• Just wanted to send you hugs ... you are loved!

  • 😉

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  • WHERE YOU BEEN!!!???? I think of you often. I was thinking maybe you were busy going on hot dates!

  • hahaha! hot maybe but dates...nope...((hugs)) I started reading the posts and read a msg you left yesterday and thought had to send you some hugs...and... love 😉

  • As always--you are the silently forever on duty Goddess of hugs for all us sick pups! I was beat up for couple days---feeling strong today. The wheel goes UP the wheel goes DOWN.!


  • Ayyy! The Frog Prince! Well as the story goes the princess refusal to compromise helped the frog realize who he truly was - a prince.

    sent you updates, check inbox 😉

    ((more hugs))

  • EXACTLY!!! you are the wise one and it is now my job not to compromise though I'd prefer something lazier.And in my version it's not so much he realized he was a prince as she inspired him to become one quik--he better had! Why can't a man just rise to the expected expectations of earning the love of a goddess. I do not know who gets lazy first her or him--mostly I think him. Hugs back! I have missed your special vibe!

  • I keep getting locked out of my inbox!!!!! They only give you like two trys then when you retry they give you those goofy jumbled wavy deflicted words to figure out--aparently this psychic flunks that one--hahaha! I have to wait awhile now--again! SORRY--I so want to hook up. I'll just assume the universe has it's reason and hopefully it will open the door later! HUGS!

  • Oh my gosh!...well those goofy jumbled words may have locked you out but you sure felt my vibe tonight...the universe may have a reason for not letting you open the door just now ..I've been thinking of ya and going over all the stuff that happened this weekend.... the universe must want me to write more updates before you get to feelin' my vibe feelin' my! ....... W O W!! ❤ (((hugs)))

  • I WAS thinking the same thing!

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