AstraAngel- When you have a minute- your insight with a reading please...

  • Hey Ophelia74

    Sure thing! Let's see what is happening with you!

    1. The Future of the Relationship - The Tower - I have been seeing this a lot with relationship readings for last few days. I will give it to you straight. This relationship is probably a "butterfly" relationship. What does that mean? It means that should you two actually decide to keep moving on together you will enter a Chrysalis phase in the relationship where it might seem like nothing is happening and you may estranged from your mate. HOWEVER... after a period of time, the relationship will be reborn as something divine and very wonderful! Very sweet and intimate and everything you could ever want in a relationship. Do you and your partner have what it takes to make it to the "true riches"? It will be worth it... first though... The Tower. Ouch.

    2. Your feelings for the relationship? Two of Cups. About as sweet as it gets.

    3. His feelings for the relationship? The Devil! This is actually a great card here, you are both water signs and his Moon is in Capricorn, and that is the Devil card! Ruled by Capricorn. So I am seeing that this brings some much needed "earthiness" tp the relationship as you both are water sun signs. And his version of the devil... well its "naughty and nice", do you know what I mean? Maybe erring a little on the naughty side 😉

    4. Your intentions for the relationship? Four of Pentacles - a lovely manifestation of the essential foundations of relationship, heart and home. Ruled by mercury so you REALLY want to make sure the lines of communication are always open.

    5. His intentions for the relationship? Death, or inner transformation. This expresses his inner need to be willing to go through the Tower pain (death of 'old') so that the both of you can emerge as little butterflies, having fun and making love your home. This is a great card here from his pov.

    6. Was he sincere in saying her loved you? Come on Ophelia, you really need to ask this? What do you think? What is your heart telling you? Don't you think it might be prying a little too much into his heart, and is that the right thing to do?

    Oh well, why not...

    Four of Cups, Yes. he was a little confused, it is still a yes. Any cup here would be a YES.

    7. Does he want to be in contact with you? Emperor (ruled by Aries) - Yes, There is a two headed bird on this card, that bird has no choice except to communicate lol!

    8. Will you two be able to successfully maintain a long distance relationship? Hermit. Hmmm... it looks like a no to me, at least in the real physical sense. You are both water and you love to have intertwining streams in and out of each other... very nice. There is always Skype though. Or Facetime on the Mac. Not the same, better than nothing.

    9. The Place of Patience in this beautiful relationship - The Princess of Pentacles. This Princess (and her Knight) already know a lot about patience, and it will be something you work through togther, it will be beautiful. I see how much you love each other. this relationship is blessed of Heaven.

    I hope that helps you... love and peace. 🙂

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