AstraAngel- When you have a minute- your insight with a reading please...

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I just reconnected with an old friend, romantically, known for 10 years, online talking for the last year, six weeks together. He was always hesitant to say what would happen when our vacation was over, but told me he loved me as we were leaving. We've had little contact since returning to the states. He is with family now and I am with mine...we're busy.

    I would like a reading regarding the future of this relationship and his/ mine current feelings/ intentions for it. Was he sincere in saying he loved me, does he want to be in contact with me but hard with no phone/ computer easy access to, will we continue successfully to maintain a long distance relationship, should I just be patient....If you have your own insight it would be much appreciated (pisces sun, gemini moon, pisces ascend.- me...cancer sun, cap moon- him)...

    All the Best,


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  • Will he go overseas again in the next few months?

    The Empress - not a lot of movement with the Empress, She is seated and satisfied so I am saying NO.

    Little contact now, because of returning home with family, do you see this picking up?

    King of Cups and Justice - YES!

    Does this frustrate him, not being able to talk to me more, or was he needing a break?

    The Empress again and the Star - he has hopes with you, that is what is preoccupying his mind. He is weighing out something with you that is VERY serious and this has required him to distance himself while he makes up his mind.

    More regular contact soon? ACE OF WANDS - YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

    Do you think he is wanting a relationship with me in the future, like moving toward being together in person, is this something he really desires?


    Will I see him at the end of the month?


    Why am I so insecure? He says he misses me and loves me and I doubt that...instead of trusting it...he is very much a thinker and not spontaneous.

    ACE OF CUPS - you are coming into a much deeper understanding of love with him, this will be ramping up soon and all of these questions will disappear. You are entering a new phase of life and so there are always these feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. The energies are swirling around you and occasionally you feel a little dizzy, that is the TRUE LOVE energies. Rest a lot, take it easy, don't sweat it all is going to work out for you two. Your doubts about him will soon leave.

    Are we good together?

    KING OF CUPS - good and its going to get even gooder.


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  • Hi Ophelia,

    Thanks for asking and I am happy to see some answers on your questions....... say he is thinking about something serious, making up his mind...can you see or tell at all what he is thinking and maybe what he may decide?

    The Nine of Cups - love. With you. LIke, serious love.

    Do you think he will move closer to me?

    Three of Pentacles - i don't see much activity here as in a move, only some work going on. I have the sense of work tying him down. Had we drawn the Two of PEntacles here I would have said yes.

    Threes are planning numbers... he is still in a planning and kinda waiting phase.

    Does he think I am worth it?

    Eight of Pentacles - he sees you worth enough to be devoted to, and applying himself in any way he can to bless your life together. So, yes.

    Does he know it bothers me that we spent so much time 24/7 for two months together and now there is so little contact?

    Six of Swords - yes, there is some regret there. This card sees him moving away from you although it seems more out of necessity than because of anything that happened. The move had to occur, the distance has provided a quiet space for the both of you to reflect, remember and ponder where you would like to go next. Sometimes it takes a while to figure these things out and often it is better we do it alone an really listen to heaven.

    Is the lack of contact in part due to his inability to call, he doesn't have a phone or internet at it family's house.

    Knight of Cups - This knight is not in a real hurry, as he carries his cup of love. I do not have the feeling here that his reticence to reach out to you is really the result of a lack of a phone. He is in a love fog, considering his moves, and he needed the time to himself. Don't worry, when he is ready to commiunicate again and there is not a phone around, he will send up smoke signals.

    Have our last few conversation irritated him at all?

    Queen of Pentacles - no, not at all. He listened with an open heart and was very understanding of you, Maybe from your POV the conversations could have gone better in some way, they are not an issue to him. HE was visualizing YOU the whole time anyway, I am not even sure the words were really where his focus was.

    Do you mind more questions if I have them?

    Not at all! It all comes from heaven above, feel free to ask away. πŸ™‚

    Peace and love.


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  • Ophelia,

    Okay... whew! You have some questions. Good for you. Means your serious about him. You wouldn't be going through this much effort without true deep feelings for him.

    I see the questions on his drinking. I believe people resort to alcohol (on a steady basis) becausse there is some broken in their life, that the alcohol helps to smooth over while they are trying to get a grip on existence. In my own life, i have seen a connection with brokenness in relationships becoming such a painful thing that the alcohol was about the only comfort I could find. I never drank to the point of really being commode-hugging drunk... or hitting anyone. It was always something i did to cope with life. And sometimes coping is about all we can do. I would be very, very careful with the alcohol thing and your friend. Is he violent with it? Does it make him mean toward you? Then you have a problem. He is probably enjoying the relief and it sounds like his life is stressful enough.

    I'll bet, were you two to get together and it is so sweet and intimate and true love... with butterflies in the air over you... and such a tenderness they will writing books about your two... then you'll see the alcohol go away. I have seen that in my own life. I went through some difficult years where it helped me survive until something, a door of light opened for me, to true love. Then, the alcohol seemed to go away, at least i don't desire it like i used to.

    Until we find our right place in life (and that often means the right partner), we can be pretty miserable creatures. We all cope in different ways. I would focus on being honest with him about it once you actually HAVE that intimate, committed relationship. Until then I wold pray for him and wish him much light and the love of heaven to fall down on him like a river. That will do a lot more good than zeroing in on that as a problem. I see it going away with him once you are together.

    That is not a reading, that is only my thoughts on it as someone who HAS used alcohol as a coping mechanism. Does that make it okay? No. It also doesn't make it wrong. Hey, its around for some reason. Hey, Jesus drank wine, and I think they were partying a lot more back then than you read in the scriptures. πŸ˜‰ My sense is that coping using a substance can tend to keep us stuck in life, in that there is some painful road we do NOT want to go down. So we can latch on to something to help us maintain, until we have sorted out matters, and then we have the courage, and then - perhaps - the drink goes away. I dunno... i love a good beer, let me tell you. I am not drinking these days though. My dad was an 'alcoholic' and my heart always went out to him, life really handed him a raw deal. There was a lot of physical and emotional pain in his life, so my heart always goes out to those who need that to get by, pray, see him so happy in his life, and that will help him more than anything.

    okay, let's see what kind of answers come up for you.

    Does he have a drinking problem? Ace of Pentacles - no.

    If so, can he stop or will he stop if needed, would he get help? he will stop when he feels that he doesn't really enjoy it any more, or feels less than his best when he takes a sip... or when he is aware that it bothers you in some way.,.. Six of Penatacles

    Do you see anything else with that or with in his past relationships that may be of concern? Queen of Cups - some heartbreak in his past relationships... a wound, something hurt him and it could be connected to the need for alcohol to cope. I still do not see this as a serious issue for you two unless you are already aware that he is going way overboard with it, Did he used to show up at your door, with his shirttail hanging out of his pants, staggering... and talking like this?

    "hay..lo...---HIC! .. shweeetie.... HIC! --- howz... er... u.. doin... bay... be..." and then he stumbles and throws up on you...

    I mean, was he like getting really really commode-hugging, slip sliding drunk? Yes? you have a problem, No? Then see my comments above.

    Will I regret it? Eight of Pentacles - NO.

    Will my ex-husband be OK? The Lovers - he will be more than okay, someone new coming into his life

    Will he find peace? Ten of Swords and the Ace of Swords. He will find peace ...eventually.

    Should we be together?Five of Pentacles - NO.

    Will we remain friends (we were more friends than loves, best friends, that is what hurts so bad)? Two of Swords . I don't see anything chummy here.

    Will he find success in his career? King of Cups - YES.

    Will he find love? We saw YES (above).

    If so, is it someone that will welcome/ get along with me? Six of Cups - YES.

    Will the children be OK? Strength, YES.

    Will we find balance as a family still, how long will it take to return to each other as friends and parents? Seven of Swords. Five of Cups, this doesn't look like a recipe for anything real lovey-dovey. The TOWER. Hmm... not looking like the Waltons to me. at least in the sense of this being the family hour again one day. Hey, you and him are on NEW Path. That will always mean changes in your previous relationships. Hey, it happens.

    Will we always love each other? Nine of Swords. Not exactly. At least not in the "i LOVE you' flavor of ice cream. Five of Swords. Ugh. I would focus on YOU and let this be handled by heaven. Don't burden yourself with "will we still... be love, friend, nice, sweet, etc..... you have a NEW life and that should be your concern now. The future, not the past. The UNIVERSE will take care of all of it nicely don't worry.

    Will I find peace with it all? Three of Wands - YES. You may still gaze back once in a while and a little tear will appear in the corner of your eye. Then, your lover will come up behind you and put his arms around your waist and pull you close... and kiss you on your neck, below your ear.. where you really like..... and then that little tear will go away.

    Can you analyze these two men and myself, a brief one, tell me how they would be different for me, which is better?

    NEW is better. Let OLD go with love.

    Sure I could examine your charts and see how NEW is a perfect fit for you, and OLD has issues... do we really need to do that. GO with your HEART Ophelia... stop dragging around the past, it served a beautiful purpose, and now... you have something MUCH BETTER coming for you.

    Regarding the filing:

    Did this/ will this change things for us? Temperance, Yes, it opened the door to something angelic in your life!

    Is this what will cause the shift from the Tower and increased communication/ declarations, movement- new love and sweetness, etc. that you mentioned earlier? Seven of CUps and THE STAR. Yes, yes yes. You are following your intuition now, not your head. Your heart is in the driver's seat. Follow your heart. The filing had to happen so the door on past is closed. King of Pentacles - so that you can welcome A NEW LOVE without one arm still trying to keep the past working. You need both arms to wrap around your new lover.

    Will he return to a job overseas? Ace of Swords, YES.

    If not, will he find something close to where I live? Within a few hours? In that States? nine of cups - YES, I see this as a furture development. It does appear that he may still be making a trip back there.

    Hey, I hope that gives you some thoughts to consider. You asked some more alcohol related issues, I think we have already addressed that.

    You take it easy Opehlia you really care about people lot, and it is often people like you and me, that seem to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders thinking we have to keep everyone happy. You can't fix everything, you can only focus on YOU and take care of your heart, and let the past and all the other stuff be handled by heaven. I see a lot of lovely, lovely times with you coming up... candlelight... more kisses on your neck... and other places... and you so totally, totally in love.... and Moon shining on the two of you at night.......

    My highest blessings over you, you have a beautiful heart... πŸ™‚

    love, AA (Astra Angel... or Alcoholics Anonymous ha ha)

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  • Dear Ophelia74

    Here is a text only version of your report - this is also available as a 9 page PDF file at the end of this post.

    I hope it blesses you and helps you in this matter! πŸ™‚


    Relationship Compatibility Analysis

    Prepared for Ophelia74

    October 12, 2011

    Table of contents:

    Introduction – pg. 2

    You – pg. 3

    Your Ex – pg. 5

    Your Friend – pg. 7

    Conclusion – pg. 9

    Prepared by astra angel

    Dear Ophelia,

    Thank you for your request for a Astrological Relationship Compatibility Analysis (ARCA). It is my hope that this 9 page document will help you as you seek higher understanding in your love life.

    Let's look at all of your charts to see what the compatibility indexes are between the three of you. We will be analyzing you and the two other significant people in your life at this time:

    You - 3/1/74

    Your Ex - 12/24/1971

    Your Friend – 7/15/1973

    We will focus on your charts and then will also be looking at the Tarot for additional illumination.

    This report is provided as a tool to help you gain better understanding into your relationships, and should be viewed as a resource only. You should pray and search your own heart for your conclusions about your relationships, as Heaven will continue to guide you as you continue on your divine path of ascension.

    I hope you enjoy this report. It was my pleasure preparing it for you, and I wish you much love and good fortune in your journey – of TRUE LOVE!


    Sun and Mercury in Pisces - Fluid, free flowing emotionally, you are very easy going and love to blend and flow in situations, and relationships. This would explain why you are trying to continue trying to flow around your ex, and are seeking accord with him even after the divorce. (Three of Pentacles - you are the encourager)

    Mercury in your sun sign indicates that your intellect and desire to communicate is there to help you process "what in the world is going on in my life!" So you have a strong curiosity about what is causing these relationships to go the way they have. (Ten of Wands - sometimes your desire for understanding can eclipse everything else)

    continuing clockwise, Very nearby Jupiter in Aquarius - so your Pisces nature is seasoned with a strong desire to look for answers where others give up. You are VERY open to alternative thought, understanding, and this expands your already strong mercury intelligence to want top get to the bottom of things in relationships. You do not like to give up. You dragged your heals for the longest with the ex, until finally you gave in to the inevitable. (mostly out of desperation - does drowning sound familiar to you? you are saving yourself). (Ace of Cups - your love life always begins in Aquarius, you are seeking a love from the Stars)

    Venus is also in Aquarius so your love nature is of an ethereal variety. Very communicative, thoughtful and caring. You are always "feeling things" around other people in their love lives, you sense what is going on. This curiosity in you is quite strong and you love to apply this knack you have to try and sort out relationship issues. You are learning and what you are discovering is helpful for others. You see yourself as a Big Glass of Water in a thirsty world, and you want things to WORK! So you are always offering your love to others (like the Page of Cups) and don't fear to tread where others would run screaming. (Four of Wands - the love that begins here, a love from above, will last and be wonderful experience)

    Nothing in Capricorn.

    North Node and Neptune in Sagittarius - Your life purpose has you seeking new fields to conquer. There is an itch in you to discover and explore, travel is indicated, and Neptune there tells me that you love to dream about new chapters, new roads, new lands of love and experience to uncover. This is a magnetic pull for you, and it is quite irresistible. You do not like becoming stagnant in your life, on any level. You are always curious about what lies around the next bend. You love to take trips to see the ocean, rivers, lakes, anywhere there is water you are there. On trips and vacations you have been heard to ask, "Hey how far are we away from Lake WatchaMaCallit?".... and someone answers, "Oh, it's about 500 miles to the west." and you reply "Oh cool - let's go there!" You are willing to travel as far as it takes to find true love. (Death - Transformative love is your thing)

    Nothing in Scorpio.

    Uranus and Pluto in Libra. All three of you, your ex, your friend and you share this. These outer planets move very slow so as you are all three very close in age, these influences are all shared between you. People born in this time are very strong advocates for social reform and human rights issues, you are progressive and liberal in your desire to make whatever changes in society are needed to bring humanity closer together as one family. These energies also play into your relationships, very broad strokes here, a strong desire to do the right thing, and see only what is fair, for you and your partner. They say the wheels of justice turn very slow, and grind very fine, so you take your time pondering and analyzing a matter before deciding what is best. This explains why all three of you are taking your time seeing new connections develop, and dropping those connections that are no longer serving a positive purpose (you and your ex for "ex"ample πŸ™‚ (King of Wands - FREDOM is vital to you)

    You have nothing going on in Virgo, Leo and Cancer.

    Saturn, Mars and your Moon in Gemini. Wow! This is a potent area in your life! With Saturn you like to be very straight and steady in your personality. You are not one to wear a mask, you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It bugs you when you see others obviously acting in their lives to cover something over. You want to rip the masks off and expose the underlying truths. Again, all three of you share this tendency, you are not afraid to be honest and truthful in order to arrive at what is best for all concerned. (Five of Pentacles - this the area where you have faced the most lack in your life - and that is now turing around thank goodness.)

    With the Moon and Mars together there, this dual nature is complicated though. The Moon acts as an emotional release valve here, and sometimes you can find yourself feeling deeply and with Mars this can be extreme. What I see happening is that you tend to take a "third party" view to your life when you find your emotions going over the top. You have a hard time standing there and dealing with an emotional situation with someone else. You want to run and write about it, close yourself off and ponder what in the world is going on with you. This can be intense in you at times. You find yourself in an emotional confrontation and while you are responding and trying to say the right things, there is a part of you that has "already left the room" and you are watching yourself from a distance. This can frustrate your partner, they sense that a part of you has fled and they are like "whatever... we'll talk later... " and you are off the hook. Whew! Then you run off to bedroom and want to write it all down and study what was said and why. (I keep getting a writing thing with you rather strong.)

    Nothing in Taurus.

    Chiron in Aries - which all three of you share. Chiron in Aries is all about self-discovery. You are all about your spiritual quest, the need to find personal meaning from your life experiences. Your nature is to sometimes withdraw, and sometimes this can be quite strong "hey, i need to get away for a while to think about things - so long!" and you're out the door. (Five of Swords - you are keenly aware when a relationship is no longer right for you.)


    Your Ex is a Capricorn, so right away there is the obvious Water-Earth polarity. Someone to flow into and over. Early on in the marriage you loved filling him up with your life, seeking the low places and emptying yourself there on his behalf.

    Capricorns are possessed by the need to succeed. Capricorns only want to do one thing and that is climb the mountain. For them, love can easily take a back seat to whatever grand discovery and life mission they are on. Partners of Caps can struggle with this feeling of being in the back seat of their bus. The goat wants to get to the top of the mountain, and expects that everyone else will see his grand journey, and of course help him in any way they can. How do I know these things? I'm a goat. It can take a long time for the goat to realize that there are actually other people in existence whose lives and goals are equally as important as his. He puzzles over this... while he keeps climbing. The nice thing about Caps though is that they are extremely loyal. Which is another reason for the very slow, and difficult and painful split between you and him. He also has that nature of sticking it out way past time to move on. Although, once it becomes clear to the goat that the connection is truly over, he doesn't waste a lot of time with guilt or sorrow. The goat is loyal however his path is always there under him to comfort him. So you should not be concerned about him, Capricorns can weather any storm, and actually this will end up making him stronger, He will thank you for being courageous enough to make the tough decision. (Five of Wands - competition - he thrives on it)

    He has Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius. Once again, due to your close ages all three share Neptune (dreams and illusions) in this sign. The presence of Jupiter and Mercury here tells me that when you wanted to take a vacation, he was the first to the computer to do the research on best places. So that was a strong bond between the two of you somehow, the love of taking trips, of venturing out, exploring, and discovering all that life had to offer. For you it was primal - your North Node was beckoning you. (The Wheel of Fortune - he is lucky and has a strong sense of destiny going in his life)

    Nothing in Scorpio. He never really stung you. (Actually all three of you are very kind and would not want to hurt a flea.)

    Again, the shared energies of Uranus and Pluto in Libra - see above for that.

    Nothing in Virgo, Leo and Cancer. So this you two shared in common. This will be a factor to take note of when we look at your friend's chart.

    Same as you (and your friend, Saturn in Pisces).

    Nothing in Taurus... none of you have anything going on in Taurus, so you are easy going for the most part. I don't see anyone throwing temper tantrums to get their way. I also don't see anyone take a strong lead on anything except you and your friend. We'll come back to that.

    He shares the Chiron key with you and your friend. Your desire for self-discovery is strong and all three are willing to move on - as long as you are learning something from it!

    Mars and Moon in Pisces - NOW we get to a major connection between the two of you that you shared. He has has his emotional center in your Sun sign which made you feel like he understood you from the beginning. Love at first sight, right? With Mars there, this was intense. You were drawn to him like a moth to a flame. It was really fun, exhilarating at first.. the you started noticing that your wings were getting a little crispy. You backed off. This is masking something i hear you saying for some reason. (Page of Pentacles - it was good news when he first appeared in your life. Very peaceful and nice. Celebration. Is the party over? Hmm...)

    North Node and Venus in Aquarius. This is the other part of the connection between you two. His Venus here made him irresistible to you. Matter of fact, the two of you have your Venus practically on top of each other! So the love came easy as pie, effortless, right? maybe a little too easy. This meant that over time the love could easily be taken for granted and this resulted in some laze faire attitude about the relationship. His North Node is also there, so this meant that for him, the relationship "felt" like it was answering his higher calling in life. For the goat, this sounded like another mountain to climb and he was on it! I can see why there was an immediate connection between the two of you! (Ten of Swords - a relationship or lifestyle is no longer working)


    I am going to tell you straight out, that one of the most fascinating parts of how your chart and his match up, is how much he has activity in places where you have none. So there is a strong sense of "balance" between the two of you. Like he is the key for your lock, he fills the empty places in your emotional nature, and for a Pisces this can be very alluring. Water wants to fill all of the empty spaces, and your friend came along and "fills" those places. You are very much in love with him. I can see why the pain with your ex, as you shared so much in common... the Venus connection at the first. Your Friend however provides a much broader canvas on which you can now paint your life and it feels like a new dimension for you is opening.

    We will start with your Sun sign (Pisces) to see the connections between the two of you.

    He has nothing going on in Pisces, and for you this is a welcome relief from all of that Martian and Lunar intensity that you had to deal with for 17 years. So with your friend it is much easier to relax and "be yourself" around him.

    He has Jupiter in Aquarius, so this is something you two share in common. Which means that he is EXPANDING your love life rather than simply adding another love on top of yours, which was the case with your ex. So again, there is this liberating sense of freedom in your love nature, when you are with your friend, your love feels like it is soaring and could leap up into space! Very exciting, right? Of course! (Five of Swords and Ten of Swords - I see this as a sign that he is there for you now, to help calm your thinking, as what was before is no longer working - the Ten Swords we saw with your Ex in Aquarius)

    He has his Moon, and North Node in Capricorn, which means that his emotional nature is very focused and kind of goal oriented. It is important to him to be under control emotionally, and this helps with your Gemini "why am i feeling this way and wanting to run" tendency. His stability emotionally is like the rock of Gibraltar to you. You feel could pour your heart out to him and he would absorb you very sweetly there and offer that place where you knew you could always run safely. His North Node is also here so his life path is along the same lines as your ex, in the sense that he is very focused on succeeding, however it is not the primal energy of your Ex. His is more like an "awareness" that he his meant to succeed. With his moon there I have a sense that his emotional nature plays a part in his higher life path and lesson. I wanted to say something in counseling, I sense he is drawn to people who are in emotional crisis, as he is strong there. As you have nothing going on in Cap, his strong energies there appeal to you as a new "land" to discover, and fill with your water nature. Already I can feel how much you like to be around him, as he is filling you in spaces that you have been parched in for a very long time. (Three of Swords - this card frequently signifies "love triangles", and on/off romances. It is time to turn New "ON" (and stay on) and let old go with love.)

    Neptune in Sag which you all share.

    None of the three of you have anything in Scorpio. Keep some cactus plants around your home. Some art work with deep reds and blue-green will help fill in this hole. That would be something fun for you and your friend to do, go shopping for art with those colors, for your new home. πŸ™‚

    See above for the Pluto - Uranus connections which all three share.

    Nothing in Virgo either, so your home could be a little cluttered in places. Hey that's why you two are going to live very clean and neat, and focus on only those objects and possessions that enhance your life rather than adding noise. Choose neutral colors for the walls of your new home.

    He has Venus and Mercury in Leo, so his love is very warm and deep toward you. Also, his Venus is Opposition to yours so this is very nice enhancement of your own love toward him. You feel like his love is descending from the stars, from somewhere beyond and you are so enchanted by that. Also, his Mercury is there so he loves to talk about - love! You find him very open and honest about his feeling for you, and there will be nothing that the two of you can't talk about, in love and s e x. He will be transparent to you this way. Your love with him is extremely well-banced and provides a very nice change of pace from the years of your ex's love which was on top of you, in conjunction. I see a lot of playfulness in love with your friend. Your bedroom is a place where you two are free to be yourself and play to your heart's delight. (Knight of Wands - Spontaneity - you like this about him. He can be impetuous and flirtatious. How nice! πŸ™‚

    Now, His sun is in Cancer and neither you or your ex had anything going on there. So your friend brings a very nice, cozy, sweet and intimate home life to you. This is why I keep seeing the two of you in a brand new home together, he really would love to give that to you. This is also opposite his Moon so this adds to his emotional stability, he is very steady and emotionally mature. A home like with him will be heaven on earth for you. (Six of Cups - the card of sharing everything together a very nice sign. Working together to create the home and love the two of you deserve).

    Saturn in Gemini which we covered.

    Neither of the three of you had anything going in Taurus. Go to a rodeo once in a while.

    His Mars and Chiron are in Aries, so he has a very strong masculine drive and this probably will show in the way he expresses himself to you in love and s e x. I see this Mars energy providing some much needed enhancement to the Chiron energy which can be painful at times as your grow. So his desire for self-discovery and consciousness is very strong, you will love being with him at events and social situations that tech you about your new life, which is now in heaven with him. (Four of Cups - the card of 'love from above' this signifies that your friends love is coming from a place far, far away. And you really, really, really, really want to go there with him. πŸ™‚


    I can see why you loved your husband so much, and I can see how that (over time) became unsustainable, especially the Venus conjunction with him. That is like watching "Must Love Dogs" every day for 17 years.

    Your friend takes you to your next level in life, your next phase, higher places, your Heavenly reward. I see the two of you in absolute bliss together. You are both Water signs so that will allow the two of you to flow together in some very exotic ways. I see you sailing between the stars in your love life, very sweet and extra-terrific!

    You should feel very good about the path you are on in your relationships. It is obvious to me that you are being carried along in love to something very wonderful in your life. You are asked to not feel any fear or trepidation. The Universe is arranging all of this, and you can have absolute faith and trust that all will work out very sweetly in you life.

    What you shared with yous husband was very beautiful, and served a wonderful purpose in its time. I feel that time has indeed passed, and you are being β€œcalled” to something much more satisfying for you, and also your friend.

    Maintain the same loving and tender attitude you have always shown to your husband. When feeling stressed about anything, take that in prayer to your angels and heaven. You can always trust that as you reach upward for the absolute highest and brightest path in your life, that Heaven will be there to meet you, and greet you – and carry to a place so wonderful. In love, in faith and in happiness.

    Much love and light,

    astra angel

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  • Ophelia,

    Okay I hear you. I don't have a lot of experience with Cancer relationships, what little I have tells me that they can be very secretive and protective of themselves emotionally, until they know they can trust. Once they trust, then, Katie bar the doors! They will clamp their claws on you and never let go. They'll even show you that little crab hole they live in and open up in ever way possible. That is only my theory mind you, I have a sense it works that way. I am a capricorn (earth sign) so I tend to wear my feelings on my sleeves... enough pain in life and you don't care who knows or what they know.

    I think it can take a long time for a Cancer to open up, especially after emotional hurts in life. Has he had some rough experiences. That can have a part in his hesitancy in opening completely to you.

    As for the email and phone thing, i wouldn't be too concerned about that. Cancers can be rather careful in their choice of words, and the way they express themselves. They always want to know where the closest escape path is in case they need to run. So there can be some reserve in his his communications to you. What I was getting is that in person it is a totally different story with him, I think Cancer since they are so emotional and deeply feeling, need the other senses to help them conclude they can trust you and that there is a connection. Sight, sound, smell, the feeling in the air between you... all of these things are very important to them. You are different, even though you are a water sign. You LIVE in the water, Cancer lives on land. So while you are totally comfortable in water (emotions), the Crab is not quite sure.... the surf comes rushing at him and he is scampering off for cover.

    You really need to arrange some sort of physical rendezvous asap. Your relationship is at a stage where you are both trying to connect "post divorce filing". (Hey, I can relate, I am going through a very similar situation.) So email him (send him a PIC or a movie or something, can your phone take a video recording? You need to get this thing into an audio-vusual mode until you can be in person. Or, can you skype him? Cancers need more senses to feel in order to be comfortable.

    Okay, on to your questions which I love doing for you!

    Why did he end our conversation so abruptly last night?

    Two of Wands - while you were talking, his little Crab mind was already light years past you, pondering a life with you... twos are couples and choices... at some point he felt probably a little overwhelmed and decided to retreat back into his shell. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Typical crab behavior.

    Does he get annoyed talking to me or did he last night?

    Six of Cups - absolutely not. he was tickled pink. You are trying to interpret his reactions according to how a Pisces would react. He is a Cancer. They live in a different world. IT WAS A WONDERFUL CONVERSATION from his point of view!

    Is there something emotionally he isn't feeding me (incompatibility or his own issues) or is it me and my stuff?

    Three of Swords - there are some past hurts here that is creating these ripples. Could be the both of you. He (and you too) are constantly weighing out what is being said and sensed against your past...

    THIS IS NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT. You are both processing your new relationship against the pains of past relationships and trying to arrive at a feeling of trust, that is all. It could be happening more from his end (although I am not aware of his past - Page of Swords tells me that he has a history, and it is swords which means some struggles in love - am i right?)

    Will he see other people or is his intention to just focus on this?

    TWO OF CUPS - this is about as strong a sign as could possibly show up here. His heart is totally, completely, totally, focused on YOU and the potential for you and him becoming an US and a WE. AAA+++ sign.

    Can I trust him?

    Three of Swords - Yes, this is a card of deep heart issues, the good and the hurting. You will be able to let it all out with him. I see some good cries in store, and a lot of hugs and simply holding each other and enjoying simply being together, and knowing that you DO trust one another. This is a beautiful card here. Can you trust him? Does the Sun rise in the East?

    Can we both do this, see each other once a month or every four months if he goes back over seas?

    Four of Swords - Yes, this is a card of quiet patience and rest, so this tells me that you both have what it takes to weather any distance or situation. Get on Skype! You could have some really sweet moments that way, and when your hearts are connected in love, it doesn't matter whether your lover is a million miles away, your hearts are connected. So this looks very good for the two of you.

    I had a thought though... why don't you make plans to go with him overseas! It would be fun! I would keep that option open.

    You asked (in regards to the divorce... ) Does it bother him to hear about this? Or does he understand.? Four of WANDS - he doesn't mind at all, he is concerned for you, whatever you need to say to him, he is all ears. He is there for you. His heart goes out to you, he understands how painful the situation is that you are in and really wants to be that friend to you in that place.

    Should I avoid talking about this stuff and my ex in the future?

    Justice - You can talk about until you reach your peace, I see some talks, however these will diminish quickly as the verdict is reached. And the verdict is YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. This is heaven's will in the matter. He is there for you. I wouldn't go overboard. Talk about it while playing monopoly ...or horseshoes πŸ™‚

    And your Ex... there needs to be a national holiday called Ex's day.. where we remember all of the relationships from our past and take a moment to wish them a lovely life. And then thank GOD that we were delivered out of some very painful, emotionally draining, (in some cases) abusive relationships.

    Will he move on? Knight of Pentacles - YES - he will be chasing someone else before you can say "hey, what are you doing tonight?"

    Will I stop feeling guilty? Five of Pentacles - My deck says "The immediate future won't be easy, but persevere and your efforts will bring fulfillment." Hey, it takes two to tango. No one is at "fault". Life happens, and change happens, and love happens. You fell guilt? Stop right there, and hug yourself and have a good cry and know that life could not have been any different. You busted your tail trying to get it to work... it didn't... hug again... repeat until you can smile and say a prayer of thanks to heaven for your new life.

    Will I stop second guessing my decision? Seven of Swords - Well my deck says "mutability and change" so this is a yes to me. You are moving away from second guessing and soon you will second concluding that you did the right thing. The Ryder deck shows a guy running away with a bunch of swords and he is laughing and happy. I don't see him second guessing anything except should I have stolen the swords sooner? ha ha

    Will he find out about my friend? If so, sooner or later, can he accept that? Oh, I thought he already knew about him? Hmm..... Two of Cups - he has already put two and two together. He has accepted it on some level I am sure. What can he do? Build a time machine and go back and change the past?

    Hey I am in about the same boat as you Ophelia. I won't go into details, however our stories sound very similar. You and I aren't the only ones going through this. Lots of people are moving on.. leaving pain behind. I think in some relationships the real pain comes as the ex comes to terms with that sense of responsibility for what happened. Yeah, it must be painful, he will get over it. Keep loving him in some way that keeps your distance and focus your heart on your NEW LIFE.

    I feel a common bond with you Ophelia.... I would love to take you up on your offer of a reading for me, or whatever you do. I am a struggling artist and writer with a lot of pain from his past, going through a divorce myself... I have cried so many tears my cheeks could be called the "little salt lake". πŸ™‚ Somehow I am able to smile when I say that... it has not been easy, and I don't know where my future is taking me, i am determined to keep trusting heaven as best as I can... I do a lousy job at it... I try though... writing poetry lately, that helps.



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  • Ophelia,

    That is great! maybe a general love reading outlook would be nice... I hope she's out there! πŸ™‚

    thanks! -astra

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  • Hey Ophelia

    Wow you really read my life. Great job, I will review this some more and see what nuggets of insight i can glean from it. I thought it was very accurate. The ex, Queen of Wands, yes. No more tears there for sure. Still working on it. Still wondering about tomorrow, and what life has in store. I have searched high and low for many years to find a place in life where I felt like I really fit in, that gave my a sense of feeling connected with humanity.

    I tried fine art off and on most of my life and really thought that was supposed to be my calling... it did not work out that way, and I had a very emotional breakdown last December right before Christmas and ended up burning literally hundred and hundreds of my paintings, drawings, prints you name it. I was at a bottom of a pit so deep I don't think the human race has a name for that place.... it was either that or commit suicide. In a way I did commit suicide, as my art was ME, even though I never could find any real market or interest in it. After losing my job and friends and everything wen to h3ll in a handbasket... So I am pretty sure "me" died in that fire, and whoever I am now is someone different. Still trying to figure out who this person is. Apparently he has an interest in tarot cards and chasing angels. I still do art occasionally however it is not the same. It feels lifeless.

    Thank you so much, your reading really blessed me, and gives me hope. I like the sound of that Queen of Cups... she sounds wonderful... I still try to believe in something called true love and two hearts beating as one. Two hearts beating as two didn't really work for me.

    Blessings, astra

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