*AstraAngel please could you do a reading for me?

  • Hi dear AstraAngel,

    I am feeling a little unsure and out of sorts at the moment. I don't really know how to deal with this feeling of loneliness and uneasiness. I realize I am still young so this is to be expected, but being an only child & having lost my mom at 17, I am starting to really need some love. I feel like everyone around me is already at that point but I'm not. Is there something I need to change in myself? If you have any advice to give me I would be so grateful.

    My birthday: 18/09/90 (Female)

    Kalli x

  • Hi Kalli

    Sure thing, let's see where you are at...

    You - the Knight of Wands - well, there is no doubt that when love DOES show up for you, you are off and running with it and fast! This looks like you have a very passionate and fiery love nature no doubt a lot of suppressed life circumstances have you very focused on yourself and finding the happiness you deserve. You will meet him and then zing! your off!

    Situation - Temperance - I have the feeling there is a little Mt. Krakatoa in you, that sometimes you struggle to contain. Like talking to that gut at the coffee shop, you wanted to make the first move and ask him something, and temerance in you keeps saying wait, wait, wait. How long do I have to wait I hear you asking!

    Crossing you is the Ace of Cups so this is the energy you are contending with and it is very strong. Someone had better show up soon or you are going to be putting your face on milk cartons - have you seen the lover for this beautiful lady? Your sites are centered on love, and no one is going to be able to move that target away. Anyone tries, you are going to grab this cup and bop em over the head lol

    Your really fond wishes are to be in a place in life where YOU feel so good about yourself and who you are. Yes, love is important, however it is the LOVE you have for yourself that really turns you on. In other words, when you are really loving yourself and learning about YOU, that makes you so attractive and special to your potential mates. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing to grow inside your heart.

    The past influences that have led up to the present situation - Ace of Pentacles - the first thing that came to mind was a focus on material things and you are like - ugh! - what about LOVE! wasn't that suppossed to be here for me too? You are leaving behind the focus on what they have, we have, i have... and learning to seek this love from above that is pure and special. Good for you.

    Most recently, you have been in a very troubled state about your need for love. Some late nights, pacing the floor. Maybe some sleep issues too. You wake up some times at night and gaze out the window and wonder "okay... moon goddess... where is he?" You mental state has been in a state of stalemate. You SO want to move past this... don't worry you will.

    Ten of Pentacles - wow - this is an interesting development. material and home issues all of sudden settle out into something unexpected. You are much more secure in your surroundings very soon. I see this as a major development where you finally divest yourself of focus on anything except finding this love. You are willing to lay it all down, give it away, and live more simply in order to make your love life something wonderful, yay!

    Your future environment - the Six of Pentacles - so this pentacle material energy settles in more balanced place in your life. I want to say you are entering a new business, work or something. And that has you in a position i believe to meet the Ace of Cups. A chance for a job making LESS money comes to you? Seriously consider it as your beloved could be waiting there. Don't worry it will be something you have always loved to do... it will be a natural switch for you.

    Other influences - The STAR - okay this is going to sound weird - what I got was that there is some show on TV and it has a star or a theme that you really like, and you are like, HER life is what I want! Do you do any acting? Like drama? I hope so because the drama level in your life is about to reach the boiling point. No worries, you have some cold water nearby also to keep the heat down.

  • And... your HOIPES and FEARS - The TWO of Cups - yes! More than anything a sweet relationship! And that is coming for you for sure. This is your deep heart desire, HIM and a LOVE LIFE that answers that one question that has been bugging you for the longest... what would happen with a lover and we hit the road and did something wild. THAT would be so cool, so this love you see not only as an emotional thrill ride you also see it as a ride ride to somewhere new, somewhere fun... you want to get AWAY... no wonder that Rand McNally map has been getting rather dog eared lately!

    ANd the outcome - The FOUR of SWORDS - you know those million and one nights you have spent alone? The ones where you were looking out the window at the Moon? Hey, that was all practice for having someone WITH YOU there, looking at the MOON with you! it will be sweet, very restful (well as restful as possible while he is driving and you are taking pictures like crazy. You have a camera? A good one? You and he are going to need that. Sleeping bags. Road life. LOVE ON THE RUN is what I am getting.

    Get ready Kalli - something is developing in your life that is so totally different than anything you have ever experiecned, you are lile YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And remember, when you click the shutter hold your breath, it helps to keep the camera still. And that is about the only time you will be still, when he is around. Sleeping bags? Make that sleeping bag.

    I hope you are ready for something wild and new that will totally blow you away. Your angels have been working on this for a while. Don't disappoint them. When the door opens, its easy. CLose your eyes and say, there's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome..

    Coming up - LOVE and TRAVEL

    Hope that tickled your heart strings Kalli... blessings on you, and a lot of love from above!

    astra xxxooo

  • Wow this is an amazing reading!! exactly what I wanted to hear haha! (I genuinely was fearing the worst! )

    And you were very right about me in your analysis of the YOU card 🙂

    Thank you ever so much for your detailed response, and I will treasure & heed your advice!

    Are there any characteristics I must look out for regarding this guy? Or will I just know when I meet him? Also, (a cheeky second question) what kind of approximate time frame do you see this happening in?

    thanks again! xxx

  • Hi SAgirl

    thanks for your patience....

    Are there any characteristics I must look out for regarding this guy?

    Yes! Look for a guy with stars in his eyes, very optimistic about life, and is very well balanced and fair in his day to day affairs. And who knows how to really LISTEN to you.

    The STAR and JUSTICE

    Or will I just know when I meet him?

    The Emperor - at first you may thing, he is distant and unapproachable. That is only his physical presence will look quite strong to you! However it is his inner life personality that will emerge afterwards. So it may not be an "instant recognition" kind of thing. It may take a few meet ups before the light bulb goes off for you... " so THIS is the guy! Cool!" I hear you saying. 🙂

    Also, (a cheeky second question) what kind of approximate time frame do you see this happening in?

    The Hierophant - card number five in the major arcana. Heaven says pull another card.

    Six of cups... so five - six weeks (or months) is what I am seeing - I hear the emphasis on weeks though. The time will pass quickly enough. Giving thanks a lot to heaven for this to come into your life can speed up the process too....

    Its weeks, The pope dude is in church and church is every Sunday = weeks.

    So 5-6 weeks and closer to 5 weeks.

  • Thank you for your response! 🙂

    Really appreciate it & look forward to seeing if your predictions come to pass.

    I will do as you say & give thanks to heaven.

    God Bless,

    Kalli x

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