When will "the one" amerge?

  • funny thing is that in this life i believe that everything happens for a reason, be it that we can't see what it is now and maybe we never will but i know in my heart it is Gods will. with that being said i am an almost 32 year old single mother of 3 beautiful girls. i have seen loves up and downs and have never quite found "the one" i could stand long enough to actually let them get to know me or have that long lasting elasticity to stick it out. im not a quitter by any means but i just know when enough is enough and what i wont stand for. i'm not picky either... believe me.. whew... i have managed to snatch up so REAL winners lemme tell ya. and im sure some of you are thinking wow ok well whats with the 3 kids... well, they are my gifts and all heaven sent. i dont believe you need a man in order to have a loving family.

    so when will i know that the ONE is the ONE? in this day and age we all come wiht extra packages men and women, it seems as if this world have truely lost sight what true REAL love and devotion is... and i am quitly as charged....

  • Hi, I know the feeling. Your 3 children are your blessing. There really is nothing better than your family. Enjoy their growing years because time goes by so quickly. Something I wanted to tell you is that you can always turn to family. There are so many positive things that you enjoy doing--just do what interests you. I wish you much happiness.

  • Hi LaRza, I enjoyed reading your post. Many people are not aware how words, and our choice of words, carry specific energy. Your words carry great love and hope, humility, a strong sense of humor. Yes, you have tried out lots of relationships. Key word being 'tried'. Now it is time for you to make your list; your top three or so must haves, and stick to it. You haven't done anything wrong - all the ones before prepare us for the "one"!

    You've been ready for some time. Sometimes it's as if you wonder who will accept you with your girls? Who would take on such a great responsibility? He's out there, not far away from you already. You have lots of good on your side. You know that love is all around you, that love is more than romance or gifts. It's in the details; the hugs when you're tired. The hand when you feel great, as well as low.

    I would suggest to you that you will meet him at a park or game field; it is outdoors. Even a concrete playground counts, but I see trees.

    Give this a little time. You don't need to haunt your local parks. You will both meet, and if I'm seeing correctly, you will recognize him. He's not exactly an architect, but something very similar in terms of creating plans and blueprints. Landscaping maybe?? He will be there with his daughter. Helping her climb on the jungle gym brings him great joy.

    Many blessings to you! You have a beautiful family!


  • You are feeling 2 conflicting things here. First, you are searching for that perfect match and second, you don't need a man to complete your sense of self and family. You need to learn to accept and love yourself with all your baggage...good and bad...before you can accept that dream guy (which only exists in our dreams!). When you say "it is God's will", you must learn that you are saying it is "your" will since we are all an aspect of God. There was this Jesuit priest named Anthony De Mello that wrote several books. Read "Awareness". It should help you realize you should stop searching in order to find what you are truly looking for. Yourself.

  • The Life Purpose report says that your perfect partner will not come along until you have acheived inner peace & balance and are actively pursuing your life's work.

    If you haven't read your life purpose report I strongly recommend that you look into it because it can give you powerful insight into your inner demons that may stand in your path to having fulfilling relationships and the steps you will have to take to overcome them. It gives you a plan of action instead of just an insight into a situation so that you can reach your highest potential, both in life and in love. When you feel balanced and peaceful, both internally and in your relationships, you know you’re on the right path.

    Also, you may want to take a look at your dating history to see if there are any patterns or habits that you have unconsciously established in your choice of men. If you are typically attracted to the same type of man, i.e. bad boys, commitmentphobes, etc., try to figure out what attracts you to then and look within yourself to see if you exhibit those same qualities. Like attracts like, and if you're not aware of the qualites that you disown or repress, you may be subconsciously attracting the very things that you claim to despise. Self awareness is a difficult thing to acheive and it may be hard to admit and accept your shortcomings, but as long as you look at it as a growing experience and not as an admission of failure, it should do wonders for your self-worth and help you start attracting the men that you desire.

    Let us know how it goes, and always remember that all the love you need is already within you, you just haven't let yourself feel it yet! (I'm working on that too!)

  • I asked myself the same question about meeting the one. I dated and was involved with men, who were REAL Winners also. I was actively looking and wondering if every date would become the one.

    After a lot of self-reflection, I figured out another person would not make me happy. I can only do that for myself, I started working on my happiness and stopped the hunt. In the back of my mind, I still thought about what I wanted in a partner.

    Two months later a mutual friend introduced my bf and I. He has had some winners also. Long story short, we knew from the beginning there was something special and different about each other. We knew we were "the one" for each other. We've been together for 2+ yrs now and still going strong. My bf and I believe if a relationship is smooth and easy from the beginning, it is meant to be.

    You'll know who is "the one". . Good Luck!!!

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