense that you may not be looking at the practical side of the responsibilities that you will face and may be a little too trusting with him. You will still be able to go after him for child support if you two split up without being married, but will most likely have to prove he is the father and it will just be a more difficult situation for you. Please also remember his age - two main things to think about in this regard: (1) you will need to ensure that he has made provisions to take care of his child in the event of his death and (2) even if you do stay together, the onus of the day-to-day child rearing will be on you.

  • Hi, when I got pg with my 4th child my husband tried to force me in to an abortion but for once in my life I stood my ground and my daughter is 2 and a half and a sweetheart. When you choose to abort you have to live with that decision for the rest of your life. Your clock is ticking and it gets more difficult as you get older and before you know it the chance is gone. And there is never a good time. If we all waited for a good time there would be no children on this earth. And at age 38 as a responsible adult there are many ways of preventing getting pg.

    It is your decision i do not even agree that the man has a say in it as you are the one carrying for 9 months and doing the nuturing. But think good and long and hard about it because you and only you must live with it.

    PS I have never fully forgiven my husband for that

  • I agree weigh your options carefully, my ex tried to have me abort and I said no my son is noe 15 yrs old & times are very rough but I wouldn't change not having him for the world!!! Only you can decide so think carefully befor acting

  • I agree with shadowmist input. I too had to choose. Besides at 5 1/2 weeks it isn't an it anymore but a human being.

  • And the fact that your boyfriend is overjoyed is a great plus.

  • And btw congratulations!

  • Thank You ALL for your insight!! I will keep you posted 🙂

  • If you decide pro then babycentre dot com has fabulous birth clubs where you can chat with other mums to be due about the same time as you.

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